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ᴍᴏᴏɴ »» ᴡɪɴx ꜱʟᴋ - ʜᴇʟɪᴀ by youngprincesskid
ᴍᴏᴏɴ »» ᴡɪɴx ꜱʟᴋ - ʜᴇʟɪᴀby all that jazz
*This is through Winx Club:Secret of the lost Kingdom and I will follow that storyline* *Helia and Flora aren't together* Winx is on a new adventure and Mrs.Faragon...
The Bionic Superheroes: Multiverse of Darkness   by cjwoodleymyal
The Bionic Superheroes: cjwoodleymyal
A fourth installment of The Bionic Heroes series continues years after Speedmaster & Ms Telepathy and two years since The Bionic Superheroes 3: Rise of The Killer Mask M...
Echidna: Mother of Monsters by Pennace_Sunwhil
Echidna: Mother of Monstersby Pennace_Sunwhil
Ashley and her friends have been stuck in the KK's barracks for two weeks. Liam and Gabriel return with news that a man has captured peircers in his basement. They send...
Top Gun: Bringing Back That Loving Feeling (Maverick x Author) by Potterhead1406
Top Gun: Bringing Back That Potterhead1406
Madison is a lonely Florida girl who is struggling with relationship problems with her boyfriend, Johnny. Hoping to fix their relationship, they travel to San Diego. How...
A Fallen Lily by KrybabyGames
A Fallen Lilyby Destinee F.
Lily found out about a new power that takes her to another dimension. She goes adventuring with her friend Olyn. What will they find along the way?
Shadow Squad by Beththeaquawolf
Shadow Squadby Stella Starlight
Taking place in a magical world, this story is about two sisters. They are detectives, fighting for vengeance over their murdered mother. By coincidence, they are given...
Hidden by RebeccaTessema
Hiddenby _Dark_Rose_
There are 4 realms (worlds) Fire, Air, Water, Earth. There is a gurdian for each realm, and warriors who train to protect these realms. Each warrior is born with a spec...
Jasmine Hart - The Stone Of Death (HP Next Generation) by midnight0088
Jasmine Hart - The Stone Of midnight0088
"You, Jasmine Hart, are unstoppable, and don't let anybody tell you otherwise." Jasmine Hart lives with her stepmother and stepsister very grudgingly. She is a...
Arrows(Taejin) by Kim12jin34
Arrows(Taejin)by TJK
"I have never seen a more beautiful person than you.You are my flower and I will keep the flower forever' #bottomjin #toptaehyung #taejin #Vjin
The unknown Alpha by Hyledzira
The unknown Alphaby Hyledzira
Lyze is the heir to the werewolf crown but has no idea. His evil cousin murdered his parents and got rid of him. His foster parents sent him out of their house into th...
Light of the BlackBulls by user71706638
Light of the BlackBullsby Ace626
In a world full of magic there are four kingdoms, the Diamond, The Spade, The Heart, and The Clover Kingdom. In the kingdoms the people are born with magic. But of all t...
THIS MEANS WAR by christinepristine
THIS MEANS WARby Noemie Christine
Burvington Preparatory Academy. Home of the "Burlie" Boys, The richest , said to be strongest and some of the most genius minds in Britain. The 4 most powerf...
No Ordinary Girl Alvin And The Chipmunks Simon X OC Alexis by destinycopley13
No Ordinary Girl Alvin And The Chasity Copley
This will be for the Meet Wolfman/Frankenstein movies. Alexis was always gifted ever since her birth. For Alexis her life has never been easy. Always running from differ...
Vampires and Werewolves by AriesDaOwl
Vampires and Werewolvesby AriesDaOwl
Vampires and Werewolves...two completely different things... Luna, a vampire, and Connor, a werewolf. Both are unaware of each other's species...for now at least...who k...
Intertwined Histories by AKFandomRajaram
Intertwined Historiesby AKFandomRajaram
Jake finds himself sucked into a whole new world of dust, desert and horses when he is forced to move to Arizona, leaving his beloved mother and brother, Alex behind. Ty...
A Necromancer's Guide To Minimum-Effort Survival by CrimsonReynard
A Necromancer's Guide To Ariel Crimson
Jordan lived, Jordan died, and for some strange and inexplicable reason, Jordan lived again. Except somebody Up There had made an Almighty mess of things, and he was now...
Heaven Fall by boop-030
Heaven Fallby boop-030
The world has been forced into a state of ruin after an otherworldly corruption has taken almost all life on the planet. this plague has left small bastions to survive...
Temple Island  by TheoAshton_369
Temple Island by V
A rare island secretly hidden away, it cannot be found in a book or map, there's only one way to access the island. Is to be sent there specifically by the islands giant...
The Child Of Both Worlds by shadowisprimewolf
The Child Of Both Worldsby shadowisprimewolf
A long time ago there were two lovers who loved each-other dearly and never let anything stand in there way.... But here's the catch both are not of the same species one...
Bird's Eye View by piperhuntington
Bird's Eye Viewby Piper Huntington
For all her life, Sylvie Wright-Ruiz has only ever known Willow Finch Island, a small, hidden community built on the ideals of unity and shared resources for all. Due to...