The Possibility - All Alone with Another Guy?! (BoyXBoy)

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Mis4-2n8 D' Smooth Criminal (^o^) By mis4-2n8 Completed
(Genre: Action, Comedy, Slight Drama, Romance, Shounen-Ai, BoyxBoy, Science Fiction)
    Destruction of earth and lots of zombies around isn’t a problem but being left alone without someone to have s*x…yes capital S-E-X!!! Will drive you mad. 
    That’s what happened to Xander…but what if there was another survivor but the survivor is a man!!! Will he be choosy or throw all his rational thinking and do it all the way?!
    Or maybe kill all the zombies + the other guy survivor instead to alleviate his frustrations...heh (^o^) Enjoy!
    So, follow their story and shout...
    Let's get ready to ZOMBLE!!! (Zombie rumble) XD NOTE: with BL theme!!! (This might be not good as the others but please read it :D
I really like the story line and the characters, but sometimes the switches between past and present tense is confusing.
OMG!!! This is the best novel ever <3 i can imagine every detail :3 YAOIIII YAOII YAOIII!! <3
I like How it all goes in my brain like an anime and i can imagine every detail OwO
OMg At the first time I read It I already think that Xander is hot xD Kyaaa~
When someone says post chap. I am like, "R u posting a guy?" ;) lol. Awesome plot. This will be great
@SpriteBlue yeah agree with you but somehow i like the fast pace story  though @mis4-2n8 its tooooooooo fast hahahaha