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Our Thug Life💸❤️ by mavishkaa
Our Thug Life💸❤️by Mavishkaa❤️
Historia ime e dyte. Kjo histori flet per 2 shoqe te ngushta qe nga femijeria qe vendosin te jetojne se bashku ne nje apartament. Jane ne fakultet por kane mendje te cme...
Whimsical beauty (COMPLETED) by Zeeemibs
Whimsical beauty (COMPLETED)by Zee Sule
SYNOPSIS They thought she will not last She melted his heart He sent her running They paid the price Before he was too rich, now he is royalty Before he had two wives, n...
Cream Puffs and Courtship by ThatMatchie
Cream Puffs and Courtshipby Madeline Ella
"Do I know you?" She asked. "I think everyone here does." He said with a chuckle. ~~~ Orphaned and left to raise her younger sister, Evelyn feels l...
Soulmates  Namjoon x reader by Lokidow_Strange_aRMy
Soulmates Namjoon x readerby Lokidow_Strange_aRMy
You are a normal American girl living in a U.S. territory that loves BTS, with your bias being RM. One day your world gets flipped upside down when your home becomes a S...
UNDER 168 HOURS  [BOOK 1, 168 HOURS SERIES] by Madinah_Writes
UNDER 168 HOURS [BOOK 1, 168 Amana-Deena
#1 in shortwriting #2 in Humaira #3 in Zainab #3 in northernnigeria _______ Under 168 Hours... It's all about a Nigerian teenager, Humaira and her younger sister, Zainab...
Third Wheels: Harrison Osterfield x Reader by Giraffenerd671
Third Wheels: Harrison 𝓪𝓾𝓻𝓸𝓻𝓪
"As I said before, you're very very adorable." you smirk, looking into his beautiful blue eyes. "Third wheels?" he asks you. "Third wheels."...
The Odd Sister Out by thethirdweasleytwin
The Odd Sister Outby thethirdweasleytwin
"The middle child has it worse" Janine Margot Doxter knows that this is a lie. Being the younger sister of Dashi and Koshi, who were known as inseparable, myst...
Jab They Met (Divya Drishti) by Dew_On_YellowRose
Jab They Met (Divya Drishti)by Dewie💛
This is a fanfiction of DIVYA DRISHTI. This story is different but sisters will never change that is Divya and Drishti will remain sisters forever. This is the story of...
Living with a mute sister by LilyLunaPotter01
Living with a mute sisterby LilyLunaPotter01
Alexa Johnson is the older sister of Charlotte (Lottie), a mute six year old. They were neglected by their parents and ended up in the care system. Nobody wants to adopt...
Puppy Dog Eyes • Luis Mendoza (Completed) by Murdock_47
Puppy Dog Eyes • Luis Mendoza ( Murdock_47
It all goes down at..... You have to read it for yourself Sorry not sorry
•Michael Sanzone• by Your_FanficGirl
•Michael Sanzone•by Your_FanficGirl
•Michael Sanzone• | Slow Updates (I'll try to update as fast as I can) | •Taking Requests -Name of the Video -Uses Y/N or you can put your name -Will take time -Say wha...
Island gyal / Neymar jr and Kylian Mbappé fanfic  by iyanla2
Island gyal / Neymar jr and urzz _truly
You'll just have to read to see I do not own any of the pictures or people used in this story .
The Five Bad Boys and Me - REWRITING by randomgirl1605
The Five Bad Boys and Me - Random Girl
(Unedited) Highest Rank : #7 in badboys #3 in first ‼️READ LATEST AUTHOR'S NOTE BEFORE STARTING BOOK‼️ Nikki Ross is a normal girl. Well, not...
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I'm not gonna leave you (Kidfic) by Benvoliopeanutbutter
I'm not gonna leave you (Kidfic)by Secret Agent Donut
Lauren Jauregui (18) and Camila Jauregui (3) sisters from Miami. Both of their parents were killed in a car wreck and Lauren is left to take care of her baby sister. Goi...
Unlocked ▪︎ Y/N LaRusso by fandompovs123
Unlocked ▪︎ Y/N LaRussoby Lane
'I Unlocked the Greatness Within' Y/N LaRusso is the most quiet LaRusso in history. Y/N cuts herself off from the world and her family, because she was always the second...
The One Left Behind by storysforme3
The One Left Behindby storysforme3
What if after everyone went into the bunker someone besides Clarke was left out. This is a story about Octavia and Lincoln's daughter who was left out in Primfaya. How d...
Let Me Protect You (GirlxGirl) by Feverish
Let Me Protect You (GirlxGirl)by FEVERiSH
Sequel to I'll Protect You It's been 15 years, and after being a close knit family, relationships become endangered as Cameron takes the upper hand at protecting her eld...
Hold Your Hands by ThurgahGuna
Hold Your Handsby Thurgahshiny
She chuckled lightly and kept staring at the moon. She was admiring the view at the sky, but little did she know that she was my most beautiful view of them all. "L...
Her Stranger Husband by mjwrites_000
Her Stranger Husbandby mjwrites
How will you react when a stranger comes and say that you are his wife... that's what happens to Kiyara, What will she do? will she be able to accept a stranger as her...
• ပန်းသီး • by hanmizin
• ပန်းသီး •by [ ဆောင်း ]
မမ .. မမက သူမ ဘဝ၏ အရာခပ်သိမ်းပင်ဖြစ်သည်။ သူမသည် မမကြောင့် ဘွဲ့ရသည်အထိ ကြိုးစားချင်ခဲ့တာဖြစ်ပြီး မမအတွက်ပဲ လိမ္မာချင်ခဲ့တာလည်းဖြစ်သည်။ ကုန်ကုန်ပြောရလျှင် ကျန်ရှိနေသည့် သူ...