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You Are My Stars - Tododeku by chippakeet
You Are My Stars - Tododekuby Milo
When Midoriya notices how detached Todoroki is as soon as the holidays hit the UA dorms, he makes it a personal goal to help Todoroki enjoy his first Christmas as much a...
Drarry one shots by StarsandSnows
Drarry one shotsby StarsandSnows
Just a couple Drarry one shots :)
25 days to live.       ( an Eminem and 50 cent story) by kittys33
25 days to live. ( an Eminem...by kittys33
25 in December. That the count down to Christmas. For some people it exiting but for Eminem and 50 cent it this the most painful 25 days of there lives. That will only...
Advent by Cupa-Chan
Adventby Cupa-Chan
25 days until Christmas means twenty five chapters. Everything seemed perfect for Taro. His yandere stalker Ayano was in prison after attempting to murder Oka, and he h...
Christmas in the Apollo cabin by FullyAlive-05
Christmas in the Apollo cabinby FullyAlive-05
I will update this story everyday leading up to Christmas time, on Christmas day it will be the last chapter and I will complete the story!🙃
25 days of PJO by s28baua5919
25 days of PJOby Addie Baugh
Yay! I've always wanted to do one of these! Its 25 days worth of PJO! WHO COULD ASK FOR ANY MORE?!
Nineteen Days of Watty by WattyWarriors
Nineteen Days of Wattyby The Watty Warriors
With the dawning arrival of Christmas 2017, WattyWarriors presents to you a reinstated DAYS OF WATTY program! This time, it's nineteen rather than twenty-five days, but...
25 Days of Fluff by 0DickWizard0
25 Days of Fluffby Evvie Fox
I think the title is self-explanatory and i have been waiting to do this all year
ALONE by jefferyking0124
ALONEby jefferyking0124
SURVIVE..... One boy called David was trapped in unknown island, what only he have is supplies, and he's brain, and more day he survives, more stranger things happen to...
A Very Haunted Christmas by Dreamcrafter45
A Very Haunted Christmasby #BandGeeks
25 Days! The Haunted Crew is celebrating! They'll be in the real world, with a truce that no one can fight on this very special month! OCs are accepted! I want everyone...
twisted christmas  by FancySnake
twisted christmas by anime boys
created by TheNightOcelot a daily christmas writing challenge with a grisly twist
25 days of christmas 2021 by TheForbiddenFangirl
25 days of christmas 2021by TheForbiddenFangirl
Each day for christmas there will be a christmas picture from diffrent fandoms. a christmas quote. a christmas song. a christmas headcanon. and a christmas fact.
25 days of Christmas and love by pansy1
25 days of Christmas and loveby unactive
DISCONTINUED This is Pokeshipping. Ash comes to Kanto for 25 days. With Serena on holiday and Rudy busy, Ash and Misty have 25 days together to show there love for e...
25 Days of Black Christmas by AvaGuacacado
25 Days of Black Christmasby AvaGuacacado
Listen to this and you might figure this out December 1st- Mae was having a sleep over with lots of friends she went downstairs to get something to drink soon they he...
25 Days of Christmas by xSeaGraceLandx
25 Days of Christmasby xSeaGracelandx
Abi Jones had always been a massive fan of Christmas. The lights, the smells, the films, and the family, had always been the highlight of her year. Harry James doesn't r...
Writemas 2017 - YouTuber Edition by Emma113
Writemas 2017 - YouTuber Editionby Emmaberry
From December 1st 2017 to December 25th 2017, I will be posting various free writes I've written about YouTubers in this book, as a countdown to Christmas. If you like t...