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The Reluctant Marchioness by littleLo
The Reluctant Marchionessby Laura
After a disastrous first season in London, Rose Wilde finds herself torn between two men who love her -- but who both hide secrets that could ruin her. ...
The US of A by PrinceHik
The US of Aby Moss
For some reason nations always forget the 'US' part of USA. Lets see how the world reacts to the states! But they aren't as united as you'd think, but through it all the...
The Opposite of Falling Apart [Formerly Three and a Half Good Legs] by titanically-
The Opposite of Falling Apart [ Mic
WATTPAD ORIGINAL EDITION Jonas, having lost his leg, and Brennan, plagued by terrible anxiety, collide one summer. Soon, they're both finding themselves. Together. ...
England x Reader by Foofy06
England x Readerby Foofy 06
(Y/n) was a small, weak, little country located right next to England. Her and England were best friends and England promised (Y/n) that nothing bad was ever going to ha...
Where Winter Meets Summer (Rusame Countryhumans) by OnyxxCrow
Where Winter Meets Summer ( OnyxxCrow
"Trust was something that had been robbed from him, along with his eye, and his smile. One betrayal. That was all it took to bring forth an Eternal Winter..." ...
54 Secrets And Counting by angy_boop_noodle
54 Secrets And Countingby [author]
so, America is a single father of 50 states and 4 territories. everyone knows he's hardworking and friendly. Wait, sorry I forgot almost nobody knows about his states or...
Betrayed - Hetalia by Phantomhive2016
Betrayed - Hetaliaby Shadow Lights
Rusame and perhaps, some Prussia x America. Russia and America have been a thing for quite some time. Everyone and their mother knew. However, one night, Russia's needs...
❣~Countryhumans  ✘ Male Reader~❣ by AeroSpace77
❣~Countryhumans ✘ Male Reader~❣by God of Creation
Met You By Accident DISCONTINUED ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ Does include- ❥ Lots of Swearing ❥ Some Dirty/Suggestive jokes ❥Blood/Gore ❥ LGBTQA+ ⚠️ IF YOU DO NOT LIKE ANY OF THESE T...
I'm Not Who You Think I Am by HannahRiverlight
I'm Not Who You Think I Amby Hannah Riverlight
America is the cheerful, happy person we all know and love right? But what if he was secretly taking care of 62 kids and finish with all the extra work that UN dumps on...
Secrets Of A Superpower by WeirdShadowPerson
Secrets Of A Superpowerby hOw To ExIsT?
There is many things we keep a secret, for many differemt reasons. We all have secrets, big or small. America is no exception. He has swept many things under the rug, an...
Izuku's Back Hoes by Roi_lo
Izuku's Back Hoesby Ree
It was fine, Izuku didn't care when he was bullied. He had his mother, his friends, everything was fine in Japan. Sure, his idol kinda crushed his dream and all his hope...
Pale (COUNTRYHUMANS) by HickleandSammer
"Have you noticed America has been looking..kinda strange recently?" "I wouldn't worry too much about him"
america's secrets by andraerawr
america's secretsby andraerawr
The allies and the axis are staying at America's house for a month
Fifty Spies by Jewelsmaddie
Fifty Spiesby Jewelsmaddie
America, oh, America. Showing up late at a meeting again and forgetting his project. Before UN could scold America, someone bursts through the door. "Hey pa..."...
RusAme - 10 things I hate about you by GoneToGetMilkBAI
RusAme - 10 things I hate about youby afk gone to get milk
Art Cover by: Imaweirddo What do you get when you have a bitchy American, a selfish Canadian, a rebellious Russian, an adorable Ukrainian, a nerdy German, and a horrible...
America: Through My Own Eyes  by ShihoFujioka
America: Through My Own Eyes by Gothic Geek💀
Ever since 9/11 had happend. America is going through some depression and now believes he's no hero. How will England and the others help him ease the pain.
Bleeding Out by ditat_deus
Bleeding Outby Blue
The Confederate Battle Flag is alive- But it isn't what you might think. Dixie (as he goes by nowadays) has been stuck inside America's head all these years. First a v...
Book of Memories by DragonPrincess22
Book of Memoriesby Cassidy
A normal meeting or so everyone thought. Many have slipped into masks that fit too well on their face. However, those masks will be shattered as the true purpose of the...
Divided Self by AngstCandy
Divided Selfby サバンナ
Alfred has came back from the civil war. The nations are extremely happy to see him, or so they thought. Something horrible has happened to Alfred. This story is about...
Summoning the Alliance of Free Nations by MtMcly6005
Summoning the Alliance of Free MtMcly6005
The president of the United republic's of America John T. Mcneely was doing what he usually did as the president of the U.R.A and current leader of the constitutionalist...