The Rookie Pirates: Parts 1-6 *Completed*

The Rookie Pirates: Parts 1-6 *Completed*

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Follow the adventures of Jessica Red as she travels the world in hopes to find the man who once saved her life. However, she can't seem to remember anything about him, other than three simple words he said to her that day she almost died - take my hand. 

Throughout her journey across the oceans of Aqua, a world which is 90% water and occupied mostly by pirates seeking the legendary treasure, the Golden Eye. Jessica joins an eccentric pirate crew and makes many friends along the way.

But even her new friends, can't help her escape her dark past which is about to resurface and ruin her life once again.


Book One in The Adventures of Jessica Red: The Rookie Pirates - Parts 1 - 6

Jessica Red's adventure is about to begin on Harvest Island. An island known for its bountiful crops and regular pit stops for pursuing pirates in search of the legendary treasure, the Golden Eye.   

Upon her stay on the island, Jessica becomes acquainted with three rookie pirate crews; The Kirk Pirates, The Hunter Pirates and The Levon Pirates. 

All of whom, are different in their own unique way but all teach Jessica that being a pirate is to be free. Free from the clutches of the corrupt government, the United Islands. And that there is a much bigger world out there than she could have ever imagined. A world waiting to be explored. 


This book is written in parts and each new part is a mini story. 

Part 1: Captain Kirk ✅
Part 2: The Dark Physician ✅
Part 3: The Levon Pirates ✅
Part 4: The Flint Brothers ✅
Part 5: Monster Island ✅
Part 6: Atlantis City ✅

In the process of editing. 

Warning: Contains Ridiculousness.

Updates: Mondays & Thursdays
#2 in Adventure - 31st January 2018
Wattpad Featured: 1st December 2017
3rd place winner of the Rose Awards 2017
Started: 18th June 2017
Finished: 31st May 2018

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