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A Long Cahill Reunion by MyrtleW94
A Long Cahill Reunionby Eliza
This book takes place after Vespers vs Cahills (before Pierce). Jamy is not a thing. Natalie is still alive. The Kabras, Holts, and Starlings are spending some time at t...
Changed Forever- 39 Clues by Ekatrina_for_life
Changed Forever- 39 Cluesby Emma Nelson
{Sequel to Gone Forever} Read Gone forever before you read this or a lot of things won't make sense plz n thx. After getting married, Ian and Amy decide that they are go...
My friend 39~ NOT AN X READER FOR FEMALE'S  by Inosukes_Cxm_Sock
My friend 39~ NOT AN X READER FOR...by Inosukes Cxm
Y/N comes from a very poor family. Her parents treat her with much love and affection. Y/N finds a job at a fazbear advert studio. She applies for the job and succeeds...
Fuck This Shit ~3~ by rogerrsnecklace
Fuck This Shit ~3~by Zoeeeeee
Y/n And Roger ~ 1969 + August 2021 This Is Very Sad But Very Short. I Apologise In Advance.
My *improved* Mc Bad Artbook by Monomiku
My *improved* Mc Bad Artbookby Jolyne kinnie
(Cover by me) I haven't posted in my art book in a while! I'm going to be posting the current and some old art that I've done
Distant Cousins (Five Nights with 39) by mikey12games
Distant Cousins (Five Nights with...by Mikey12
It's been quiet around the restaurant lately, maybe this is the kick in the ass I needed to go somewhere... wait, I HAVE A COUSIN?!!
Maze Of Bones by 39CluesByRickRiordan
Maze Of Bonesby 39 Clues
Original Story written by: Rick Riordan Minutes before she died Grace Cahill changed her will, leaving her decendants an impossible decision: You have a choice - one mil...
Le journal d'un condamné by EspritWeird
Le journal d'un condamnéby EspritWeird
Avoir treize ans en 1939 et être né juif à cette même époque en Pologne a fait que ma vie comme celle de ma famille a été une source de souffrance permanente. Haï, banni...
I'm Sorry by time4coffee
I'm Sorryby time4coffee
Ian trying to get Amy back after the 39 clues is over. Will she give in?
Anime FNAF by shadowhunter5599
Anime FNAFby shadowhunter5599
The title describes it all. Started: 3-7-17 Ended: ???
Dreaming about game FNAF VR  by tigerdev12
Dreaming about game FNAF VR by Roxanne Turner
yes I have my new story true I'm trying but I can't remember but I saw Bonnie up there.
my Dream I saw Bonnie  by tigerdev12
my Dream I saw Bonnie by Roxanne Turner
this really Real story true what happened to Bonnie and me. before last Night against sometimes always I forgot against I not remembered... I'll show you this photos...
'Thirty-Nine' Korean drama quotes by TamaKdramaQuotes
'Thirty-Nine' Korean drama quotesby Tama Barsha
I am Tama!! Ten years ago, I began watching Korean dramas/ Kdramas. It would be a lie if I said I noticed beautiful lines/quotes right away. Back then, I just enjoyed wa...
The mystery note~Jelix by AAAAAZZZZZYYYY
The mystery note~Jelixby AAAAAZZZZZYYYY
This story is based off a real story that is happening at my school this moment but the stuff will be bent to better fit the story lineup
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