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Speed Racer by xowritergirl14xo
Speed Racerby xowritergirl14xo
Cars. That's what Viktoria loves. Ever since she was a little girl, her grease monkey father taught her everything he knew. But then, one day, Viktoria's father gets sho...
  • speed
  • viktoria
  • race
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Mechanical Gods (lgbtq+) by DAlecLyle
Mechanical Gods (lgbtq+)by D. Alec Lyle
[Wattpad Featured - Up and Coming List 2018] THE YEAR IS 2050. Human-like androids have become integrated into society and every household, becoming part of our daily li...
  • drama
  • philisophical
  • gods
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metal heart║edward elric x reader [fullmetal alchemist] by icarusalchemist
metal heart║edward elric x love, ica
"I'm the Mechanical Alchemist," you said with a smile. "Oh, and by the way, I'm just as old as you are, not to mention taller and able to kick your butt...
  • manga
  • mechanical
  • anime
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FAWFUL (Story/Lore) by Ruckis-Rookie
FAWFUL (Story/Lore)by Ruckis
Fawful and the rest of these characters (only exception being Ruckis) are owned by me Fawful belongs to Nintendo and Alphadream Enjoy the show and remember... I HAVE FU...
  • gamer
  • luigi
  • anger
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Factory Reset by CandletheCat
Factory Resetby CandletheCat
Mason Demian was not your average seven-teen year old, and neither was his family. He had always belived that something was out there, beyond the stars and sky, but he n...
  • protogens
  • furryfandom
  • mechanical
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Beasts of Steel and Bone *WATTYS WINNER* by HarryPugger
Beasts of Steel and Bone *WATTYS Sophie Weston
When skin and bone are stolen, darkness uses wings of flesh and lead. ******** B...
  • wattys2018
  • sci-fi
  • mechanical
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Patient 0731 (ABDL/Bondage/Furry) by horatiohusky
Patient 0731 (ABDL/Bondage/Furry)by horatiopup!
A curious fox finds that going urban exploring has its own costs and risks, and sometimes the consequences are a little more restrictive than fine and a slap on the wris...
  • fantasy
  • fox
  • babification
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You Can't Make A Mechanical Heart Now by Grace_ShadowWolf
You Can't Make A Mechanical Grace Phoenix
I kept quiet, not knowing what to answer him. He was drunk, of course, but I didn't know whether to answer such an obvious question or not. He then said, "Come to b...
  • death
  • wife
  • dirty
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Planets and Pacifiers (ABDL/Furry/Sci-Fi) by horatiohusky
Planets and Pacifiers (ABDL/ horatiopup!
Poor Apollo, he's been sent on a boring freightor mission in outer space. He doesn't deserve such a dull job, he should be taking on dangerous missions and exploring wh...
  • humiliation
  • wetting
  • infantalism
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Wattpads Editing by xdEDITORSxd
Wattpads Editingby xdEDITORSxd
Wattpad is an environment where creative genius can thrive and inspire others. Over the past three years, I have read thousands of stories all of which have amazed me in...
  • storyline
  • edits
  • grammar
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The Shifters of Wings and Fur by AkariiTheWolf
The Shifters of Wings and Furby Akari
katrina is a new student at dragon valley high, but she is a student with a secret that is hard to keep. she and jade darkmoon both hold this secret in their soul, and s...
  • future
  • jadedarkmoon
  • wattys2015
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Turn Me On by Animefan93
Turn Me Onby Abigail Pittman
  • robot
  • school
  • mechanical
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Mechanical Heart ➳ Dipper Pines x Reader by echogem
Mechanical Heart ➳ Dipper Pines ✿
Forbiddenly sparing the life of Dipper Pines, you've fallen from your high-ranking position as a Demon of Fate and were immediately purged from the realm known as the Un...
  • gravity
  • robot
  • readerinsert
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𝚄𝙽𝙱𝙾𝚄𝙽𝙳 by misssultry
𝚄𝙽𝙱𝙾𝚄𝙽𝙳by   ;𝓜𝓲𝓼𝓼 𝓢𝓾𝓵𝓽𝓻𝔂. 
Scientists prepare an sinuous creature due to upcoming war encounters and the sadistic intentions for the creation to subdue. . . Though their lethal creation will event...
  • gore
  • mechanical
  • science
The Nightingale of Atlantic City (Steampunk Short Story) by MegMerriet
The Nightingale of Atlantic City ( Meg Merriet
A singing automaton performs each night in Atlantic City. Like every work of art, the toy has a fascinating story behind her creation. An old barfly recounts the tale t...
  • mechanical
  • automaton
  • alternatehistory
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In the Land of the Giants by mochipandabear
In the Land of the Giantsby Mochi
[In the land of the Giants, where the nightingale tweets, comes the whispers of children and bleating of sheep. The children know none of what is to come, they know only...
  • land
  • ancient
  • mechanical
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Shambles by chooseitwisely
Shamblesby Kelsey
What do you do when your world is falling apart, and all you're left with is Shambles?
  • heartbreak
  • shambles
  • sadness
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ExlTech is a center for career guidance in CAE Design involved in mechanical engineering design and training.
  • design
  • mechanical
I Chose This by crystal_flameee
I Chose Thisby Ashley <3
Sometimes the right path, is actually the wrong. What you're taught, is incorrect. Which side is right, and which is wrong. But... I chose this....
  • mechanical
  • man
  • music
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