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Singing Away Your Pain: Renesmee Twin Story by DanishDanaxx
Singing Away Your Pain: Renesmee Dana Monique
  • singing
  • renesmee
  • nessie
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Memories of Aspen by afterwords_
Memories of Aspenby Rae
"Because memories of Aspen were all I had left." *Spin-off to Forgetting Roman*
  • drugs
  • depression
  • love
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Forgetting • Min Yoongi x Reader by xgoldenxmaknaex
Forgetting • Min Yoongi x Readerby not in the moo(k)d
Told in reverse from end to beginning The story of a girl's Alzheimer's And her loving caretaker 2nd place in BestofBangtanAwards Yoongi Category 12/4/17 #SerendipityAwa...
  • namjoon
  • forgetting
  • btssuga
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Who's that Girl?  by ravenblock24
Who's that Girl? by Eros Raven Block
Love is everything. Age, size, color, ability it doesn't matter when it comes to love. Love can do anything, it makes people drive crazy for being madly in love into som...
  • effort
  • love
  • hope
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The Enraged & the Forgotten. by MysticClaw
The Enraged & the MysticClaw
Lissana isn't back.yet. Natsu doesn't necessarily kick Lucy out of the team. But one thing is for sure. Lucy gains her hidden memories and goes to train with the dragons...
  • lucyleavestheguild
  • death
  • fanfic
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Slowly Falling 4 U (Interracial, AMBW) 1/2 Cliché Love Story  by SuagarCakes
Slowly Falling 4 U (Interracial, CAPT MARVEL 🐢
They always say that there is this one girl who will change a player's heart. What they forget to tell you is that he changes her's as well. Shayne had won the title of...
  • loving
  • forgetting
  • bets
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Lonesome Dreams by Black_Raven7
Lonesome Dreamsby Black_Raven7
Just a random collection of poems dangling dangerously in these pages.This is my black rose of darkness sculptured and conjured.
  • sadness
  • poem
  • loneliness
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Permanently empty  by ImSociallyAwkwrd
Permanently empty by whoops
a one sided love story, where a happy ending is unrealistic. there was a him. And there she was. but he let her fall, and someone else caught her along the way.
  • love
  • broken
  • unrequited
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Forgetting the Past(KOTLC Fanfic) by tuxedocat22
Forgetting the Past(KOTLC Fanfic)by Tuxedocat22
Sophie Foster woke up in the hospital afraid. She couldn't remember anything, except for the searing pain of the stab wound on her shoulder and the simple words, 'Sophie...
  • memories
  • teenager
  • action
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Alaska, a new beginning by booklover_demigod
Alaska, a new beginningby Daughter_of_Hades
(Percy Jackson Fanfiction) Do you know how it feels to be betrayed by every single person you tought you could trust? To feel like you are falling in a deepless pit...
  • frankzhang
  • nicodiangelo
  • forgiving
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To Name The Dark by all_hail
To Name The Darkby ☆all_hail☆
In our world, a girl called Thea wakes in a blank white cell. She remembers everything, but she distracts herself from the awful truth in the hope that it will disappear...
  • dark
  • english
  • mexican
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The Ten Girls My Brother Has Loved by Purple623
The Ten Girls My Brother Has Lovedby Marie Magister
"My older brother had a thing for falling in love instantly. Every couple years it was someone new. So, I'm writing this so I never forget them because someday I kn...
  • death
  • fiction
  • love
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Someone to love me  by browneyedgirl900
Someone to love me by Eunice Amezola
Growing up daisy was always expected to do her best to get out of the hood to not follow her mommas footsteps to have a future to do what she had to live the good life a...
  • dontgiveup
  • thepast
  • bereal
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Obliviate • hp x dm   by lisahazel
Obliviate • hp x dm by Lisa
"Obliviate." "Remember, my boy, the mind will forget, but his heart will always remember." >•>•> DISCLAIMER: EVERYTHING BELONGS TO J.K. R...
  • drarry
  • dracomalfoy
  • boyxboy
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Having Fallen  by WriterAddictions
Having Fallen by WriterAddictions
I don't know if this could be called a book but it is a story, I can promise you that. Whose story it is, I'll leave that to you to guess. About a girl and the remnants...
  • memories
  • feelings
  • loss
+9 more me!! (Boom Sonknux) by Pinkiewish33
#16 me!! (Boom Sonknux)by Pink/Wish
(I was getting bored plus it features someone from Sonic RPG) this takes place about 3 days after the shadow and catastrophic-anomaly incident...deep down Sonics friends...
  • rescue
  • thriller
  • horror
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Forgetting Sylva by fablesoul
Forgetting Sylvaby Alana
Sylva lives her life in constant fear of death: not her own fear, but that of the people around her. Frail and afflicted with a variety of different illnesses, she spend...
  • forgetting
  • note
  • life
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Angst and Maybe Some Fluff by MischiefManaged33
Angst and Maybe Some Fluffby MischiefManaged33
A collection of one shots that I write from prompts provided by friends, or headcannons. They, so far, are all Jacksepticeye ego related
  • jj
  • marvinthemagnificent
  • hypnosis
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The One And Only Ash x Reader by foreverstar47
The One And Only Ash x Readerby foreverstar47
When Ash leaves pallet to go explore into the Kalos region leaving you behind... Read the story to find out what goes down.
  • alone
  • forgetting
  • bonnie
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The Girl With OCD by DelicateClay2C7
The Girl With OCDby Gracie
Rosanne is tucked inside her own little world, a world of filled with the pain and terror of OCD - like a bubble inside of "real life". She meets someone who h...
  • freedom
  • girl
  • meredith
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