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the forgotten friend ( male broken reader x massive Neptunia harem) by Arthurpendragon285
the forgotten friend ( male Arthur Pendragon, el avenger
Y/n L/n a Rookie who had a tough life alone and arrive few weeks only bump into nepgear the cpu candidate of planetune who quickly become friends along with rest, but on...
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Jen and Justins daughter?! by genofke
Jen and Justins daughter?!by Julie
This is a fanfiction about Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux and Emma. What happens with her is so special, unbelievable. She is a true Faniston, she would do everything...
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Goddesses In My House?!?! (Male Reader X Hyperdimension Neptunia) by Heroesfan10009
Goddesses In My House?!?! (Male TheHeroicLegend2005
Based on the popular role-playing video game series from Idea Factory & Compile Heart that centers around characters that represent consoles, portable hardware brands, v...
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The world of Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji by Mikaotic25
The world of Black Butler / Mikaotic25
I was an otaku. One day I just woke up in the world of Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji for some reason. What would I do? Would I find this life more interesting then the nor...
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Hyperdimension Neptunia The Old God by Shadowking2030
Hyperdimension Neptunia The Old Godby Shadowking2030
in the distant past of gamindustri long before many of the nation's of today live a male God who to many was a impureable being who was always supportive to everyone of...
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The Incredible Neptunia (Hulk Male Reader X Hyperdimension Neptunia) by Heroesfan10009
The Incredible Neptunia (Hulk TheHeroicLegend2005
My First Marvel Story! Enjoy! Hulk Belongs to Marvel Comics, Jack Kirby, and Stan Lee Hyperdimension Neptunia Belongs to Idea Factory, Compile Heart, and Tsunako
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Overprotective Goddesses x Male Child Reader by Shadowking2030
Overprotective Goddesses x Male Shadowking2030
in the world of gamindustri there lives being known as console patron units or CPUS for short the CPUs along with their sisters the cpu candidates protect gamindustri. b...
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Hyperdimension Neptunia:Dx × (X Reader.)  (100% Complete) by SamuelBempong
Hyperdimension Neptunia:Dx × (X Jibanyan-Don.
An X reader Story. When a strong robot arrives in Planeptune mysteriously and the Neptune and her gang discover the robot, it's up to them to raise it as one of their ow...
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Highschool DxD x Male Reader x Hyperdimension Neptunia by BigBlackChris
Highschool DxD x Male Reader x BigBlackChris
Y/N, Vert's brother and all the CPUs go to the DxD verse. Also none of the pictures in here belong to me
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Hyperdimension Neptunia Coredimension (HDN x Male Reader) by MarioDino1
Hyperdimension Neptunia MarioDino1
You just a ordinary teen who goes to school to chat and play with your friends until a portal appears at the school field and suck you into a world called "Gamindus...
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Hyperdimension Neptunia Story by StarWaver
Hyperdimension Neptunia Storyby RaySeven 137
Damian, Has a family and hates him, and has a fine salary at a Purified water company but died from Overworking lately, got reincarnated into Hyperdimension Neptunia and...
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Oh, Brother of mine! by Doorknob986
Oh, Brother of mine!by Doorknob986
Vert has always been known to have a desire for one thing, a sibling. So, why not give her just that?
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Hyperdimension's Symbol of Hope by Nymbyte
Hyperdimension's Symbol of Hopeby Nymbyte
Izuku Midoriya finds himself in another dimension known as the Hyperdimension. The world didn't have no quirks. Just four nations that are ruled by goddesses. What adven...
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Hyperdimension Neptunia X Dragon Ball GT by MasterShinGoku
Hyperdimension Neptunia X Dragon Shin Goku
After the defeat of Omega Shenron, the dragon balls were reverted back to normal along with Shenron himself. After Shenron revived Goku, they both had left the Earth aft...
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You Made Me Better | Knives Out by UndercoverHashbrown
You Made Me Better | Knives Outby Undercover Potato I just saw Knives Out (2019). For the record, it is the best movie EVER. I just kind of shipped Marta and Ransom and also had a different idea in my head for thi...
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Ils sont différents... Ils se détestent.... Mais l'amour saura t'il brisé la rancoeur qu'ils ont l'un pour l'autre? AMOUREUSE D'UN CHEF GAN...
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The Knight of Gameindustri (Hyperdimension Neptunia x Artoria's Son Male Reader) by KingJayJay82
The Knight of Gameindustri ( JuJu // ジュジュ
(Y/N) Pendragon was the son of Artoria Pendragon and the brother to Mordred Pendragon. During the Holy Grail War (Y/N) had faced someone with a Noble Phantasm that sent...
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Another Legacy [Ikemen Revolution Story] by shipping_my_idiots
Another Legacy [Ikemen shipping_my_idiots
At an surprisingly young age, Violet was adopted by the Oswald family after being abandoned by her real one. She was raised to know her place and live to serve people wi...
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(Male Reader x Hyperdimension Neptunia Series) Soul-Magician Of Gamindustri  by Final-Shinji
(Male Reader x Hyperdimension Shinji Yamashita
Going through the full Game of the Neptuina Series (Probably Minus one Spin-off HDN Producer Perfection). A new world where 4 goddess rule over one nation in a competit...
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Infinite Dimension N (Hyperdimension Neptunia X Male Reader) [Discontinued] by UndesiredLeftovers
Infinite Dimension N ( UndesiredLeftovers
Worlds collide as a tear in space appears over Gamindustri releasing a vile energy that corrupts it's wild inhabitants. The CPUs are in for the fight of their lives as t...
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