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Adopted By BTS by KimChaeYoungBTS
Adopted By BTSby ♡ Chae ♡
Mina is a young 15 year old girl, who has always wanted a family. Her past wasn't terrible, but wasn't the best either. She was still waiting for someone to come and ad...
Heart of a Beast by Joflower
Heart of a Beastby Jo Lee Hunt
[COMPLETE] "There's no love in coercion." --- Crystal was an omega born of beta blood. A werewolf without a wolf. A burden on the pack and unworthy of love. Ti...
The Betas Alpha by hailee0418
The Betas Alphaby hailee0418
Jay is going to be the next alpha of the Blue Woods pack. With his birthday coming up in a week he is excited to find out who his mate will be. Let's just say, it wasn't...
Insecure Love. by desirediaries
Insecure desirediaries
Love story of a fat woman and a fit man. "You dont know how gorgeous you look.You will not believe me but I want to show you something."he said as he took me i...
tiktok smuts  by butterflyaestheticxx
tiktok smuts by butterflyaestheticxx
tiktok smuts leaderboard on something :|
Princess Princess - Jikook by StraightlyViolette
Princess Princess - Jikookby B-R-U-H
"You can't touch me, I'm f*cking royalty." #6 in Loveyourself -March 8th #4 in Idols - October 7th #49 in Boy Love - December 28th #814 in FanFiction - Februar...
Saints' Promise (MC) by AussieeBums
Saints' Promise (MC)by S.C
Small towns seem to be a beacon for those in need and Saint Lawson is no exception when it comes to Willow Falls. //Completed-Edited// //Book 1 in the Promise Series//
Escape (completed) by sadnightss55
Escape (completed)by sadnightss55
Mackenzie Miller is a 14 year old girl with 8 older overprotective brothers. There very rich and live on an island. The boys are the most popular people at school but wh...
Karma X Reader one shots by somi-mint7
Karma X Reader one shotsby nishiki
hello please note, some of these oneshots i wrote several YEARS ago. so the first ones are gonna be extra cringy, so yea. Come join me and read my awful Karma x reader o...
Chew ✔ by o__marcella__o
Chew ✔by •Marcella•
• Highest Ranking #1 in Bulimia • •Highest Ranking #1 in Free Mental Illness • He's a quarterback struggling with a secret eating disorder that's destroying his life. S...
bangtan host club || j.jk x chubby reader [embrace yourself series] by hoblivious
bangtan host club || j.jk x yorozuya
Out of boredom and loneliness, you decide to visit the Bangtan Host Club where you meet Jungkook. #1 chubbyreader 01/05/2020 #1 jungkookxreader 08/13/2020 Embrace yourse...
Silken Shackles (Yandere Serial Killer X Reader) by OnlineGinger
Silken Shackles (Yandere Serial Ginger
You are a freak. Plain and simple. You live in Ashmer City. And recently certain events have been taking place in your city. Murders. Your peers have been being found de...
FOR YOU || KTH FF || by nrlkim__
FOR YOU || KTH FF ||by nrlkim
Everything is for you, Everything is alright, Even if there is no answer, Everything is inside your smile. "Ah... Y... yes. Hi, I'm Hyerin." "I'm not a Pa...
For ¥ou(VKOOK) by TaTaxKooky
For ¥ou(VKOOK)by TaTaxKooky
Jeon Jungkook the heart throb of The National University of Seoul. He is in a senior year and is perfect in everything. Perfect looks, perfect grades, perfect family, p...
olympe || x chubby reader [embrace yourself series] by hoblivious
olympe || x chubby reader [ yorozuya
Kim Taehyung looks like a God sent from Olympus (drop dead gorgeous). But then, why the heck would he flirt with you? Embrace yourself series : Book 1 - plump || j-hop...
soulmates (bts) by twicepunk
soulmates (bts)by ʳᵃᵏˢʰᵃ.
Aera could always see people's soulmates. She believed she had her own soulmate, too. But things don't always turn out as you want them, right? dedicated to my readers...
She Is Beautiful by housebird
She Is Beautifulby maya
A girl's journey to loving herself. "I don't date UGLIES." When Alona Ryans gets her life humiliated and her heart shattered by the popular Henry Jones, the on...
my texts🐯💜🐰[taekook/vkook] by euphoric_dreams29
my texts🐯💜🐰[taekook/vkook]by Harshita Rai Chaudhary
Jungkook has a fucked up life, his boyfriend cheating on him for the fourth time, his grades going bc of stress, malnurition issuses and most importantly 2 suicide attem...
The Wedding Destroyer (J.JK) by Taestraint
The Wedding Destroyer (J.JK)by ∀
"Hello, I'm Y/N your personal Wedding Destroyer." You spoke softly into the headset, the slurp from your coffee echoing through the line just moments after, &q...
Street Rat (BNHA x Reader ff) by Coco_3x
Street Rat (BNHA x Reader ff)by Coco_3x
Y/n Sakamaki is a wild orphan on the loose no parents, no home, no one to turn to but run across the streets of Japan in search for food and a place to sleep. Even thoug...