I write fairy tales for pirates and other reprobates. These ridiculous, perverse and occasionally poetic pirate stories will take you places Barnes n' Noble doesn't have the guts to go. Hopefully, you'll laugh with us, maybe cry a little and learn something about yourself along the way.

I am a medievalist with a Masters in Literature. In print, my short stories have been published in The Antigonish Review, Mad Scientist Journal, and Brave New Girls. I am currently applying to PhD programs and studying frantically for the GRE in literature.

Sky Song Scherzo is available on Amazon

And an abridged version of Sky Song Overture is available on Audible as a Book on Tape
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MegMerriet MegMerriet Jul 14, 2017 11:30AM
Today I'm painting the walls in my new home (hurray! I'm no longer a vagrant) and as exciting as that is, it means I won't be able to post my update until later tonight. I wrote it out by hand cause...
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Sky Song III: Finale (Fantasy Steampunk Novel - Updates Friday) by MegMerriet
Sky Song III: Finale (Fantasy Steampunk Novel - Updates Friday) Adventure
Elsace lies buried beneath a desert of Blight. Clikk owes her life to the demon responsible, a malevolent spirit that has implanted its ever-watchful eye in her chest. To destroy the demon and break the curse of th...
Sky Song: Overture (Fantasy Steampunk Novel) by MegMerriet
Sky Song: Overture (Fantasy Steampunk Novel) #937 in Fantasy
| Featured Story | This fast-paced novella follows the adventure of a fledgling sky pirate as she becomes entangled in a revolution. For a year, the scrappy picklock Clikk has flown aboard The Wastrel disguised as...
Sky Song II: Scherzo (Fantasy Steampunk Novel) by MegMerriet
Sky Song II: Scherzo (Fantasy Steampunk Novel) #221 in Adventure
Aya, a female gladiator, faces certain death in the fighting pits of Nazar before the sky-pirate turned knight Sir Clikk the Falcon drops into her life and takes her on as a squire. Aya accompanies Clikk on a quest...
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