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Itasaku One-Shots  by WhyN0tBeCa11edOlive
Itasaku One-Shots by This is The Oliva
Just some Itasaku one-shots.
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Shattered Heart [Sakura/Itachi] | ON HIATUS by SimplyNostalgic
Shattered Heart [Sakura/Itachi] | SimplyNostalgic
The day Sasuke left, she suffered enormously. The day Naruto left to train with Jiraya, broke her completely. She was always left behind because her friends considered h...
  • sakura
  • strong
  • romance
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Crimson cherry bloosm by JuliaSmucker
Crimson cherry bloosmby Julia
Hi guys so I found this story on fanfic and I loved it so most the I wrote it down in my note book and I'm going to post it here. I DO NOT OWN THIS STORY!!!!!!!
  • itachi
  • itasaku
Love Covered In Dust (MADASAKU) (ITASAKU) by Animespring
Love Covered In Dust (MADASAKU) ( Karma
Where does love take us? To what point? Sakura has no choice but to save her family and loved ones but she is forced to...
  • hinatahyuga
  • wattys2016
  • madarauchiha
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Deadly Blossom by SlythrinPrincessRin
Deadly Blossomby Adelis faith feliciano
preview "Boys?" "Sigh I'm against it because I don't want that damn Uchiha to lay his hands on you." they both said at the same time I gave a small s...
  • betrayed
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Don't call me that! by Otaku3kp
Don't call me that!by TheDarkBlossom
Sakura is a selfless person and a kind innocent soul What happens if everyone turns against her and insults her What will she do? Who will she turn to? Who will help h...
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  • fanfiction
  • sakura
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Predecessor by badbinch
Predecessorby badbinch
Sakura sees ghosts. Well, just one, in particular. And he calls himself Indra. au!verse itasaku
  • sasuke
  • itachiuchiha
  • uchiha
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elevate [itachi x sakura] by byeolling
elevate [itachi x sakura]by isobu-ssi
Itachi wore two rings - one belonged to the Akatsuki, and the other meant he belonged to someone else. He worked most days with the mercenary group, and on the weekends...
  • itachi
  • naruto
  • âu
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itachi x sakura pics by Boboiboy_Quake09
itachi x sakura picsby Boiboiboy_Quake09
some pics about itasaku!!!!
  • itachixsakura
  • itasaku
  • akatsukixsakura
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ya es muy tarde by Andreinamalfoyuchiha
ya es muy tardeby Andreina_D
sasuke junto con naruto y kakashi se largan para tratar de matar a itachi luego de un tiempo ella y sai junto con tenteny neji se convierten en el equipo x pero semana...
  • itasaku
  • nejiten
  • sakura
toxic [itachi x sakura] by byeolling
toxic [itachi x sakura]by isobu-ssi
Itachi has loved Sakura since forever, and now it's time for her to realise he's the only one for her. yandere au
  • haruno
  • itachi
  • sakuraharuno
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The Sand Blossom by EvelyneO3O
The Sand Blossomby EvelyneO3O
What if the Uchiha massacre never happened? What if Minato and Kushina didn't died? What if Orochimaru stayed on the right path? What if the Akatsuki weren't the bad guy...
  • gaasaku
  • sakuraharuno
  • multisaku
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La casita de las muñecas by SrtaSilencio
La casita de las muñecasby SrtaSilencio
Un lugar de diversión donde puedes olvidarte de tus prejuicios y entregarte al placer sin temor a ser juzgado. Donde la perversión es el lenguaje que todos hablan y lo...
  • sasukarin
  • sasuino
  • sasusaku
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Chased away by shadows (ItaSaku) by HarrysOnlyyAngel
Chased away by shadows (ItaSaku)by Andreea
Sakura Haruno has to face death sentence after the village finds clues about her helping a certain someone to destroy the village from inside. Considering it a problem...
  • story
  • sakuraharuno
  • itachiuchiha
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🌸Sakura FanFic - Different by cherrysakura-hime
🌸Sakura FanFic - Differentby cherrysakura-hime
Sakura Haruno is a normal girl to everyone but , she is hidding something no one knows of .Everyone may think of her as a fangirl, weakling and sometimes ugly with a big...
  • truth
  • strongsakura
  • sakurasenju
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A Twisted Cherry Blossom by sarahta1324
A Twisted Cherry Blossomby Sarah Ta
"MAMA!!" I screamed as she fell to the ground limp. She had a kunai through her heart and her eyes were closed. *Thud* "PAPA!!" I screamed, "S...
  • akatsuki
  • sadness
  • romance
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Tied by Greed (ItaSaku - modern AU) by HarrysOnlyyAngel
Tied by Greed (ItaSaku - modern AU)by Andreea
Sakura was just an ordinary girl trying to live her normal life despite her family fortune. She had everything that a teenager girl could wish for: friends, freedom, a f...
  • modern
  • itachi
  • marriage
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Leave me alone I want to be alone (Itasaku) by LockTownitasaku
Leave me alone I want to be ItachixSakura
itachi had an arranged marriage and sasuke lies to make itachi hate sakura as he hates fangirls
  • itachi
  • itasaku
  • sakura
Sakura Haruno by lovediamonds1234
Sakura Harunoby lovediamonds1234
Follow Sakura Haruno, a strong willed woman with a nasty temper who is forced to fill some pretty steep heals, and make new friends and enemies along the way, and who kn...
  • romance
  • akasaku
  • hokage
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ItaSaku: You're No good For Me by snowmanpopicle
ItaSaku: You're No good For Meby Awkward Weeb
Sakura Haruno, a typical good girl in High School. But what happens when she stands up to Sasuke for being mean to one of her friends. And even worse... His brother gets...
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