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NTOMBI (GIRL) by mariagwayi16
Ntombie was only 13 years of age when she was raped. things get even complicated when she's about to marry the prince of their village. Will kingdom and the king accept...
Elegant And Grace (✔️) by -pcyxoxo-
Elegant And Grace (✔️)by PCY
Ellison Taylor, a clumsy, enthusiastic- book lover, is a seventeen years old girl, who seemed to be struggling with the world's definition of elegant and grace. With alm...
pride flag hand book by reignbow_memes
pride flag hand bookby gay disaster
Essential guide book for ~2000 pride flags (across seven books)
Zodiac sex by ArianaTrevino
Zodiac sexby Ariana Trevino
OK so recently I found papers saying what you like in bed. It made me laugh so hard and I don't know if any one else knows the positions or preferences but I just have t...
The Royal Proposal by AuthorCYPhere
The Royal Proposalby AuthorCYhere
Emilia Violet Ellis, the Director of Cora's company- is one of the leading electronic companies based in NYC., proudly own by her family.The company has seen incredible...
Pride flag handbook part 4 by reignbow_memes
Pride flag handbook part 4by gay disaster
essential guide book to pride flags
pride flag handbook part 6 by reignbow_memes
pride flag handbook part 6by gay disaster
essential guide book for Pride flags
Living with the Neighbours (UNEDITED) by IrumBashir
Living with the Neighbours ( IrumB
This isn't your typical nerdy girl falls in love with the jock book ... what happens when you put bad with new? Meet Lexi Reed, the 18 year old rebellious party animal...
~ අළු වළාවකට යට වූ පාට පාට මිනිස්සුන්ගේ කතාව • GAY? GENDER FLUID? INTERSEX? SEXUALITY? PRIDE? මොනවද මේ වචන? • මොකක්ද මේ LGBTQ කියන්නෙ? • සමලිංගිකත්වය කියන්නෙ වැරදි දෙ...
That Vegan Teacher x Gordon Ramsey x Queen Elizabeth ( Active updates ) by GoogledUser69
That Vegan Teacher x Gordon Intellectual Idiot
A dramatic love story, filled with red (blood and romance) - - That Vegan teacher is feeling sad, and moves to Britan, while she is at Britan, she meets Gordon Ramsey a...
pride flag handbook part 5 by reignbow_memes
pride flag handbook part 5by gay disaster
essential guide book to pride flags
All About Asexuality by TransMemeTrash
All About Asexualityby Kyle Rowan
This is a book talking about asexuality and what it means...Highest/best tag rank: #4 informational.
Sorrow And Glee by pollyleav
Sorrow And Gleeby NegligibleBliss
[POEMS/PROMPTS] mellow verses and honed chapters with elegiac words, the antidote for vicious emotions with amiable bestow of sorrow and glee.
It's Kinda Crazy Really [L.S.] by Otbsweetcreature28
It's Kinda Crazy Really [L.S.]by Otbsweetcreature28
This is a different kind of story. This story is told from Emma and Harry's POV and includes Larry. Emma is a young girl from Virginia. She suffers from the chronic illn...
Whip Culture by Orion_Morningstar666
Whip Cultureby Orion_Morningstar666
An A-Z Handbook on BDSM, Fetishes & Kinks The Remarkle Words of "For Love of a Submissive" & "The Grey Wolf"
Learn Korean || Vocab by krabbenstabe
Learn Korean || Vocabby robin
To help with your Korean (and also mine). If you read this and use it then you will be as cool as Junhyung. (If you notice a mistake in spelling or want more in a sectio...
Intertwined With You  by -pcyxoxo-
Intertwined With You by PCY
Hazel Wrights, the quiet yet adventurous girl wanted to start her weekend by surrounding herself with the comfort of books and pillows. When her friend insisted her to j...
Riddles, Riddles, Riddles by eireneirene
Riddles, Riddles, Riddlesby Eirene
This is a riddle book by Joseph Leeming.
LET's Review by tamedheart21
LET's Reviewby tamedheart21
👩‍🏫 Quick notes to help all individuals who will take Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET).
Loving our hate (boyxboy) by Cck1ss
Loving our hate (boyxboy)by 𝐜𝐡𝒂𝐫𝐝𝒐𝐧𝐧𝒂𝐲
After an unspeakable experience, Dylan Davis is forced to move to another town. In order to avoid repeating his traumatic past, Dylan vows to change. Forcing himself to...