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Imaginary Friend (RusAme) [Completed] by reimoth
Imaginary Friend (RusAme) [ rei
When Russia receives a magical pencil from a friend and uses it to create magical friend, he gets used to living with someone who only he can see.
Secret States by WeirdestArrow
Secret Statesby Weird/Ailbhe/Saoirse
America was the last person anyone expected to be a father. But America is a father, to sixty-nine demo-I mean angels. His kids are definitely angels. But sometimes they...
States, Secrets, and Chaos by _Lqmie
States, Secrets, and Chaosby _Lqmie
[IF THIS IS FOUND ANYWHERE OUTSIDE OF WATTPAD, IT HAS BEEN STOLEN!] America, father of around sixty, friend to some and enemy to others, and sibling to a sh*t ton of oth...
Wings by small_sugarcube
Wingsby small_sugarcube
Canada, that curious country who won't stop until he's given answers. He would risk relationships with family and friends to find answers. How much will he loose? And A...
Stuck With The Enemy by TheOldJazz
Stuck With The Enemyby TheOldJazz
With the rising concern of nuclear weapons countries and organisations are trying to settle on a safe agreement. Unfortunately, not every country is cooperative and afte...
Wings and Magic (RusGerChiAme) by Americaforever111
Wings and Magic (RusGerChiAme)by America forever!!!
You're either one of the Animalia or the Magicalia. The Animalia are blessed with the ability to change into animals and often retain their features in human form. The M...
America's Many Secrets (Discontinued/Adopted) by HuskyBoi50
America's Many Secrets ( Husky
Okay, if you didn't already know by the title, this book has been discontinued on my profile but has been adopted by _NorthTexas_ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It was around 1 am and I...
Feathers (RusChiAme)  by ImperialAmerica50
Feathers (RusChiAme) by ImperialAmerica50
The position you hold depends largely on your wing type. The higher the tier of your wings, the better you will be treated and far more likely to gain a high position in...
Kitty: SovAme Fanfic (COMPLETED) by Ginger_201016
Kitty: SovAme Fanfic (COMPLETED)by K!N~G we go!! Haha you thought I would spoil it..... Warning: Potentially Cute Soviet, cause he sick........ Art is not mine. Enjoy!!
The Other Side (Countryhumans) by MamaSkittle
The Other Side (Countryhumans)by Mom Mother Mama Mum
It's been a while since he had felt a true form of kindness, that wasn't led by fear. And to not be treated as a child who doesn't know what he's doing. America just dec...
In The Trees by AnAttractiveTrashCan
In The Treesby TheAlmightyTrashCan
"I am America, I speak for the trees, and if you come near me, I'll break your freaking knees" -Quote given by @Darkskully America has run away, completely bro...
Where Winter Meets Summer (Rusame Countryhumans) by OnyxxCrow
Where Winter Meets Summer ( OnyxxCrow
"Trust was something that had been robbed from him, along with his eye, and his smile. One betrayal. That was all it took to bring forth an Eternal Winter..." ...
The Things I'd Rather Forget // Countryhumans AU by Sel_va_
The Things I'd Rather Forget // Selva
America has it all: fame, friends, allies, a supportive family- everything a country could ever want; but, when America's past and guilty conscience catch up to him, Ame...
Oh Canada... by kawaii-_Potato-_
Oh England Simp™
Canada, America, Australia and New Zealand don't have the best home life. America becomes more isolated by the day. Australia acts out to gain attention. New Zealand is...
Take Two | Rusame | Countryhumans AU by Miriorite
Take Two | Rusame | Miriorite
America is the top actor and singer in the entertainment industry. But everything changes when he disappears from the public for two years. People believed he disappeare...
Red Wave by -Forelle-
Red Waveby -Forelle-
Sequel to the book Blue Light After Germany's unexpected travel to the past the world is peacefully preparing for winter, when it happens. A black magic disease made by...
Countryhumans Oneshots by IcaneC
Countryhumans Oneshotsby The Creator
I recently got into countryhumans, and I decided to write with them! Am taking requests, anything from sweet and innocent Philippines to vicious, bloodthirsty Nazi Germa...
Safeway Pyongyang // Reader x Countryhumans by Miki0T
Safeway Pyongyang // Reader x FriendlyVigilante
North Korea x reader except I'm trapped in my house so it's going to be a wild ride. Y/N has finally made it to the one place that she might be safe- Pyongyang. But now...
The Ruler and The Hunter //Original Countryhumans Au by FlameonLeaf
The Ruler and The Hunter // TheFlamingFox
Once there was peace. Where creatures and mortals and monsters lived alongside each other, loved one another. But then there was a murder and war engulfed the lands. Mor...
I Will Always Protect You (NON INCEST USUK) by educateddummy
I Will Always Protect You (NON educateddummy
(Non incest countryhumans USUK for you lovelies) When the New World was discovered, British Empire sent his most skilled general, Thirteen Colonies, to colonize and repr...