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The Time I Got Isekaied Into a Classic Fairytale  by beabadopa
The Time I Got Isekaied Into a beabadopa
After Goatjo kept giving Fraudkuna backshots he finally landed a knuckle sandwich on the King of Frauds, putting him to sleep.. or did it? DOES CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR THE...
Elegant And Grace (✔️) by -pcyxoxo-
Elegant And Grace (✔️)by -pcyxoxo-
Ellison Taylor, a clumsy, enthusiastic- book lover, is a seventeen years old girl, who seemed to be struggling with the world's definition of elegant and grace. With alm...
NTOMBI (GIRL) by mariagwayi16
Ntombie was only 13 years of age when she was raped. things get even complicated when she's about to marry the prince of their village. Will kingdom and the king accept...
Atsushi Bsd Fanfictions by X1a0_Xiao
Atsushi Bsd Fanfictionsby Bells
I'm still new at this writing and it will suck, but I will possibly do smut, and angst also possibly fluff?? Anyways I'm starting off with angst!!
GCSE Descriptive Writing  by bobstrawberry
GCSE Descriptive Writing by Martha Baileford
🚨 PIECES THAT GOT ME AN A*🚨 This is a compilation of descriptive pieces that I wrote during my GCSE course, including loads of great tips for creative writing. Maybe...
Just Write by MB_Peculiars
Just Writeby M. Buendia
If you're researching for a certain topic, try and check out the table of contents of this book maybe I discussed it. I'll be happy to help with your school works just d...
Philippine History  by goddessRhoda
Philippine History by Rowda
This History of the Philippines book have history from Prehistory to Fifth Republic. This book have lot of information about Spanish settlement and rule, American rule...
Not Stupid, Naive by pabokede
Not Stupid, Naiveby Rude girl
" Mum, I'm dying!" I screamed and ran to Mum, who was watching a movie. " Yo, buzz off," Cyra shouted. " You're ruining the movie," "...
The Royal Proposal by AuthorCYPhere
The Royal Proposalby AuthorCYhere
Emilia Violet Ellis, the Director of Cora's company- is one of the leading electronic companies based in NYC., proudly own by her family.The company has seen incredible...
Welcome to Horseland by Lumna10
Welcome to Horselandby Lumna10
Meet the characters of Horseland, grow with them and their horses and their friends and make new friends new trainees and some magical friends.
Black Dove by littlebigbrowngirl
Black Doveby littlebigbrowngirl
"You need to get married" he answered. What ? Obviously I'm still hung over, man I really need to stay away from alcohol, I'm starting to hallucinate. "Ex...
Celtic Mythology  by goddessRhoda
Celtic Mythology by Rowda
Celtic mythology is the mythology of Celtic polytheism, the religion of the Iron Age Celts. Like other Iron Age Europeans, the early Celts maintained a polytheistic myth...
Controlling Your Life With Logic In 100 Days by ResilientBella
Controlling Your Life With Logic Laura Annabelle
Gaining help through self help books and real human beings is nothing to be ashamed of. And that's why this book is created for. This book is here to help inspire anyon...
Worldbuilder Tips and Guides by Unspoken_Uprising
Worldbuilder Tips and Guidesby Christopher M Poet
This is a guide written by me to share with you templates, tips, and other information I have collected over the years about world-building. Here, you will learn how to...
Just beyond our Borders by aphmango_po
Just beyond our Bordersby ✨wear a mask✨
Years of unproductive world conferences has lead to this: the Allies and Axis (plus Spain, Romano, and Prussia) travel to various countries around the world together for...
IGCSE Descriptive Writing Pieces by rhiannon9703
IGCSE Descriptive Writing Piecesby rhiannon9703
A collection of descriptive writing pieces I wrote in practice for my IGCSE exam. However, please note that I do not claim these pieces will achieve a top band as these...
Mispronounced Words  by goddessRhoda
Mispronounced Words by Rowda
Language is a beautiful, but complicated thing. A word can start out one way in one place, but by the time it gets spread across the world, it's become an entirely diffe...
Educational Prison by NellaJaySteel
Educational Prisonby Hero: Gumpy! 🎗🐷
Ara became seriously fed up with her school and how the teachers treated the students. After an outbreak in class to a supervisor, it got ten times worse. She wasn't onl...
Octonauts: New Season by EgbertTheGreat
Octonauts: New Seasonby EgbertTheGreat
in this book i will write my own season of octonauts. it will be in a clasic style so all kid friendly and with actual fish that is did reserch on. it's set before A+B a...
MATHEMATICS 10 by LightInDark94
This book contains topics from Grade 10 Mathematics. This book might not have all the topics of Mathematics in grade 10 but it will surely help you. Use this as a guide...