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The Maad Doctor [The Maad Series #1] by JaxonBlacc
The Maad Doctor [The Maad Series Dark Knight
On a night when everything changed, Don and Sky were on separate missions that took place at the same event. By the end of the night, the two became the talk of Virtue C...
  • mercenary
  • poc
  • piratepunk
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Characters Based on the Percy Jackson Series by _BachLynn23
Characters Based on the Percy Rebecca Lynn
Disclaimer: These characters I created based on Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series, the wiki I role play on takes place 17 years after the books. I do not claim to own...
  • unitum
  • water
  • athena
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Dream Girl (BTS FF)  by yukiloo
Dream Girl (BTS FF) by Yuki Loo
  • yoongi
  • bts
  • sad
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Clockwork Prince by momothistle
Clockwork Princeby momothistle
Hikaru is an Artisan, a specially trained mechanic for the automatons known as Figures. His dream has always been to work for the world's most famous Figure, Alistair. H...
  • steampunk
  • fairytale
  • automaton
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Through the Rabbit hole. by Burmagirrr
Through the Rabbit Skylyn Billedo
I'm going to be editing this story over the next few days, sorry. Emily Jennings is a normal girl. Until she's sucked into an alternate dimension. In this world, everyth...
  • cas
  • futuristic
  • old
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The Adventures of Leo Valdez (A Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus Fan Fiction) by dragonmonkey1234
The Adventures of Leo Valdez (A Dragonmonkey1234
Set during the gap when Leo is building the Argo II ~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~. Normal afternoon? Pfft. When you're a demigod, nothing is ever normal, so when Leo goes out with the...
  • jackson
  • kelli
  • monsters
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The Nightingale of Atlantic City (Steampunk Short Story) by MegMerriet
The Nightingale of Atlantic City ( Meg Merriet
A singing automaton performs each night in Atlantic City. Like every work of art, the toy has a fascinating story behind her creation. An old barfly recounts the tale t...
  • song
  • memory
  • alternatehistory
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Like Clockwork by TinyFeather
Like Clockworkby Jamie
Elizabeth is an orphan who is just trying to survive on the streets of Rouage, a futuristic city in a society where steam energy dominates. Recently she's been noticing...
  • victorian
  • walter
  • ball
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Savrsen Of Isein by ShaknaIs
Savrsen Of Iseinby Shakna Israel
Second story in the Heart of Madness trilogy, proceeded by Daughter of Markus, and followed by Sister of Magick. Savrsen has saved Cenn, the hero of Faeheim, and the two...
  • card
  • attacked
  • ever
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A Bards Experiment in Descriptive Muse by Blood-Red-Reaper
A Bards Experiment in Blood Red Reaper
a series of free verse poems and descriptive writing. ☠️trigger warnings.☠️ some chapters may contain themes of depression. anxiety. PTSD. Love. and sexual themes.
  • dungeonsanddragons
  • metaphor
  • poetry
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A Heart of Brass: A steampunk story by BerlynnMasenko
A Heart of Brass: A steampunk storyby Berlynn
Dr. Laslo Caravello was one of the most revered minds of the Victorian era, bringing both delight and ease to day to day life. However the only thing he wants is to make...
  • automaton
  • steampunk
Hardly Human by ThatOneForrestNymph
Hardly Humanby ThatOneForrestNymph
On the outskirts of London Town lies a small village lost to time. The small town of Scalbury was once bustling with mechanical horses, automatons and glittering brass...
  • automaton
  • steampunk
  • original
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John the Robot by yasmama101
John the Robotby yasmama101
After finding out they can't have children, Marilyn and Stephen Duarte decide to put their brilliant minds together and build a robot child. Once finishing their robot c...
  • equality
  • rich
  • social
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Steam Powered Shenanigans in Space  by LiteralToaster
Steam Powered Shenanigans in Space by LiteralToaster
-Steam Powered Giraffe fanfiction- Leo and Art, two girls travelling space with their rag-tag crew, meet their favourite band in a bar. Shenanigans ensue as they try to...
  • spacetravel
  • robots
  • automaton
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Clockwork Dream by AGentlemanThief
Clockwork Dreamby Haleigh
Tick...Tock...Tick...Tock... Life inside the Clock Tower was simple enough for young inventor Leo Calloway. Until an unfortunate deal led to him being kidnapped, that is...
  • clockwork
  • adventure
  • pirates
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Of Automatons,pirates and soldiers by I23I72019
Of Automatons,pirates and soldiersby Matej Vlk
Hello dear reader, My name is I23I7 ( its RED but written in l33t ). I am a guy in his mid 20s from eastern Europe. I decided to write this short story a while back when...
  • air-ship
  • fantasy
  • steampunk
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