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Everything Servamp by ashalexwrites
Everything Servampby A. A. Hinata
A collection of what if's, headcanons, one shots, lemons, limes, AUs, character x character. Basically anything you could want for the Servamp cast! *I do not own Servam...
  • misono
  • oneshot
  • headcannon
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You And I < Seulrene by AVK111
You And I < Seulreneby Seulhyun
Are you a Seulrene Fans?,well if your not...READ THIS😊
  • 2nd
  • awt
  • reeding
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Shiver (Legends of Tomorrow fanfiction) (The Flash fanfiction) by EstherXXI
Shiver (Legends of Tomorrow fanfic...by EstherXXI
Victoria Allen was always treated like a baby in her family. She was always overprotected by her parents and was never let outside of her house, which she considers more...
  • tomorrow
  • theflash
  • legendsoftomorrowfanfic
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What if, i die [ Book 1 ] √ by Bbeany
What if, i die [ Book 1 ] √by Beenibeany
What if, i die - Book 1 - [ COMPLETED ] What if im sick? Do you care? What if ive got an amnesia? Would you tell all the memories that ive losten? What if, all people...
  • what
  • wattys2018
  • up
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Gamindustri's Symbol of Peace by Nymbyte
Gamindustri's Symbol of Peaceby Nymbyte
Izuku Midoriya finds himself in another dimension known as the Hyperdimension. The world didn't have no quirks. Just 4 nations that are ruled by 4 goddesses. What advent...
  • izuku
  • ram
  • ïf
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Saiyandimension Neptunia (DBZ + Neptunia) by EtherealXareon
Saiyandimension Neptunia (DBZ + Ne...by EtherealXareon
Zackary isn't your normal everyday teenager. There was something about him, that he couldn't remember like a piece to a puzzle. But when he finds a stone, everything cha...
  • vert
  • histoire
  • hyperdimensionneptunia
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if i can't have you - s.m. by celebritiesff
if i can't have you - s.m.by celebritiesff
olivia/liv downey. daughter of robert downey jr. singer. former tvd star. 19 years old. what happens when she and shawn make a song?
  • text
  • singer
  • irl
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The Player by Hellifrit
The Playerby Hellifrit
Okay, let's summarise this again, shall we? I am an SI-OC that is transported into Hyperdimension for no reason whatsoever but I take it all in stride. Luckily I won't d...
  • hyperdimensionneptunia
  • hdn
  • blanc
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Hannah and Clay: Stick With Me Kid by 13reasonswhyfics
Hannah and Clay: Stick With Me Kidby 13reasonswhyfics
What if Clay could have saved Hannah? What if their love story could have continued? I for one was devastated by the ending of 13 Reasons Why so I've written a new one f...
  • clannah
  • fanfic
  • imagine
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If Only You Were Mine by RumanaGhanchi9
If Only You Were Mineby Rumana Ghanchi
A AshDeep Short Story Completed
  • ïf
  • were
  • love
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Fuck you (Kiribaku) by Anime-fan-2004
Fuck you (Kiribaku)by Aaaaaadaaam
The photo isn't mine:Credit to artist. This is a story all about how the relationship between Bakugou and Kirishima was released over a week. I'm just bad at description...
  • ïf
  • tododeku
  • momo
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"It's Not Love If It Hurts" //5sos by DumpsterDiving101
"It's Not Love If It Hurts" //5sosby DumpsterDiving101
Sequel to "It's Not Rape If You Like It".
  • grief
  • like
  • ít
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❃ what if - theories ❃ by blurry-face
❃ what if - theories ❃by lolly 🌻
❃a bunch of what if theories, with memes & gifs ;)❃ © Copyright 2018 All Rights Reserved. blurry-face
  • whatif
  • humour
  • wattys2018
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Scourge's Rule by Purplecreatur
Scourge's Ruleby Purple
Okay. So what if Scourge didn't die, but killed Firestar instead? What if the Clans couldn't stop him from ruling the forest? Would Scourge be such a terrible leader? Ho...
  • warrior
  • scourge
  • cats
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Shadow Beasts by ThatHighFriendo
Shadow Beastsby Ace Of Spades
YEEEE so this is just a random story, about a girl named Ace. No this isn't my online oc's backstory, I just couldn't decide on an Oc so I picked AceOfSpades. ENJOY, or...
  • fantsy
  • vine
  • idek
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Neptunia: Pirate King and CPU (English Translation) by AlliedStar224
Neptunia: Pirate King and CPU (Eng...by Jade heinrich
Luffy, after an adventure of a lifetime, has attained his dream of finding the Onepiece and becoming King of the pirates. But during his adventure, Law had done the agel...
  • nepgear
  • hyperdimensionneptunia
  • luffy
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little things. by ScarletStars08
little things.by BROWNIES
Little drops of water, Little grains of sand. Make the mighty ocean And the pleasant land. This the little minutes, Humble though they be, Make the mighty ages Of eter...
  • ïf
  • act
  • short
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My Goofy girlfriend  by TPaw25
My Goofy girlfriend by Jolisa25
Lisa is goofy and crazy Jennie is protective and nice
  • blackpink
  • jenlisa
  • lisjen
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OH MY GOD, are you PREGNANT? by _ems_nodwell
OH MY GOD, are you PREGNANT?by Greys Obessed
I've always for some reason loved the scene in 3x04 that there's three different things going on so, what if Meredith found out that she really was pregnant what would h...
  • what
  • greysanatomy
  • mcbaby
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MirrorDimension Neptunia: the tale of a dark dimension by MaskedwriterNep
MirrorDimension Neptunia: the tale...by MaskedWriter
This is a Neptunia AU that I hyped up in my Q&A This will be a Mini sires based on what the world of Gamindustri would be like in a world where the CPUs are Devils inste...
  • ïf
  • vert
  • death
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