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If There's a Reason He's Still Alive by frenchaligatorturtle
If There's a Reason He's Still Ali...by angie, a.burr, and eliza
*All Credit for Hamilton and it's characters goes to LMM and the rest of the people who worked on it* *Cover Image Credit (minus the white script) goes to Katsuri Roy on...
Despacito~♡~ Jamilton ✓ by YoGurlZoey
Despacito~♡~ Jamilton ✓by zoey ♡
"You made me hate myself more than I already did." In which a Carribean boy is orphaned and bullied by the one person who could make his heart melt into peices...
My Name Is... by Alice62800
My Name Is...by Alice
How does a bastard orphan son of a whore grow up to be someone who's a leader and a scholar? How do they become someone worthy to believe in? Some you could accept. ...
Lunch Life || Jamilton Modern High School AU by _simply_fanfiction_
Lunch Life || Jamilton Modern High...by _simply_fanfiction_
Alexander Hamilton is the new kid at Kings' Public High School in New York. He had just moved to America from Nevis in the Caribbean. He was already excelling in all of...
♡In Your Dreams♡ (Jamilton) by Artzee_Dorito
♡In Your Dreams♡ (Jamilton)by ❤️Savannah MacLeod❤️
When the quiet college student Alexander Hamilton arrives at Kings College, he automatically feels like something was gonna go completely wrong. Similar to most things i...
I'm Just Sayin' If You Really Loved Me You Would Share Him -A Jamilton Fanfic by fangirl_issues102
I'm Just Sayin' If You Really Love...by Just Dying Over Here
"Hey Jemmy, you know how I kinda have a teeny tiny crush on your boyfriend?" Thomas asked. James looked at him suspiciously. "Yes.... what about it?"...
We Could Be Enough: A Jamilton Story by JanLee1800
We Could Be Enough: A Jamilton Sto...by JanLee1800
**COMPLETED** Alexander Hamilton has been waiting for this moment forever; finally a fresh start. A new college, new friends, a new beginning. He may have made some blu...
Soulmates Are For Real || Jamilton by CanineKing4
Soulmates Are For Real || Jamiltonby Canine King
"Yep. It's gonna be one of these days" John and Alex have been together for a while. But they both knew this day was coming. In a world of soulmates, only a fe...
Truth Or Dare - Jamilton Collage Au by awkwardlies1234
Truth Or Dare - Jamilton Collage Auby uwu
Hamilton finally gets to Princeton university. He's pretty excited about it he even has some friends going with him. Laurens, Mulligan, Lafayette, Peggy, Angelica, and h...
Not All Bad by TheGrayArea2020
Not All Badby Nightingale
Hi folks! Nice to meet you! My name is Nightingale. I've been on Wattpad before, but my previous account was deleted. It's nice to be back, though! Anyway, this is Jamil...
Living a Lie [Jamilton] by nnevertrustaduck
Living a Lie [Jamilton]by nnevertrustaduck
Marquis de Lafayette was killed during a rebel uprising in France. When he died, he had only one request: that Thomas Jefferson, his friend who bore a striking resemblan...
No, You! [Jamilton] by hamilnerdom
No, You! [Jamilton]by too single for my own good
"Are you really going to do this, Hamilton?" "You bet, Jefferson." Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson have been rivals for as long as they could...
Burned in our Skin ((jamilton)) by ninjentsie
Burned in our Skin ((jamilton))by 👉🍏👈
((soulmate au where whatever you write on your body ends up on your soulmate's body as well)) Hamilton doodles on his arms every single day. Wether it was actual notes...
Princeton College (Jamilton) by SavageSunnyglasses
Princeton College (Jamilton)by Fuck-Up Island
Jefferson and Hamilton. Rivals since the beginning. There was nothing that could change that. Or was there?....
The Kiss//////Jamilton soulmate ///Modern AU/// by Jamilton-Lams
The Kiss//////Jamilton soulmate...by Love&War
Another soul mate au as if there wasn't enough lol Alexander Hamilton's life is sh** but something about one person gets him. Gets him to forget the bad. But the kiss...
First Impressions are Often Wrong | Jamilton | siren au (Crack Ver) by Shufcluv
First Impressions are Often Wrong...by Shufcluv
{This Version was Discontinued. It is rewritten and continued on another book.} Alexander is a siren who gets captured and held in a marine life conservation center. Des...
Dearest, Soulmate (Jamilton) by iamyourprotagonist
Dearest, Soulmate (Jamilton)by inactive maybe??? :0c
When a child is born, a chip is implanted into the back of their neck. It connects to the brain and as soon as the chip most compatible with theirs is activated, they ca...
Hamilton ship oneshots by bunchoffanfictions
Hamilton ship oneshotsby Juliann
These are only the gay ones but I'll make straight ones in another book there won't be smut and there are some ships I won't do.
Fire and Flame (Jamilton) by thomasjeffersonisyes
Fire and Flame (Jamilton)by thomasjeffersonisyes
Okay so this'll be I don't even know lol. Main ship is Jamilton, but I'm willing to have whatever ships y'all want... I can make it work. (ex. lams, jeffmads, mulette, h...