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The Other Cahill (A 39 Clues fanfiction- COMPLETED ) by flying_koala
The Other Cahill (A 39 Clues fanfi...by e l i s e
Guess what? Alistair Oh had a adopted daughter that no one heard of. What happens after Alistair Oh gets killed during the capture and she is left alone? She decides to...
Cahills at School by Fasiha2209
Cahills at Schoolby Fasiha
The Vespers want revenge. No surprise. What about the scattered Cahills? Do they have to unite to defeat them? To win the battle? And what if the arena is a normal schoo...
Gone Forever- 39 Clues by Ekatrina_for_life
Gone Forever- 39 Cluesby Emma Nelson
This is a 39 clues fanfiction. The book takes place while Amy is 21 and Dan is 19. Jake makes a life-changing decision although it might not be for the right reasons. Th...
Amy and Ian - The Unspoken Truth- 39 Clues by Ekatrina_for_life
Amy and Ian - The Unspoken Truth...by Emma Nelson
Amy and Dan just won the clue hunt and have unexpected visitors. When they think their life is finally back to normal disasters find them again. What will happen when al...
Percy Jackson, 39 Clues, And Harry Potter Crossover by Songzloverz
Percy Jackson, 39 Clues, And Harry...by Rafie Bear
What happens when Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, and The 39 clues team up to defeat the worst thing yet- all three if their enemies teaming up?
Secret (a 39 clues fanfic) by MyBeanieisALiar
Secret (a 39 clues fanfic)by MyBeanieIsALiar
Madeleine Levesque had been training for the hunt for the 39 clues since she was 4. She was now a master of disguise, martial arts, and a supreme hacker. Now came the ti...
Cahill Reunion by SeaPrincess10
Cahill Reunionby GirlOfDarkness
[Disclaimer: I do not own the 39 clues or any of its characters] Amy Cahill is thought to be a normal girl with a normal life. Thought. Amy Cahill is NOT a normal girl a...
Parisian Nightmares  by Consultingdemiwitch
Parisian Nightmares by -🌊𝕱𝖚𝖗𝖎𝖔𝖚𝖘
When Alyssa, Luna, Chloe and Amadora win tickets to Paris, a whole new avenue of possibilities is opened. It's the City of Lights - an entirely new place. However, the r...
And Then There Were Four by Timelord2204
And Then There Were Fourby Timelord2204
Four universes. Doctor Who. Marvel. Star Wars. Demigod. It's time for them to collide in an epic crossover. Will they ally? Will they work together? Or will they destroy...
Polished [a 39 Clues fanfic] by lets_keep_it_perfect
Polished [a 39 Clues fanfic]by lets_keep_it_perfect
Amy Cahill was always perfectly content with the way she was; her intellect, her embarrassing, horribly-timed stutter, and her flushed face. She needed these defining ch...
No Fights by PegasusPaelen
No Fightsby Mischief Maker
The Cahills have Social Media! What could go wrong?
Love Will Find A Way by mfree2022
Love Will Find A Wayby mfree2022
It has been fifteen years since the end of the clue hunt. Amy returns home. (I am ignoring the second, third, and fourth series.) Amian!!
Cant Get Over You by GirlyGreekGeek
Cant Get Over Youby Rose
Amy just broke up with Evan. He cant get over her Was it for Ian Or Jake? All Evan knows is that all's fair in LOVE AND WAR.
39 Clues: The New Generation by selwin1234
39 Clues: The New Generationby Selina
Amy, Dan and the rest of the Cahills are coming together for a reunion. But there's a catch... THEY ARE BRINGING THEIR KIDS. What will happen when the next generation of...
39 Clues Chats by cheerfuljanus
39 Clues Chatsby cheerfuljanus
What happens when the Cahills chat in the internet? Will everyone be friends again? Read and find out. Includes some guests. Just relax and enjoy;)
When I'll Wait ••SEQUEL TO UNTIL DAWN•• by PegasusPaelen
When I'll Wait ••SEQUEL TO UNTIL D...by Mischief Maker
♢♢ HAS CUSSING. READ AT RISK. ♢♢ Dan and Amy Cahill travel to London to surprise a relative. Dan hopes Natalie remembers being his girlfriend. If not, will Dan to try to...
Anam Cara | Ian Kabra by -hellsqueen
Anam Cara | Ian Kabraby 𝕺𝖑𝖌𝖆
~ Anam Cara: a person with whom you can share your deepest thoughts, feelings and dreams with your soul friend. Ian Kabra was convinced soulmates didn't exist. He didn't...
39 Clues by _Miranda_Gardiner
39 Cluesby _Miranda_Gardiner
A very strange thing happened on the day of Alistair Oh ' s party. A very strange thing.
39 Clues Christmas Short by EmLi39clues
39 Clues Christmas Shortby Emma & Lindsey
This is a 39 Clues story. The pairings are Natan, AmIan, and Jellie.
The 39 Clues: Lost Clue by davidswsim
The 39 Clues: Lost Clueby David SW Sim
This story is set shortly before 'The Maze of Bones'. In the wake of a discovery of a lost Tomas Clue hidden in Volgograd, the Madrigal Leadership sends agents Dylan and...