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"Is that Mini Me?" by kirarimu
"Is that Mini Me?"by kirarimu
Basically a Rick Riordan time travel to when Percy is still at the Hermes table. Time suddenly froze in the present, so the fates are sending demigods from all over to C...
Fierrochase visits Camp Half-Blood by Waffle_Queen_Pjo
Fierrochase visits Camp Half-Bloodby Waffle_Queen_Pjo
"Magnus, don't lie to me. is she-" "He." "-...He. Is he your boyfre-" "Mention that in his face and he will slap you all the way to H...
Afterlife Anxiety (Annabeth Fanific) by Igwatermelon
Afterlife Anxiety (Annabeth // bean //
When Annabeth dies, she expects to go to Elysuim. Why wouldn't she? But when a young Valkyrie-in-training brings Annabeth to Valhalla, things get crazy REALLY fast. Cove...
Hero's of Olympus and Magnus Chase x reader Preferences/ scenarios by LillisRealm
Hero's of Olympus and Magnus Lilli
As the title says this is a Hero's of Olympus/ Magnus Chase preferences and scenarios. I'd say Boyfriend scenarios but one of the characters is gender fluid so I shouldn...
Pjo And Hoo X Reader :demigods X Reader (On Hold) by TurnTechCosplayer
Pjo And Hoo X Reader :demigods X Pip Holland
Contains possible limes, lemons, and obviously fluff. This is a book of almost everyone x reader. (Lesbian relationships) (gay relationships) (open relationships) (and r...
Atypical (A Magnus Chase fan novel) by rabiasiddiqui90
Atypical (A Magnus Chase fan novel)by YourTypicalFreyKid
What do you get when you cross Magnus Chase and Samirah-al Abbas? Magnus's little sister. Amara doesn't want to believe it, but here goes...she's dead. She's dead, and t...
Fierrochase Fanfics by attractv_alex_fierro
Fierrochase Fanficsby ELLA
Big collection of Fierrochase oneshots. This book is ongoing, and I always appreciate suggestions and requests in the comments. DISCLAIMER: The book is also in the proc...
cos we love this ship suggestions for one shots are cool **ALL CHARACTERS BELONG TO RICK RIORDAN**
Riordanverse Oneshots by coatsforgoats
Riordanverse Oneshotsby Belle
Oneshots featuring characters from PJO, HoO, MCGA, ToA, and KC!! I take requests :)
FierroChase by 3amInspiration
FierroChaseby 3amInspiration
Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard just came out with book 3: The Ship of the Dead! So, I've decided to make a collection of my favorite ship, FierroChase, for your (bu...
FierroChase adventure, with Samirah and Sleipnir!  by Boganor
FierroChase adventure, with (whitewargriders)
My first FierroChase fic to quench your thirsts for more Alex and Magnus; based after Hammer of Thor but before FierroChase (spoiler!!) goes canon in Ship Of The Dead. (...
The Pain Of Beauty by TheBigGay17
The Pain Of Beautyby Camren Jaymes
Alex Fierro has never felt truly loved. She just wants to feel beautiful, but was only ever treated like a freak. So why doesn't Magnus Chase treat her like one?
Heroes of Olympus/Magnus Chase Sickfics by Escapist_Author
Heroes of Olympus/Magnus Chase Anna
This is just a collection of different sick fics, my ultimate weakness, about our favorite demigods and Norse einharjar. Most stories will only have one part but we'll...
Valhalla High (A Magnus Chase Fanfic) by chestnutia
Valhalla High (A Magnus Chase Chestnutia
Magnus Chase just needs to survive one more year of high school. So when he's transferred to Valhalla High School for his senior year, he decides he'll just blend on in...
FierroChase One Shots by twopolarcat
FierroChase One Shotsby Kyle Hamilton
Here are FierroChase one shots and mini series. There will be some smutty stuff, because it seems no one else will do it. And I want it. So sit back, relax, and enjoy yo...
Apparently, I'm Dead by ATOTALMUSICALNERD
Apparently, I'm Deadby ATOTALMUSICALNERD
No one thought that Perseus Jackson and Annabeth Chase would die on his way to a date during a vacation in Boston. No one thought that Percy would end up in Valhalla and...
Fierrochase One shots! by Solangeloshipper111
Fierrochase One shots!by Solangeloshipper111
Welp! There isn't enough Magnus X Alex so here I goes! In this I am mostly going to have Alex as a guy if thats fine with y'all. If not leave me a comment! I don't own t...
f a m i l i a r i t y. - [fierrochase] by chasefierro
f a m i l i a r i t y. - [ callisto
once upon a time, alex almost hit magnus in the face with a mug of steaming hot coffee. fierrochase // neighbors au
y o u t u b e. - [fierrochase] by chasefierro
y o u t u b e. - [fierrochase]by callisto
fiercefierro uploaded a new video: HUNTING FOR BAES magnusficent uploaded a new video: A GREEN HAIRED GOBLIN ATTACKED ME
Ask Magnus Chase and Friends by MessyTheAuthor
Ask Magnus Chase and Friendsby messy
Hi, I'm Magnus. My friends and I answer some questions for you guys. Have fun reading about us doing and saying things against our will. For those of you fangirls wond...