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The Watcher by Est2010
The Watcherby Issy Metcalf
He'll have to break all the rules to keep her, but first she has to break just one and let him in... It's taken four years, but Anna Fray has finally put the past behind...
Tales Of Ayakashi by scorpio1215
Tales Of Ayakashiby XiaoXiaoMinMin
"Chaos is at its most terrifying when it is in a controlled state," When Ayakashi Ninetails lost his divinity and fell from the Heaven Realm, many in the Niner...
Gods of the Sea (BTS Vocal Line X Reader) by FireTiger8
Gods of the Sea (BTS Vocal Line Deidrea DeWitt
"My name is Captain Jeon Jungkook. I'm here to kidnap you." The Eros is said to be the most powerful jewel of the seven seas, able to control the spirits of th...
Confessions of an Invisible Girl (Love & Magic Book 1) by DaniDraven
Confessions of an Invisible Girl ( Daniella Draven
Cursed to invisibility, sixteen-year-old Lola lives her life by watching others, but when she gets a chance at love, she must face her biggest fears to finally be seen. ...
Hunter's Moon by Mk1120
Hunter's Moonby ~MK
ARES STORY For Ares whole life he was seen as the weak and sickly one. The one no one could believe would ever be related to the Wolf Queen herself. The Defective Pri...
Places We Keep Our Sins by FireTiger8
Places We Keep Our Sinsby Deidrea DeWitt
"I can't resist temptation. That is my curse." To be the future wife of the Grand Master of the Temple means a life of status, riches, and stability. It means...
Death Call by alluringlytragic
Death Callby annalisa
In which a boy who can see the future calls a girl to let her know that she's going to die. Soon. _ "You're going to die." "Excuse me?" "Oh, you...
Secrets of an Invisible Girl (Love & Magic Book 2) by DaniDraven
Secrets of an Invisible Girl ( Daniella Draven
***Wattys 2022 Winner*** Sequel to Confessions of an Invisible Girl No longer the invisible girl, life for Lola should be perfect, but old and new enemies, changes and...
Hallow King by DoctorRockhard
Hallow Kingby Doctor Rockhard
#1 in Monsters 12/18/2022 "Leiah always dreamed her prince charming would arrive one day- handsomely dressed and riding a white stallion that would take them both f...
A Demon's Lust by NyanCatNoodles
A Demon's Lustby I Am The Tired
A demon boy falls for a cute little angel. This horny demon just needs some release. WARNING: Cussing and Smut, not suitable for young children (but you'll read it anywa...
I Promise (A Dean Winchester Love Story) by franco0369
I Promise (A Dean Winchester Ali✨
What happens when Abby Grey meets Dean Winchester as Seniors in High School? After having Dean around for a while, Dean leaves Abby suddenly. So what happens when they r...
Highschool Destiel Love Story AU by that_spn_life
Highschool Destiel Love Story AUby .
Castiel is new to the school and wants to know who Dean Winchester is and when Castiel gets a new car he will find out because Dean is the mechanic who fixes it. :) Hope...
Young Blood [SUPERNATURAL] by strangeroffiction
Young Blood [SUPERNATURAL]by alex k
While raiding a vampire nest, brothers Sam and Dean Winchester come across an unanticipated complication: a human girl. [Dean x OC] [Occurs in Season One with variation...
The Ocean's Call by Jess23Anne
The Ocean's Callby Jessica Anne
Isla Pryce washes up on her family's beach after going missing at sea. She has no recollection of where she's been for the past four months, leaving herself and everyone...
The Outsider by veriasbooks
The Outsiderby Veria
"Quid me spectas, human?" His raspy, powerful voice made Eliana look into his eyes again. She had no idea what he was saying, so she fiddled with her fingers n...
Flint Strike by AMLKoski
Flint Strikeby Anna Koski
The lone wolf doesn't survive. ~~ The moment Flint Maddock was banished from his clan, he knew it was do or die. A countdown to his death had started and nothing could s...
Minutes To Moments by pancakesat2am
Minutes To Momentsby pancakesat2am
Izuku Midoriya centered short stories. Cover : @MythicalSkylarWitch
The Witching Hour by nifty-nickel
The Witching Hourby nifty-nickel
She went missing a year ago. Her friends, unable to find her. Now, she haunts their dreams, begging to be found. Welcome to Malachi Peak, where not everything is as it s...
Warrior, Opposed: Book One Of The Comhairle Chronicles by ALMcGurk
Warrior, Opposed: Book One Of Angela McGurk
Vampires. Fey. Love. War. Sometimes you find your soulmate at exactly the wrong time... The Council of Swords, the Comhairle-Chlaidheamhan had protected supernatural kin...
To Nurse The Dead by TheInkRaven
To Nurse The Deadby TheInkRaven
Anthony felt unavoidably stuck in life. Like he was chained to a black hole that demanded he give up any light. Until one night a 'dead' man appears in his office bloodi...