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Doomsday female match space   by ihatemetabolism
Doomsday female match space by saltedfish
Author: Yang Sheng put pen to paper Category: Rebirth through time travel Release time: 2021-11-04 Latest: Chapter 69 is the end chapter, I Lu Yao woke up a week before...
Rebirth apocalypse: cannon fodder is going to rise by gelz212
Rebirth apocalypse: cannon fodder...by gelz212
NOT MINE!!!! Google Translate Original Title: 重生末世:炮灰要崛起 Author: 秋回 Chapters: 889 The Space Pendant was cheated away, her ability was intercepted, her boyfriend betraye...
Daryl's Girl by geedixon1
Daryl's Girlby Georgia
"When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth." Ever since the world turned, all Lily did was hide. She didn't know how to fight, didn't kno...
A healing system for rebirth in the last days by ruwen05026
A healing system for rebirth in th...by Jieun
Author: Luojia mushroom cool A disaster, Gu Chen awakened the healing and regeneration system. Any injury he could heal if he wanted to, but at his own expense. Keeping...
Violent Silence • Rick Grimes ✓ by totsbreaux12
Violent Silence • Rick Grimes ✓by tots
Scarlett Greene hadn't spoken since she was twelve. After her Daddy was arrested for abuse when she was seventeen, she is sent to live with her Uncle Hershel. Her life g...
TTBEW: Refusing to be a cannon fodder female supporting role (MTL) by CrazyLittleDino
TTBEW: Refusing to be a cannon fod...by Lil' Dino
Author: Guatian's Dream Man Link: https://www.ahfgb.com/132_132838/ Others dress up as the heroine in the book, but she dresses up as the cannon fodder female supporting...
After I Dumped The Villain by Moretti_patotie
After I Dumped The Villainby Taigi Tomura
In 9012, the world became a high-temperature melting furnace, animals and plants died, urban infrastructure was paralyzed, water and electricity were cut off, the world...
The Four Baristas of the Apocalypse (sample) by Reffster
The Four Baristas of the Apocalyps...by Geoff Blackwell
When aliens invade, four baristas are forced to become the saviours of the world. Grab your double-shot of java and strap in - it's going to be a bumpy ride! ...
Doomsday Rebirth Mutual Favor (Completed) by Theint_610
Doomsday Rebirth Mutual Favor (Com...by Theint
‼️This story is not mine ‼️ MTL ( machine translation ) OFFLINE PURPOSE ONLY raw link : https://m.shubaow.net/135/135124/ Author: night breeze Category: Danmei Fans Rel...
✓ The last days are reborn by prince05026
✓ The last days are rebornby Seokmin
Author: West red persimmon soars into the sky Type:.Tanmei Homo Zhao Fan died five years after the end of the world and was reborn twenty-five days before the outbreak o...
[✓] Apocalypse: Living with a Cute Baby by quilliti
[✓] Apocalypse: Living with a Cute...by acute
An accident. She's pregnant. How unlucky. She got pregnant in one shot! What was even more unfortunate was that the end of the world had arrived, and the entire world wa...
✓ The Plane Merchant of the Abandoned Son by ruwen05026
✓ The Plane Merchant of the Abando...by Jieun
Author: Crystal Guoguo Category:Tanmei Fan Fiction Status: Complete Su Yinian, who became the abandoned son of the family, was reborn in the last days after his death, a...
Finding Humanity by NinaMarks
Finding Humanityby Nina Marks
After escaping a stalled elevator into a zombie apocalypse, Emily must learn how to trust people again or risk losing everything in this terrifying world. ...
The Socially Anxious Little Zombie Forced Outdoors by PangXiongMaoMao
The Socially Anxious Little Zombie...by PangXiongMaoMao
[MACHINE TRANSLATED NOVEL] Alternative Title: 社恐小丧尸被迫出门 Author: 浪里淘浪 Status: 100 Chapters + 8 Extras Lin An, plagued by severe social anxiety and obsessive cleanliness...
Zombie King's Restaurant by Xiaoshuo_
Zombie King's Restaurantby 中国小说
Xie Qinyin dressed as a zombie. When she first passed through, the hungry eyes of the zombie turned green, and they were crawling towards a pool of unknown carrion not f...
Doomsday's Rabbit Essence by brittanyk5496
Doomsday's Rabbit Essenceby brittanyk5496
Huazhi is a rabbit spirit who has just cultivated into an adult. She was hacked into a post-apocalyptic novel in which the male protagonist is reborn, and became the fem...
Passerby Through The Cannon Fodder Of the End Times by syralyne
Passerby Through The Cannon Fodder...by syralyne
This is not mine I'm just copying for offline purpose MTL Book 1 Status:Ongoing Author:Lost Rose Genre: Romance, Sci-fi, Supernatural If he knew how to wear books, Ye Q...
The Domineering Glutton Of The Future by My_Leeee
The Domineering Glutton Of The Fut...by ally
#food Mo Chu was reborn. She opened her eyes to find herself in a world where a thousand years had passed. The docile animals and plants became very aggressive, and elem...
✓The  End of Lian Yao in Portable Space by koushuu17
✓The End of Lian Yao in Portable...by Eijun
Author: Qianli Luoying Category: Romance and fantasy novels Status: Completed' If the end of the world comes and zombies are rampant, what will you do? Panic? ? ? Exciti...
End Time's Hoarding Master Returns (Hiding.Billions.of.Supplies.In.Space) by Rotten-Aunt
End Time's Hoarding Master Returns...by Rotten-Aunt
Betrayed by subordinates, friends, family and lover, after 10-years of struggles. 🏴‍☠️ She, who has nothing to loose and care about anymore, died a tragic death, bu...