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Danmachi Gamer by JamesHall137
Danmachi Gamerby James Hall
bell cranel a boy that is very special and a certain goddess will find out just how special very soon. #3- in Danmachi November 14 2020
Bell in freya familia by BellCranel1234
Bell in freya familiaby Pranav Jarhad
Bell will join the freya familia. He will meet freya before hestia. There will be no Syr. Anya is still in freya familia and ryuu will meet freya instead of syr and also...
DanMachi: Crimson Rabbit by ornstein05
DanMachi: Crimson Rabbitby ornstein
Bell finds himself falling into a pit, after running away from the minotaur attack that Aiz Wallenstein saved him from. He falls into deep water and finds a mysterious a...
Fists and Wit!  by IdkWhatNameTbh
Fists and Wit! by IdkWhatNameTbh
Bell loved the stories of old. Stories of heroism, hardships and tenacity. So much so that he vowed to create his own story of such But Bell won't be a grand shining h...
Bete's cousin  by mariohiginio
Bete's cousin by mario higinio
Bell and bete don't really have a good relationship with one another but what if bell cranel was bete loga's cousin and best friend read to find out
The Life of an Argonaut by TheFierishere
The Life of an Argonautby You'reForgivenForAsking
Many adventurers walked the streets of Orario with the ambition of having their name spoken with the likes of Odysseus, Achilles, Heracles, Perseus, and Theseus. Many of...
The Return Of The Zeus Familia by TheWolfsFury1420
The Return Of The Zeus Familiaby WolfFang's
the story of Danmachi where Bell head's to Oranio, only this time, Enyo decides to move back to Oranio as she decided that even if the Loki and Freya familia wanted to o...
 A man fighting to go home  by idnxydhvxu
A man fighting to go home by idnxydhvxu
Bell dies and is reincarnated as a soldier for ww2 and dies trying to save someone and gets back to his world.Hope yoo enjoy!
Lewd Love (One-shot Lemon Edition)  by Shotabell
Lewd Love (One-shot Lemon Edition) by Gaming
mc use for this book izuku midoriya iruma-kun bell cranel shirou emiya others might be next
Danmachi: Blue Version by TheFoolAngel
Danmachi: Blue Versionby Mᴀκoтo Yuκι
[Persona 3 x Danmachi] It is said that once in a millennia, there would be a soul that couldn't be claimed, they are depicted as the "Enigma". Not much is know...
How to win the hearts of multiple beautiful Women  by IdkWhatNameTbh
How to win the hearts of IdkWhatNameTbh
Bell has a secret. An ultimate weapon, given to him by his Grandfather The Ultimate technique to draw in women His secret is discovered however and he is urged to unle...
♡♧Bell Cranel x reader♧♡ by piss_tea
♡♧Bell Cranel x reader♧♡by ✧ ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ
•you were abnormal or thats what everyone else thinks about you •you lived in the city of Orario and get Valis by going around helping at the pub •you loved the idea of...
Bell's secret girlfriend by mariohiginio
Bell's secret girlfriendby mario higinio
What happens when bell reveals that he has a girlfriend how will the girls in love with bell react and how will he's girlfriend react when she finds out that there's oth...
Bell The First Child of Uranus. by BellCranel1234
Bell The First Child of Pranav Jarhad
What if the first time in an millennium after coming down to Earth Uranus finally decides to give a adventurer his falna? So what will the future of Bell be as a son of...
Danmachi: The Lightbearer by KneeOil
Danmachi: The Lightbearerby KneeOil
DanmachixDestiny Crossover
The Demi-God Of Love by SenjuUzamaki
The Demi-God Of Loveby Dragoon 0720
Bell is the son of the Goddess of Love, Kama. Although a god and a mortal, normally can't have a child, similar to Aria, Kama found a way to bypass this restriction.
The heroes of the dungeon(DANMACHIXBNHA)  by DnVanG
The heroes of the dungeon( Dehan Van Greunen
As Izuku took his final stand against the villain, he saw the light. He woke up in a large forest in an unknown country. Little does he know that this is not his world...
Even After All these Years You Still Get Flustered by Corano-San
Even After All these Years You Corano-San
A one shot a certain famous couple in Orario. Let's take a peek at a version of their future, shall we?
DanMachi - The Need for a Hero by Ru5tBuck3t
DanMachi - The Need for a Heroby Ru5tBuck3t
Just a few things before the summary, First off, I spell "Aiz" with a Z. Secondly, I'm Canadian, so I spell certain words with "our". For example...
Obligado a Ser un Héroe by WilandesFleireBejara
Obligado a Ser un Héroeby Willy
Esta vez les juro que si seguiré la historia, se los juro por mi gato. ¿Qué pasaría si en la historia original hubiese un pequeño cambio que causaría algo grande en la...