Badboyfriend Stories

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Untouchable by ElspethGordie
Untouchableby ElspethGordie
Cate, broken and hurting, has escaped to Phoenix to live with her father and start anew. Lakebay at one time was her home and safe haven. She lead a simple yet privilege...
ąცųʂɛ by gwilson07
ąცųʂɛby Georgie_5sos
ą ʂɬơཞყ ῳɧɛཞɛ ą ɠıཞƖ ɠɛɬʂ ąცųʂɛ ცყ ɧɛཞ "ῳơŋɖɛཞ" ცơყʄཞıɛŋɖ
Love At Second Sight by 830freckles
Love At Second Sightby Cheyenne Skurczak
Lucy, Harlow, Jessie, Peyton, Mason, Maven, McKinley, Drew and Jonah have been friends since grade five, where they met on the first day of school. They've been there fo...
Believe In The Rainbow by AdrianaFreer8
Believe In The Rainbowby Theo
Diesel is a person who will fight for the person she loves. She will save the person she loves no matter what she has to do. Diesel will fight for the girl she loves. J...
My Girl by CarolineAdams
My Girlby CaroFINE
Samantha found Cora when she was only one month old. She stumbled apon the small infant next to a trash can in a bowling bag, crying. The small baby brought tears to Sam...
Why Can't You See I'm Hurt? by Cas_fangirl_14
Why Can't You See I'm Hurt?by Cas the flash
(Reader Insert) Reader had an abusive and possessive boyfriend. Reader tries to leave him and gets abused. Castiel confesses his feelings and fluff happens. This work co...
This Would Be Perfect by sadie542
This Would Be Perfectby sadie542
When you look into my eyes I feel my face heating up. Like the heat of 1000 suns are beating down on me with no ozone layer to save me from radiation. Then he knows clos...
My Life With My Ex by jmb119988
My Life With My Exby josh blevins (jb)
Just what the title is is the description
His Girl by LKJxox
His Girlby LKJ
Stuck in a dead end relationship and feeling like a mum to your own boyfriend is getting too much for Quinn. All she wants is a happy life....but will she ever get that...
Why I Don't Kiss Boys (Looking For Alaska Contest) by Kiwi_Trash_Indi
Why I Don't Kiss Boys (Looking Dumb Hoe 2.0
Here's the main reason why I don't kiss boys (or anyone else, for that matter.) (Highest achievement: 1st in #lookingforalaskacontest 2nd in #lookingforalaska 7th in #jo...
big jerk mr.right by ALLISON555
big jerk mr.rightby ALLISON555
kelly a girl from high school finally she met mr.right guess who is that mr.right well maybe his not so right cuz she thinks his a jerk
To much to handle  by bri_7337_6
To much to handle by Princessboop•
Jamie is a 15 year old entering highschool she has to friends named kaylee and Melanie she dating a boy named Brandon who is a player, he trying to get jamie bestfriend...
Kate And Nate by Mihlalijaramillo
Kate And Nateby xoxox Cool Kid xoxox
Kaitlyn Capri well known as KC is a well known model /singer with a wealthy family . After a tragedy strikes they move to L.A. to try and escape from it . KC isn't your...
Never Enough-{Why Don't We} by wdw_marais37
Never Enough-{Why Don't We}by wdw_marais37
"I was never enough!" "What do you mean?! I love you" "Wait....what"
Love's Too Dangerous  by mxxrra
Love's Too Dangerous by mxxrra
Kare falls in love with Christian but little did she know how dangerous things could get.
Her Comfort Zone by jurysmiles
Her Comfort Zoneby jury magana
sometimes one needs to read about what a problem is to know that they have a problem
The Big Argument  by agriffin6154
The Big Argument by agriffin6154
Lily got home passed the time she was supposed to be home. The argument between the parents and Lily gets very intense.
I Swear I Own a Bad Boyfriend Dog by cherirog
I Swear I Own a Bad Boyfriend Dogby
an over-exaggerated comparison of my dog to a bad boyfriend and his journey to only get worse as time goes on.
Not So Good "Bad" Boyfriend by BeaBeige
Not So Good "Bad" Boyfriendby 👉BeaBeige👈
There are two couples that are having problems with their partners. They all ended up meeting with each other in a cafe. What will happen next?! C'mon and know their sto...