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The Perfect Storm by Mandalev19
The Perfect Stormby Amelia Levi
Madison is an 18-year-old college freshman with her life planned out. All she wants to do is go through college as quickly as she can until Miles enters her life, bringi...
Beautiful Pain (An Andy Biersack Love Story) by RaisedByWuuves
Beautiful Pain (An Andy Biersack L...by Tiffani Bell (T-$) (Ratchet E...
Brielle Adams meets Andy Biersack at a Bengals game after he spills a drink on her. Unfortunately, this was the girl he was looking at more than the game, amazed at her...
I hate your guts kid { Dallas x Reader } by SadlyMonroe
I hate your guts kid { Dallas x Re...by SadlyMonroe
Y/N Randle is coming home from college, and she doesn't know what to expect.
The Third Black Widow by InMyRepEra7
The Third Black Widowby Dance is my life 🩰
What if Natasha and Yelena had a little sister two years younger than Yelena? What if when they got separated into their Red Room divisions, instead of becoming a Black...
The Perfect Storm 2 by Mandalev19
The Perfect Storm 2by Amelia Levi
Madison and Miles continue to be tested while they try to navigate through their rocky relationship. Odds are on their side, bringing them back to one another, closer th...
Fifty-oneish by LoreKreative
Fifty-oneishby Kreative
Go read The Chrononauts by @KRE4TIVE America has 51 (psychotic) children to take care of and the only other person that knows is his half, Confederate. He's constantly l...
Capturing You by whodeybunny
Capturing Youby Ana W.
A Joe Burrow x OC (Hailee Steinfeld) fan fiction || Avery Thompson is not a big fan of football, but she landed a job as a photographer for the Cincinnati Bengals. There...
Haircut (Beth Harmon X Benny Watts) by ThinkSomthingNew
Haircut (Beth Harmon X Benny Watts)by elineeee
Almost a year after Russia, Beth Harmon returned to her bad habits. Drinking, smoking and ofcourse iridium. She pushed everyone away that she knew and maybe most of all...
The Girl Who Fell In Love With An Australian by Godlover54673
The Girl Who Fell In Love With An...by Godlover54673
This is my first story that I'm sharing with the World. I hope you like this Story about Robert Irwin and a young woman, who was on a mission of self reliability. Wil...
Waves by BalanceinGrace
Wavesby BalanceinGrace
Joe Burrow and Eve Wilson have been together for 5 years; facing every change Joe's career has brought side by side. When a fight about their future causes an unforeseen...
The Red Room by jramazing
The Red Roomby Writer person ;)
Izabella has always been a mindless soldier of the Red Room. Her mind set consisted of following the rules as her top priority. Her only goal was to graduate the Red Roo...
Incorrect Quotes with Statehumans (Discontinued) by ThatOneNBAGperson
Incorrect Quotes with Statehumans...by Aster
Literally what the title says. If you are homophobic, first of all, fuck you, next, leave my fucking book because it has some positive LGBTQ+ characters. Will try to upd...
Finn And Rachel by OnceANerdAlwaysANerd
Finn And Rachelby Elizabeth
What if Finn didn't die in the last episode of glee? What if he made it?If he got the chance at life again and to be with his one true love Rachel berry. Finn has been g...
GUMI'S skibidi adventure in Ohio by preppyesstheatrekid
GUMI'S skibidi adventure in Ohioby mentally unstable
GUMI discovers she is sigma so she journeys to Ohio at meets Vflower and Fukase, other powerful sigmas. In Ohio she discovers her true self, secrets about her past, as s...
His Hidden Past by CaitrionaRose11
His Hidden Pastby Caitriona Rose
Things are going normally in Central City. All until one day, Barry acts a little strange. He tells everyone he has to take a few days off, but never gives a reason. Con...
711 《Jason Dean》 by milkchaivibe
711 《Jason Dean》by mint and coffee
In which a deranged Jason dean, who craves slushees at random times, has his eyes on bambi, a insomniac and coffe lover. The two always seem to meet at the 711. FINISHE...
atsushi hater x dazai hater by estelle20131978
atsushi hater x dazai haterby klaha
Atsushi hater has had a crush on Dazai hater for a long time.
Ava and Addie by AThousandFeathers
Ava and Addieby AThousandFeathers
This is the story about Addie. The story about twinsisters sharing a mate. The story about the forgotten sister waiting on the sideline. The twins Ava and Addie meets t...
𝒈𝒖𝒚𝒔 𝒎𝒚 𝒂𝒈𝒆, glee. by muertoes
𝒈𝒖𝒚𝒔 𝒎𝒚 𝒂𝒈𝒆, glee.by ☁️
GUYS MY AGE ━━━━━━ guys her age never treated her well, so why not go for the one guy who seems like he actually could? ❨ 𝗴𝗹𝗲𝗲, s𝟭. ❩ 𝘁𝗲𝗮𝗰𝗵𝗲𝗿 / 𝘀𝘁...
The Faceless Ones [Corpse Husband] by m_writes_128
The Faceless Ones [Corpse Husband]by M
In which two faceless youtubers play a game with each other, only to end up falling for each other.