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Naruto Uzumaki:Archer of Konoha  by AndrewSinclair0
Naruto Uzumaki:Archer of Konoha by DeltaxNerd
Naruto gets dropped off into the woods by a Shinobi. Left for dead, he finds a family willing to teach archery. being ex-shinobi themselves, they teach Naruto how to be...
Kitsune by annelikeswritting
Kitsuneby annelikeswritting
After leaving the village at 3 to train with Jiraiya and Tsuande he returns at 16 for the position of the Hokage. Read to follow along his journey. . . . Not sure if it'...
Demon Samurai Kitsune  by AndrewSinclair0
Demon Samurai Kitsune by DeltaxNerd
Before the battle with the Nine Tail Fox. Minato discovered that his hero the second Hokage abandoned the Uzushio to its fate of destruction. His thought was if the Uzum...
Naruto: The other path. by vaisvjdj79
Naruto: The other Ankith Roy
After defeating pain, Naruto found it amusing.Villagers were cheering at him(still not all of them), but still he found happy that atleast someone is acknowledging him. ...
Naruto Leaves by 18A19553
Naruto Leavesby 18A19553
What if Naruto saw what had happened at the Uchiha massicre What if Naruto is an prodigy What if naruto's IQ is over 500 What if Naruto has the Uchiha bloodline What if...
Floating blossom | ItaNaru by sakuramoon1010
Floating blossom | ItaNaruby sakuramoon1010
Naruto was not your everyday girl, she was always quiet and calm. But you know what they say, quiet people always are the most underestimated. In reality, Naruto was the...
The Godaime's Fox.  by ZeroArashiUchiha22
The Godaime's Fox. by ZeroArashiUchiha22
Takes place after the Tsunade Retrieval arc. Tsunade takes Naruto Uzumaki under her wing as her apprentice and Assasin loyal only to her as 5th Hokage. Naruto/Tsunade Ha...
The Lack of Motivation  by MyAnimehub
The Lack of Motivation by MyAnimehub
Naruto hates konoha and he wants to leave this hell hole as soon as possible, so he made deal with hokage. Now what is this deal and how he will gain his freedom with th...
Regretting {✔} by Fukuyomi_Namikaze
Regretting {✔}by ❝Fuku❞
[Edited.] "Facade's are quite the beautiful art, no doubt. I wonder, how many people have already used one? That's right, it's more often than we can even think.&qu...
Sunshine Gone Rogue by KuramaTheFluffball
Sunshine Gone Rogueby Kurama The Fluffball
Naruto is banished from the Leaf Village after bringing Sasuke back before he got to Orochimaru. Will Naruto seek revenge for all the abuse and trauma Konoha put him thr...
Neglected Naruto : Prodigy Namikaze  by AryanJain148
Neglected Naruto : Prodigy Aj Uchiha
What if naruto parents never died? What if naruto had a younger siblings? What if naruto was neglected? Find out the journey of a young boy who is neglected and joins th...
Could it be? (Kakanaru story) by Yalannie
Could it be? (Kakanaru story)by Yalannie
Naruto Uzumaki is a 4 year old kid that is mistreated by his village. Having no one to care about him except for the third hokage and the nine tails fox. But what will h...
Naruto a loving brother  by RedFoxedGod
Naruto a loving brother by kid Mighty what ifs
After the death of his Father minato naruto swears to protect his little brother menma song this may cause him pain but seeing menma smile is all worth it
Kitsune and Neko by black_fox_200
Kitsune and Nekoby black_fox_200
"Hey Naruto, it's been a year since the village announced you as dead. I don't believe them; I don't believe them at all." Ino said on the verge of tears. &quo...
Naruto: Mastered Ultra Instinct by Amaterasu120973
Naruto: Mastered Ultra Instinctby Amaterasu120973
Minato and Kushina didn't die during the sealing of the kyuubi. Instead they left the village with his sister while leaving Naruto alone to the wolves in Konoha. What if...
 Prankster Kitsune by MyAnimehub
Prankster Kitsuneby MyAnimehub
Naruto has split Personality the name of other Personality is Kitsune who love pranks. Don't take this seriously this fic is just comedy t=nothing more so don't try too...
We Need Each Other by Nejiblackwife
We Need Each Otherby Zoë
Sasuke an orphan only after a few years with his family. Naruto an orphan at birth, all alone since he was born. It only makes sense that they crossed paths. Join them o...
Different Naruto by lamasare1
Different Narutoby Lamasare!
Hey Naruto? -Kiba What do you want now?-Naruto What happened to you, you used to be so kind but know your so cold?-Kiba I woke up and stopped acting know leave me alone...
No Longer an Uzumaki-Namikaze. by CloudNarutoHitsugaya
No Longer an Naruto Namikaze
Naruto Namikaze was neglected and disowned by his parents. All that our favourite blond wanted was a family to love. Kakashi saw how Minato and Kushina treated Naruto an...