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American secret by Just_A_Person67
American secretby Just_A_Person67
America has a huge secret he's hidden from the rest of the countries. His brother the Confederacy is still alive. One day curiosity overtakes the confederence and he dec...
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My Country Humans OneShots ❤ by HimeOfShyness
My Country Humans OneShots ❤by 👑Aliyah Marie👑
Well what the heck! I freaking love countryhumans especially if it has my country on it. Philiippines! But this ones different than all the others. So get ready to see s...
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Countryhumans Oneshots by sassyspa12
Countryhumans Oneshotsby sassyspa12
As the title says ;)
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We are better than this...(Amephil book 2) by definitelynotareader
We are better than this...( tommorownight
"I'm not afraid of you! I just know you're better of without me." This take place when Philip declared the drug war to commence and the west media bought bias...
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Countryhumans quotes  by Noah-owo
Countryhumans quotes by Noah
Bored so I made this If you want to use any of these quotes please credit me I also stole these from my sister These are based of personal headcannons and may be offens...
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A never ending love~|RusAme| countryhumans|NSFW| by shinseizumob
A never ending love~|RusAme| Shinseizu.mob
Rus and Merica are getting Invited to a party from england and france, after they arrived they saw themselves for the first time..and are getting to be great friends...m...
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WAKE UP... by definitelynotareader
WAKE tommorownight
Have you ever wonder why philip disappeared with no trace of evidence to conclude where he is? Why would two super-powered countries give their time to such a small sout...
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{ .:Russia: The Dad:. } by pastels_biscuits
{ .:Russia: The Dad:. }by pastels_biscuits
America has left on a business trip, leaving Russia and the kids at home. Well let's see how long Russia will last taking care of his kids without America. Probably not...
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- CountryHumans - One-Shots - by GAYmood720
- CountryHumans - One-Shots -by -GAY-mood-420-
I write a lot of gay stuff in my free time. If you like to read gay shit about countries then I guess that you've come to the right place. (Don't expect too much from th...
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countryhumans oneshots "2" (SMUT) by Dirty_habits
countryhumans oneshots "2" (SMUT)by ♡ Gloomy Sunday ♡
my first book got deleted by some sensitive snowflakes so here's the thing. my book contains MATURE CONTENT and TOUCHY TOPICS sensitive? don't click. not all my chapter...
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Flowers and Notes //Countryhumans RusAme AU  by MarkaiCat
Flowers and Notes // Collin eats Grass
Don't worry, there isn't any gore like my other books...well no murder...maybe violence. !Warnings! -Self Harm -Depression -Domestic Abuse -Homosexuality -Violence -A...
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That Hospitality( Sunshine Harem )((Countryhumans oneshots)) by Xianzemarville
That Hospitality( Sunshine Harem ) PAPA
ಠ︵ಠ this fanfiction contains only fluff and ships mainly about the poly ship that some people began to create. This might contain Japan x Philippines, Spain x Philippin...
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"Тне Tшiп Lovегs" (Russia x Philippines) UNDER EDITING! by Laurinewolfygirl7686
"Тне Tшiп Lovегs" (Russia x ✰𑁍𝓜𝓲𝓷𝓽𝓮𝓮𑁍✰
Russia met a country that maked him fall for her she had the same independence day as him she's the girl version of Him but only she is cute ,That country's name Is Phil...
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The last fall (Rusame) by random_person_lv
The last fall (Rusame)by just_a_ch_fan
America was in his last year of high school . He thought this year will be like all the others- pretty much boring. But he was wrong,until he found someone who he would...
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(mostly) countryhumans artbook by ohscheissee
(mostly) countryhumans artbookby scheiße
idk i do art
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These awkward situations(Rusame countryhumans) by fridayinsummer
These awkward situations(Rusame Aku_REmake
America playing truth or dare game with his brother and some friends, taking a dare. Now Americas main mission is to make Russia closer to him, but it ain't gonna be eas...
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Mental (countryhumans) by Puddypup12
Mental (countryhumans)by Vixx
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Countryhumans Comic Dub by CrimeStudios
Countryhumans Comic Dubby 卐 Third Reich 卐
Comics of Countryhumans-Some Cute & Funny Comics of Countryhumans -Memes -Ships -Comic Dub +Plus Videos (Thats I do not Own) I do not own the comics or the pictures
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Artbook for Countryhumans Fan Covers/Art by JaidenMayYT
Artbook for Countryhumans Fan boogieboyemi
✦ #1 in femamerica ♥ shoulders and up requests are open! ◆ this book is just for art and some cute AU ideas ◆ my ig is boogieboyemi if you want to see my art more freque...
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The day their lives changed (NZxWales) by tiniwritesstuff
The day their lives changed ( tiniwritesstuff
New Zealand found it hard to make friends this year of high school, seeing as no one else liked rugby and all his friends had left. With the worlds worst brothers at hom...
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