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Overlady  by Asking_alexandria
Overlady by Asking_alexandria
Overlord fanfic Contains spoilers for the anime Sporadic updates An MMORPG player finds himself trapped in the game world. But he is not alone as his guild mate Y/N was...
Shield Hero and Hero of Yggdrasil by CelestiaDarkflame
Shield Hero and Hero of Yggdrasilby CelestiaDarkflame
the Yggdrasil is at it's end but sometimes death is not the End so Yggdrasil choose someone to become his Wielder, Someone who help it live, it choose many but only one...
Start in Season 2 Lufusus Mafahl is a World Champion of Helheim, a solo player alongside her two npc. When placed in an unfamiliar world where dreams are reality, what...
Overhammer by Nagash44
Overhammerby Lord of Undeath
What if some of the gods and goddesses of the Warhammer were players in Yggdrasil and are members of Aniz Ooal gown, let us see how they would affect the main story. (Th...
Overlord: Reborn as an NPC by Delusion10
Overlord: Reborn as an NPCby Delusion10
(A/N: The story was inspired by "Yellowness" on by MidasMan. While the first 6 chapters are pretty much copy/paste and not something I'm not pro...
The Overlord and False God by Eriliri
The Overlord and False Godby Imilai
While Momonga in the original story is alone throughout the end of Yggdrasil, in this story however, our favorite bone daddy is accompanied by his last guild mate that s...
Overlord: World of Gown by Solidorex
Overlord: World of Gownby Solidorex
Before the Shutdown, Momonga finds a Secret Boss who drops a Mysterious Item. But when he fuses it with the Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown, he creates an Item beyond that of a...
Momonga X My Hero Academia  by KamenRideEVOL
Momonga X My Hero Academia by Dissapointment
What if Momonga got transfered to the MHA universe alone For your knowledge ini don't own this fanfic the original writer is EnternalSword with the real name God is Watc...
How NOT to Summon an OVERLORD by GamingLichdom
How NOT to Summon an OVERLORDby GamingLichdom
Suzuki Satoru was a max level player in the DMMORPG YGGDRASIL. One day, as the final moments of the game draw to a close, he gets summoned into another world as his avat...
The Mad Caster of Yggdrasil by -Lord_of_Tuna-
The Mad Caster of Yggdrasilby -Shadow_Monarch-
To be reincarnated is never an option to everyone. Unfortunately, that what happen to Arata who end up died and reincarnated into the world of Overlord before the canon...
Sorry For the Intrusion (Femboy!Male!Reader x Overlord G!P Harem) by KafkaEnjoyer
Sorry For the Intrusion (Femboy! Karlach
(Y/N), the brother of Momonga is brought into a different world along with his brother. The guardians come to life and now, things get interesting.. Now he has to naviga...
The Clashing of Two Worlds by YeeJuiceMan
The Clashing of Two Worldsby YeeJuiceMan
Soon after the fall of the Re-Estize kingdom, three lizardmen in the Great Lake discovered something never before seen. Upon further investigation, it was revealed that...
The Return of the Supreme Beings by ITISMETouchME
The Return of the Supreme Beingsby THE ONE WORLD CHAMP
The Supreme Beings' Return. if before their final farewell, 41 Supreme beings appeared. ~~I don't even know the other Supreme Being or its guises, so technically it's n...
What would have happened if Touch me didn't save Momonga from the PKS. THIS IS MY FANFICTION. I DON'T OWN OVERLORD.
double life  (Tangerine fic) by Chris_BabyGirl
double life (Tangerine fic)by Evie Cain
*** I haven't seen many bullet train fics out there so I figured id give it a shot. *** The Panther is an assassin forced to partner up with Ladybug to gather the case o...
Seven Deadly Sins X Overlord | Traitor by ShaggyhoboJoe
Seven Deadly Sins X Overlord |
"This world is pretty interesting... WHELP! On with the next!" Sage was a Normal guy. pouring all of his time into his favorite game. Yggdrasil. he joins a gui...
Mortal Kombat Overlord  by Anime0CC0Manga
Mortal Kombat Overlord by Anime0CC0Manga
Instead of ending up in a new world of fantasy, all of Nazarick ending up in a place of MORTAL KOMBAT!~
Overlord: mundo alternativo by NicolasBurgos9
Overlord: mundo alternativoby Nicolas R Burgos
Y si no solo Momonga (Ainz Ooal Gown) y la Gran Tumba de Nazarick fueran transportado a otro mundo después del cierre Yggdrasil, si no que también donde la historia de...
The Fake Player by MiyujiPerez1
The Fake Playerby Sigmar Stormlord
On his death bed Shirou was paid a visit by Zelretch. Offering him a chance to escape eternal servitude to Alaya the fake hero takes it to avoid a future like EMIYA. Wak...
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Overlord: Reaper of Souls by Eyeofcreation
Overlord: Reaper of Soulsby Vanadis
Whenever there are Guilds, there are those who walk alone. They can be fools, loners, outcasts, or criminals. But there are also those, who choose to walk alone. In the...