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To Collapse   ⌜Chilumi⌟ by jinergy
To Collapse ⌜Chilumi⌟by choo ❆
Teyvat was saved. Lumine, honorary knight of favonius, became a hero. When the young girl found her dear brother, Aether, now prince of the abyss, he pushed her away and...
MEMES by she_is_music
This book contains the best memes of all you can find! I repost pics from mostly Instagram accounts so message me if you want to know them ^^ Btw the perfect cover is fr...
Lookism stuff  by I_Am_Trash_X1000
Lookism stuff by I_Am_Trash_X1000
Lookism edits, fanart, pictures, etc. that I love but can't put into any of my other books
→ twice incorrect quotes . . . by eternallyyh
→ twice incorrect quotes . . .by ✨
jihyo: how's your headache? tzuyu: it comes and goes nayeon: [enters the room] tzuyu: and there it is!
Choices Memes by Akanksha_R_Nigude
Choices Memesby Unique Akanksha
Enjoy the memes my dear Choices fandom! Geez, I really have to work on the cover... Edit: Can't believe I found the same font as of Choices poster!
Primeval Love by LadyOfTheWild
Primeval Loveby Suzanne Silvers
Archaeologist Flora Skyes gets more of an adventure than she bargained for while conducting her PhD research in France. Searching for signs of ancient Neanderthal habita...
Danganronpa: All Characters Bio Reports by Satoshi_Shinichi_178
Danganronpa: All Characters Bio Hajime Hinata
Basically, this book is about all of the Danganronpa Characters' physical informations about them
Welcome to Horseland by Lumna10
Welcome to Horselandby Lumna10
Meet the characters of Horseland, grow with them and their horses and their friends and make new friends new trainees and some magical friends.
Wings of Fire Truth or Dare by SyedHasanSaqibKazmi
Wings of Fire Truth or Dareby SyedHasanSaqibKazmi
These types of stories have been inspired by many. I usually imagine some of these stories with my OC in it but I'm not typically an artist. I have a lot of imagination...
Random Anime Quotes by xXSnow_AngelXx
Random Anime Quotesby / Sweet_Lil_Girl /
Hi readers! I hope y'all are having a good day.If not,well here is a random anime quote book to get you through the day(I hope so).It's full of quotes which are relatabl...
How future prediction impact our lives? by Vashikaran321
How future prediction impact our Astrologer Vashikaran
Get the way to happiness through Personal Future Prediction based on the date of birth. Get the ideal life accomplice by free navamsa chart prediction for marriage.
~100 Facts About Me!~ by rockon230
~100 Facts About Me!~by Harpreet!
Get to know me as a person more better. Presenting 100 Facts about me!
Lunar Chronicles Fan Cast by MonsieurDuke
Lunar Chronicles Fan Castby Scarlet Santarosa
Some actresses & actors of qppropriate age and race that I think could make up the cast of TLC.
Zodiac signs  by springlover_girl
Zodiac signs by spring_angel
Let's find out more about you
You've Got Mail by HasiVA
You've Got Mailby Hasini
I get emails everyday, so I decided to make a collection of them. Check them out! DISCLAIMER: ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE RELEVANT MAILERS. I JUST COLLECT THE EMAILS.
The Zodiac Life ✅ by Bang_For_Pain
The Zodiac Life ✅by Wayward Winchester
My books shows funny, sad, creepy, and weird scenarios. It also shows reacting, squads, and stories, about the signs in astrology. Enjoy! :) ((Highest Ranking: Astrology...
English Translation Of ''THE HOLY QUR'AN'' by b3auti5ul_p3arl
English Translation Of ''THE Presyy
Bissmillahir-rahmanir-rahim (in the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful). Rabbi zidni 'ilma ( My Lord, increase me in knowledge). So this is my first book on w...
|| Steven X Connie || by autumnhatherill
|| Steven X Connie ||by DerpalitiousPerson
This is my first Steven universe story, I LOVE Steven Universe. It's my favorite fandom (next to homestuck) so I wanted to do Steven and Connie. They are adorable and in...
Liberté et l'Amour by adotfan
Liberté et l'Amourby a. fan
(Liberty and Love) Hamilton x Reader stories. Requests [OPEN]
Guess The Song by MrGuineapigs
Guess The Songby MrGuineapigs
Can you guess the song? This is a book about guessing all kinds of songs! I mainly use pop because that's the shiz I listen too but I will occasionally change it up. ^_^...