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She's Married by Toivo_V
She's Marriedby Toivo_Vertigo
Remi walked deeper into the room but didn't make it any further before hearing "Get on your knees" She simply complied, reaching down to slip off her...
  • adonis
  • meangirl
  • steam
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OneShot - A fanfiction by NoPlaceLikeHomestuck by NoPlaceLikeHomestuck
OneShot - A fanfiction by NoPlaceLikeHomestuck
Niko's job is to restore the sun to the Tower, with the help of a mysterious god supposedly from another world. What happens when this god gets stuck in the same world a...
  • fanfiction
  • game
  • steam
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The Eagle's Arrow by Xenoclea
The Eagle's Arrowby Xenoclea
Adalé Whitmore never expected to become involved with an international conspiracy her first day of work. After traveling across the continent to seek her fortune, a job...
  • thinkfiction
  • multiplepov
  • unlimitedpride
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Dancing With the Devil by TaraLynn217
Dancing With the Devilby Tara Holz
All Ivy wanted was love. Her boyfriend of one year, Jake, seemed to be a good option, but he was far too professional for Ivy's liking, and her best friend, Violet, didn...
  • demon
  • princess
  • kiss
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Something I wished for || Wattys 2019 by AnkSun344
Something I wished for || Wattys Ankita
I wish it would've happened like this like we were always meant to be together, nothing was there between us to pull us apart-but you had different plans, I was there lo...
  • wattys2019
  • trek
  • change
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New Númenor Military by Martinwarrior
New Númenor Militaryby Robert Montgomery
New Númenor is three islands that lie to the south east of middle earth numenoreans from Númenor went to these islands with the king's approval before the fall Númenor...
  • cannons
  • steam
  • guns
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Thomas and Friends Fanfiction Series 6 by ThomasFanNo1
Thomas and Friends Fanfiction ThomasFanNo1
Join Thomas and his friends in a brand new fanfiction series! This series will be set just after Series 22: BWBA, and will consist of the usual 26 episodes. I am making...
  • james
  • six
  • team
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『Smile For Me ||| p. j i m i n 』 by mxriahjams
『Smile For Me ||| p. j i m i n 』by istoleyokneecaps
"Who hurt you?" - Park Jimin ||| Copyright © 2019 by mxriahjams All rights reserved.
  • jimin
  • happy
  • pjm
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The Bounty and the Briefcase (Cattlepunk) [WIP] by TheSMERSMER
The Bounty and the Briefcase ( SMERSMER
So, this is my novel for NaNoWriMo 2018! Enjoy! ~~~ Ex-scientist's apprentice Martin Black has a relatively simple mission. Deliver the briefcase. Leave. Get paid. So do...
  • steam
  • sniper
  • wyoming
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Victor Hart: Volume 1 (winner of 1st prize Litarium Steampunk Competition) by RKLawrence
Victor Hart: Volume 1 (winner of R K Lawrence
In a Futurist-Victorian London, Ex-Carnie Victor Hart makes his living as a dinner party entertainer and mountebank, using the skills taught to him by his Romani mother...
  • historicalfiction
  • raifekeller-cooper
  • hart
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Revealing Shilo |✔ by Paigebrownie
Revealing Shilo |✔by ●Paige Brown●
** Short and sweet Romance Shilo Robinson was just starting to get her life together. Studying at Brown University can be slightly overwhelming but she was making it th...
  • crush
  • college
  • texting
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The Stalker by jared1919
The Stalkerby Valeria
COMPLETED ''Where is she?'' he asked loudly, his wild eyes searching frantically around the room until they met mines. At that moment, I knew everything was going to be...
  • monster
  • strongwoman
  • desire
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(Old version!)Dragons of the earth - Mating season {Fairy Tail} by YukkiAgaria
(Old version!)Dragons of the Linnea
(Note this is trash and I was a bad writer! there is barely any Gratsu! this has been a PSA to people complaining about this being bad :) i know it is ) It was that drea...
  • gale
  • fraxus
  • gratsu
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Victor Hart Volume #2 by RKLawrence
Victor Hart Volume #2by R K Lawrence
Victor Hart the Carnie detective, haunted by his own soulessness uses secret mind control techniques to solve crimes in a steampunk alternate reality. Join him as he hun...
  • detective
  • punk
  • london
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Verit by Horazath
Veritby Samuel S.
Felis thought his life was not normal. From his humble beginnings in the coal mines to the equally humble existence he lead in Corton, hardship has never been foreign to...
  • super
  • fantasy
  • orgi
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The Lightning Wolf by IrishGoth
The Lightning Wolfby KEM
A NINJAGO Fanfiction. Blue Jay is an Eternal Wolf (A\\N: Read this or my Eternal Wolves story 2 understand) and has grown his whole life absolutely abused by all but six...
  • emerald
  • eternal
  • wolves
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Erotomania (Colifer Fanfiction) by AngelicProductions
Erotomania (Colifer Fanfiction)by Angelic Productions
Just when they think they are safe, Colin and Jennifer discover their ex-stalker had escaped from the mental institution and is coming after them. Only now-he has no fea...
  • ouat
  • colinodonoghue
  • new
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A book to put all of Steam Powered Giraffe Pictures and Stuff In by blizzardwinter05
A book to put all of Steam Shot Glass
This is just Steam Powered Giraffe Trash I found in my Gallery E n j o y
  • steam
  • fanart
  • powered
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Game Reviews by potatoes351
Game Reviewsby Ben Hughes
  • videogames
  • action-adventure
  • xbox360
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Resident Half-Life by JamesTJerk
Resident Half-Lifeby レオン
Resident Evil Characters were assigned to go to city 17. While they're going there, this story was based on Half-Life 2. After Gordon escaped from the Nova Prospekt, he...
  • capcom
  • steam
  • videogames
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