My Alpha mate  by _1love1_
My Alpha mate by _1love1_
Caroline is your typical 18 years old werewolf nerd. Being in the strongest pack on earth isn't as pleasant as it seems. Her life has been hell since her parents died tr...
  • forgetting
  • alphajason
  • return
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Singing Away Your Pain: Renesmee Twin Story by DanishDanaxx
Singing Away Your Pain: Renesmee Dana Monique
  • singing
  • jasper
  • forgetten
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Forgetting the Past(KOTLC Fanfic) by tuxedocat22
Forgetting the Past(KOTLC Fanfic)by Masha K.
Sophie Foster woke up in the hospital afraid. She couldn't remember anything, except for the searing pain of the stab wound on her shoulder and the simple words, 'Sophie...
  • memories
  • kotlc
  • books
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The Enraged & the Forgotten. by MysticClaw
The Enraged & the MysticClaw
Lissana isn't back.yet. Natsu doesn't necessarily kick Lucy out of the team. But one thing is for sure. Lucy gains her hidden memories and goes to train with the dragons...
  • regret
  • magic
  • fanfic
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Forgetting • Min Yoongi x Reader by xgoldenxmaknaex
Forgetting • Min Yoongi x Readerby ✨Golden✨Maknae✨
Told in reverse from end to beginning The story of a girl's Alzheimer's And her loving caretaker 2nd place in BestofBangtanAwards Yoongi Category 12/4/17 #SerendipityAwa...
  • yoongi
  • alzheimers
  • forgotten
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The Girl With OCD by DelicateClay2C7
The Girl With OCDby Gracie
Rosanne is tucked inside her own little world, a world of filled with the pain and terror of OCD - like a bubble inside of "real life". She meets someone who h...
  • clay
  • jesse
  • parks
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Banana Milk // J.JK by _honeybangtan
Banana Milk // J.JKby ⛅Baby_Bangtan⛅
"...Nothing about being naked with champagne is productive... and you very well know that. " - Jeon Jungkook BTS, Jungkook au ©_honeybangtan Book cover: @Petal...
  • namjoon
  • forgetting
  • taehyung
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help me by addielopes
help meby Addison Lopez
"help me" is a romantic story of love and loss.When sixteen year old kelcey loses her best friend gabby soon after losing her father . She would have fallen ap...
  • younglove
  • forgetting
  • loving
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ESPERANZA by raisyahsnsf_
Salahkah aku jika masih berharap pada mu?
  • love
  • firstlove
  • forgetting
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Lonesome Dreams by Black_Raven7
Lonesome Dreamsby Black_Raven7
Random collections of poems written in mutiny,frozen in black.Clouded in.doubts.Treading back and forth in darkness under the moonlight.I await Grim King to break a smil...
  • bookofpoems
  • fears
  • sadness
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Words Left Unspoken by missterdisaster
Words Left Unspokenby Aliyah🌻
still you.
  • forgetting
  • forgiveness
  • pain
Poetry and Timed Writes by KingfisherBirdLady
Poetry and Timed Writesby Halcyon
A compilation of timed writes and poetry. This collection started in August of 2018 and will continue through the end of the year--excepting the works I did in November...
  • writing
  • surreal
  • summer
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☆*:.。. o(ʘᴥʘ) Story Titles (ʘᴥʘ)o .。.:*☆ by xXx_whatever_xXx
☆*:.。. o(ʘᴥʘ) Story Titles (ʘᴥʘ) Mars
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...
  • love
  • heart
  • forgetting
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Alaska, a new beginning by booklover_demigod
Alaska, a new beginningby Daughter_of_Hades
(Percy Jackson Fanfiction) Do you know how it feels to be betrayed by every single person you tought you could trust? To feel like you are falling in a deepless pit...
  • frankzhang
  • hazellevesque
  • annabethchase
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The art of forgetting «Yoonkook/Yoonseok» by beautaefulmistake
The art of forgetting «Yoonkook/ нo! нo! нo!
Forget me the same way you forgot how to love me ... So... hey! This story is super random and I'm being impulsive by writing it but who cares. Warning. A lot of...
  • suga
  • forgetting
  • yoonseok
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Spring Day •K.TH x J.JK• by 12SpringDay
Spring Day •K.TH x J.JK•by ☾vkσσkíє☽
When Taehyung worries if he will ever be Jungkook's again -Vkook fanfic -Started: 01/12/17 -Finished: Thank you @taewithkook for the beautiful cover~ #BTSDdaengAward201...
  • yoonmin
  • forgetting
  • vkook
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Angst and Maybe Some Fluff by MischiefManaged33
Angst and Maybe Some Fluffby MischiefManaged33
A collection of one shots that I write from prompts provided by friends, or headcannons. They, so far, are all Jacksepticeye ego related
  • jacksepticeye
  • memories
  • marvin
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The forgotten friend by WhyDontWe_Milla
The forgotten friendby Milla-Grazia
Daniel Seavey had a best friend i say had because he forgot me we where super close before but when i made a joke about that he didn't needed to forget me if he would ge...
  • romance
  • ebenfrankewitz
  • fanfiction
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In Every Stanza by jeojiii
In Every Stanzaby ❤찬백♥
"Mga Tula ni Aling Jeoji" Taglish na tula, Ang inyong mababasa. Maaaring ika'y lumuha, Pero baka ikaw rin ay tumawa. Hindi ko alam kung makakatulong ito, Pero...
  • parents
  • health
  • loveones
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Original Poems by HopeAllgaier
Original Poemsby Hope Allgaier
Some of these I simply made up, others are written from experience. I also write from other people's perspectives.
  • lie
  • forgetting
  • ring
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