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Sleeping Among Secrets (a naruto fanfic) by MiecoDeecy
Sleeping Among Secrets (a naruto Mieco Deecy
Naruto; the hyperactive, determined deadlast is how peple know him, little do they know that they are only watching the person that he's showing them. But if you think t...
Naruto: Naruto's Second Chance by Kazuto123bro1
Naruto: Naruto's Second Chanceby Akira❤️
They lost the 4th shinobi war, everyone died except a yellow hair boy with 3 fox like whiskers, his name is naruto Uzumaki, he lost everything in the war his friends,men...
Uchiha Hana by EmmyLee_
Uchiha Hanaby random orange
Hana Uchiha, born of Izuna and Sana Uchiha was left orphaned the day after she was born. Raised by her uncle, Madara, she is determined to prove herself and become Hoka...
The Hokages power(book 2) by Genos_sans
The Hokages power(book 2)by AnimeWeebo
Book two of the power of the hokages. This'll be going straight into shippuden. I don't own naruto shippuden or any of its characters or any pictures or videos I may or...
Illicit (Itachi Uchiha Love Story) by MintSpice_
Illicit (Itachi Uchiha Love Story)by Mint
"He stares at me nonchalantly while leaning against my wall. He slowly walks towards me. What was he going to do? He looks down at me and slowly moves his hand down...
Child of a Snake (Neji Love Story) [Book 1 Of The Senju-Hebi Series) by Orochimaru_Wife23
Child of a Snake (Neji Love Story) Andie
Kaiya was abandoned at the gate of Konoha by her father for her own safety. All she had was a scroll with a letter written by her mom and a snake necklace in a box with...
The Daughter of Sanine (Naruto Fan fiction) Complete by Acero22
The Daughter of Sanine (Naruto Acero
One day Jiraiya and Tsunade had gotten very drunk and had a one night stand. A few weeks later Tsunade found out she was pregnant. She was scared and didn't tell Jiraiya...
Naruto: Living up to a legacy by M00se__
Naruto: Living up to a legacyby M00SE
What if after a run in with the villagers Naruto meets the Kyuubi at 9 years of age, and the fox in an effort to escape tempts him with information on who he really is...
Naruto Uzumaki, a Slip of Fate. by ARIterWhitheDreams
Naruto Uzumaki, a Slip of ARIterWhitheDreams
How much could a changed matchup change, what if instead of beating a Hyūga who believed only in fate, he fought a Wind Mistress of Suna in the making.
The Ice Cold Kitten [Naruto Fan-fic] by UnkwnWrtr
The Ice Cold Kitten [Naruto Unknown Writer
[WARNING! BAD SPELLING AND GRAMMAR AHEAD] This is the story of kakashi's daughter, Hiroyuki Hatake, ex-Anbu Captain, who lost her mother and brother at age 6 during the...
I Got My Eyes On You [Kabuto x F.Sarutobi Reader] by Anoamazing
I Got My Eyes On You [Kabuto x %Toge_Simp%
Met him as a 6 year old,he left,Met him as an 18 year old,he left.Then as you meet him as a 22,you'll be the one who left 'With' him. And sorry if the amount of Timeskip...
Wish my Reflection Can Tell me Who I Am.. by G-Maknae
Wish my Reflection Can Tell me Daechwita 대취타
DISCLAIMER: I don't own Naruto. Only my OC(s) and this story. This story maybe different from Naruto. So read at your own risk! Anyways, Apologies to all fans if I r...
Unnoticed by JustSk8n
Unnoticedby JustSk8n
My life was nothing special. I never had any great accomplishments or did anything notable. Nothing but a face in the crowd, doomed to be forgotten. Then, things go sudd...
The Untainted (Naruto fanfic) by Books-lolol
The Untainted (Naruto fanfic)by Books-lolol
What if Naruto made a certain decision during his childhood that would change the course of his future? What is that decision? And what's the rookie nine's role in that...
Sentaku - The Choice [Tobirama Senju x Sarutobi!OC] by whatwouldnarutodo
Sentaku - The Choice [Tobirama whatwouldnarutodo
Hideko Sarutobi, eldest daughter of the clan leader, wants nothing more than become a good kunoichi to protect her loved ones in a time where being shinobi was a man's...
Bleached by orangecr3am
Bleachedby Obitou
Meet Aoji, a completely normal person. Other than the 12 tailed panther currently inhabiting her stomach. She didn't even pay rent! And apparently now she wants to go ba...
Rise of the Wolf (Under editing) kakashi love story by Acero22
Rise of the Wolf (Under editing) Acero
(Sequel to The Young Anbu) Its been 13 years since the nine-tails attacked the village. After the Third Hokage death, Tsunade Senju is brought back to the village as the...
✨The Saninn✨ (Naruto x My hero academia) by MasterJiraiya120
✨The Saninn✨ (Naruto x My hero MasterJiraiya120
"Where am I?" (y/n) is a saninn from konoha who got accidentally travelled into another universe where They have quirks rather than Chakra, In this world Hero'...
How Can I Love You After This? |WATTYS2019| by MayArclight
How Can I Love You After This? | MayArclight
[Kakashi x Oc x Obito] Her name is Lilly Sarutobi, medical ninja prodigy. Lilly is extremly intelligent, but chooses to surpress her intelligence. She cares about other...
The Eye that Holds the Moon [Konohana] by leo0915
The Eye that Holds the Moon [ Leo
Hanabi and Konohamaru are sure off to a rough start, as they bump into each other at Naruto and Hinata's wedding. Will they be able to get along despite their first impr...