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project janus, 𝘳𝘰𝘨𝘦𝘳𝘴¹ by lxntsov
project janus, 𝘳𝘰𝘨𝘦𝘳𝘴¹by —maddie—
Eliyah(better known as Eli) Starr was never one to care about love. With a mother and father who had gone through a nasty divorce when she was in middle school, she had...
The Rider (Complete) by EdwardMullen
The Rider (Complete)by Edward Mullen
Oxygen is the new currency. Those who have it, survive. Those who don't, die. Following a cataclysmic event, which killed over 99% of the world's living organisms, life...
The Key To It All by NameThingymajig
The Key To It Allby NameThingymajig
Sabrina was an ordinary girl with an extraordinary mind. Living with her parents and brother, she believed that everything was perfect, that things could not get any bet...
Electric fire  ( finished) by sonic5567
Electric fire ( finished)by Tyana Bentley
The name's Shadow the hedgehog, a living weapon and a supposed cure for an illness a young girl by the name of Maria had...that last part is all in the past now... no g...
The Four Winds by HC_Leung
The Four Windsby HC Leung
What if you come across a box said to contain an immense and horrifying power? Would you open it? And how would you wield that power? Ten years after the Third Tech Bubb...
Running Boys, Book One: Origins by authorburton
Running Boys, Book One: Originsby Scott Burton
Ramius is part of the Victory nation - an organized nomadic society. But he wants to escape the hardship and uncertainty of nomadic life and he searches for a place to m...
In an American Town, a girl named Gretel Harding, aged 13, escapes her home when Zombies kill her parents. When she flees, she struggles to survive the Undead, as th...
Power || BTS x Reader by ACupOfTae136
Power || BTS x Readerby ACupOfTae136
In a world where people with powers have to hide from society, you go to a regular fanmeet to meet your idols. What you didn't expect was to catch them using their power...
The Last Human by chairsniffa
The Last Humanby Duane
It is the year 2087. The Last Human has been on the run for twenty years and is finally captured by the victorious alien conquerors, The Stellaris. He is brought before...
What Is Love? Eve x Add (Elsword Fanfic) by CrystalizedShadow
What Is Love? Eve x Add (Elsword F...by ♚
So this is going to be my first Elsword Fanfiction! I have actually tried to make one like a year ago and scrapped it but here's the published one! I hope you enjoy it...
Chains by lovefordogs
Chainsby lovefordogs
Chapter one says enough. Read that and if you don't like it don't read the rest.
Tales from the Tower World by MS_Chavez
Tales from the Tower Worldby M.S. Chavez
The Towers were constructed to preserve both our species and our history. The earth has been exploited, mined, ravaged and polluted to the point that survival of the hum...
Best Information Ever by sophiecosta1
Best Information Everby sophiecosta1
In this story, you will be benefited about the ocean of knowledge related to best drones and also with electric chainsaw
Halo: Alien Senses by onebigdragonstud
Halo: Alien Sensesby Jordan Robinson
The Human-Covenant War, also known as the Great War, was a major interstellar conflict that occurred between February 3rd, 2525, and March 3rd, 2552, and saw a state of...
How to 3D Print a God by mythographystudios
How to 3D Print a Godby mythographystudios
When the score of a lifetime falls in their lap, Deimos and his team accepts to sneak in a factory and 3D print the client's secret design. But will they succeed when a...
The Maintenance Tips of Lipo Drone Battery by titanflying
The Maintenance Tips of Lipo Drone...by Hisen Li
https://www.szttfuav.com/professional-drone/ Shenzhen TitanFlying Technology Co., Ltd is not an easy task to order or purchase from distant supplier, especially in inter...
In Need of Saving by WeyHeyItsMJ12
In Need of Savingby MJ
People have disappearing all over England, South America and West Africa. The Americans are kidnapping and putting tests and experiments to try and make the perfect army...
Running Boys Book Two: Tyranny by authorburton
Running Boys Book Two: Tyrannyby Scott Burton
It has been nearly 100 years since Eden broke away from Victory. The secrets and the technologies of the old world lie hidden below Eden and the secrets have been passed...