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Hail the KING!-1- by Cream_Pastel
Hail the KING!-1-by Qin Seri
✓ [Chapter: 1 - 299] Description: An ordinary student accidentally traveled into an other universe and became the king of a small kingdom. He had gotten a "Cheatin...
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Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor by _Shxxtxn_
Rebirth of the Strongest Female Em...by 安静
Past life, her spirit root was dug out from her body. She had wholeheartedly dedicated herself to the just path, but she was sentenced as an evil demonic cultivator. Ret...
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DO NOT GIVE UP!!! by dikodiko123
DO NOT GIVE UP!!!by diana
The little girl labeled as a trash, bullied for all her life, with no one to protect her. Beaten, starved and being on a brink of death countless times, she finally saw...
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Heroic Death System by neoklein
Heroic Death Systemby neoklein
Translator: Snowy Codex Link: http://snowycodex.com Raws: http://www.jjwxc.net/onebook.php?novelid=2740204 Author: Snowfield Specter Status: 275 Chapters (Complete) Sum...
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Every Lifetime I Fall in Love with The Wrong Person by LadyJWrites
Every Lifetime I Fall in Love with...by LadyJWrites
Every lifetime, Li Rong Xin reincarnates and dies a virgin maid failing to enter a marriage. It is all the fault of Yang Zi Huo! The first lifetime: she was left at the...
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Otherworldy Fujoshi by CryinOutLoud
Otherworldy Fujoshiby Sophie
I one day had this weird dream, and woke up with memories that were not mine. Or were they? . In the world of a stallion novel I had read in my past life, I have now fou...
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The Insane Beauty: Wife, I'll Kill For You!!! by lilymoon221
The Insane Beauty: Wife, I'll Kill...by lilymoon
They called her a murderer, a monster, a killer who kill for fun. Their not wrong, she's a killer who kill with out guilt; if she can feel them, that is. Her mind is twi...
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The Scum Villain's Self-Saving System 《မြန်မာ||ျမန္မာ》 by Ying__YY
The Scum Villain's Self-Saving Sys...by 樱花🌸
Title - The Scum Villain's Self-Saving System 《မြန်မာဘာသာပြန်|| ျမန္မာဘာသာျပန္ (ZawGyi+Unicode)》 ⚠️WEEKLY UPDATE⚠️ native title - 人渣反派自救系统 Author - MoXiangTongXiu Tags...
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Poison of the Human Panacea by XiaoJiang1
Poison of the Human Panaceaby Xiao Jiang
Disclaimer: This story does not belong to us, we're merely translators. This story belong sorely to Mr. Deep See (深海先生) Summary: "I treat you like I would treat th...
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Learning To Live As A Cultivator by Ebonsolaris
Learning To Live As A Cultivatorby Ebonsolaris
Leon died very peacefully and quietly in his home world, in fact he hadn't even been aware of his death. When he awoke, he wished he had died. Now he is in a world where...
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Still Learning To Live As A Cultivator by Ebonsolaris
Still Learning To Live As A Cultiv...by Ebonsolaris
The continuation of Learning To Live As A Cultivator When Leon awoke in another realm, beneath the fist of another, he had no clue how to deal with the change. But now...
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Beastly Fēi that Goes Against the Heavens: Coerced by the Huáng Shū by XxJerellaxX
Beastly Fēi that Goes Against the...by Jerella
Story not mine**All Credit goes to author and translator. Authors: Qīng jiǔ shū 卿九书 Translator: RenRen {https://lcatherina.wordpress.com} Tagged BFGAH, Cnovel, Translat...
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The Strongest System (Book.2) by ImmortalNOEL
The Strongest System (Book.2)by 聂离
The Strongest System ꔷꔷꔷꔷꔷꔷꔷꔷꔷꔷꔷꔷꔷꔷꔷꔷꔷꔷꔷꔷꔷꔷꔷꔷꔷꔷꔷꔷꔷ မူရင္​းစာ​ေရးဆရာ-Xin Feng ဘာသာျပန္​စာ​ေရးဆရာ-Mushi Mushi (စာစဥ္​အျမည္​း) ---------------------- မင္​းတို႔ အားလုံးငါ့ကိ...
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Cultivator in a Zombie Apocalypse  by Ebonsolaris
Cultivator in a Zombie Apocalypse by Ebonsolaris
Ren Zexian had lived 10,000 years, had experienced many things, had lived through many things. That included the death of his own realm. But what he never expected to...
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Remnants of Filth / Yuwu 余污  (Myanmar Translation) by Karyan_shin
Remnants of Filth / Yuwu 余污 (Myan...by Karyan_Shin
Author - Meatbun doesn't eat meat (same author of the novel "the husky and his white cat shizun") Year- 2018 Original publisher- jjwxc This work is retranslate...
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A Celestial Requiem (Book 1, The Secrets of Tarot series) by LuliWrites
A Celestial Requiem (Book 1, The S...by Luli Xú
A 2019 Watty-winning story that seeks to unite Chinese, Celtic, and Greek mythologies into a thrilling xianxia tale. A crippled herbalist-in-training and the Crown Princ...
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Ascending, Do Not Disturb/ ကောင်းကင်ဘုံသို့ ကြွလှမ်းစံမြန်းနေသည်၊ မနှောင့်ယှက်ရ။ by MyBooksForYou8
Ascending, Do Not Disturb/ ကောင်းက...by My Books For You
Title - ကောင်းကင်ဘုံသို့ကြွလှမ်း စံမြန်းနေသည်။ မနှောင့်ယှက်ရ။ ေကာင္းကင္ဘံုသို႔ႂကြလွမ္း စံျမန္းေနသည္။ မေနွာင့္ယွက္ရ။ Author - Yue Xia Die Ying Title of Original Novel's E...
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The Maiden of Dragons ( Mo Dao Zu Shi fanfic) by asuka_lynnbrown
The Maiden of Dragons ( Mo Dao Zu...by asuka_lynnbrown
Known as the Maiden of Dragons, Qilong Jiao was a talented yet beautiful female cultivator from the LaoQilong Sect. She was also engaged to wed the only son of the Yunme...
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Book One || Quick Transmigration: Butterflies' Wings by Wisteria94Fern
Book One || Quick Transmigration:...by Jay F. Wisteria
T R A N S M I G R A T I O N Going through Life in mediocrity for as long as she can remembers, Mary only wishes to remain the same until the day she dies, but Fate begs...
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The God of Chaos (Unedited) by Devine_Exodus
The God of Chaos (Unedited)by Devine_Exodus
The god of destruction is deceived by a group of colluding gods and tricked into committing a cardinal offense. He was punished by Gaya, the primary god of creation, to...
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