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Nanatzu no Taizai •The Girl We Picked Up That Day• by VraeAnne
Nanatzu no Taizai •The Girl We VraeAnne
Is meeting you a fate or a coincidence? Will you be our hope? Or our demise? A girl from the Noble Family of Camelot Violet Marionette. Stumble on one of our dearest dem...
  • ốc
  • zeldris
  • cusack
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My Anime Love Life Game: Anime xreader by AlfaWolf21
My Anime Love Life Game: Anime AlfaWolf21
Y\N is your average fangirl-if there even is an average to fangirling. On one messed up day a strange indentity locks her away in a dimension between worlds. One is her'...
  • romance
  • xreader
  • humor
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The Sinners- Larry Stylinson AU by one_direction_storyz
The Sinners- Larry Stylinson AUby danni <3
Louis was a sinner, why was he a sinner? Oh well, let me see, His tattoos, his piercings, his attitude, the what he dresses, his bands, but the biggest sin is being...
  • louistomlinson
  • styles
  • harrystyles
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Repentance ✔️ by IAmSandra22
Repentance ✔️by IAmSandra22
I wasn't supposed to live. I'm really not the best person out there. I made mistakes, do horrible things....... mostly to them I do think that fate is playing with me, f...
  • rebirth
  • sins
  • sad
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Ares (Under Construction) by Wonderlandsdreamer
Ares (Under Construction)by Wonderlandsdreamer
Ares- God Of War Alex River- Human (doesn't have anger issues... well not as severe as Ares) --------------------------------- Humans were the thing Ares despised...
  • love
  • god
  • sins
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Sins of the Sea by SaintCorvus
Sins of the Seaby Xin
Born the illegitimate love-child of a disgraced monk and an unknown mother, Sio lives the life of an outcast on the island of Roba. Her only solace lies in the wild wave...
  • talesofthedeep
  • asianfantasy
  • highfantasy
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The Seven Deadly Sins: One-Shots(request closed and book complete) by sorenisalivingmeme
The Seven Deadly Sins: One-Shots( Soren
This is a story where you all can request any Seven Deadly Sin character in the series. Read them and find out what happens!
  • fanfic
  • love
  • thesevendeadlysins
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DISGRACE, ᵗʰᵉ ᵖᵉʳᶠᵉᶜᵗᶦᵒⁿᶦˢᵗ by voidyman
DISGRACE, ᵗʰᵉ ᵖᵉʳᶠᵉᶜᵗᶦᵒⁿᶦˢᵗby 𝐘𝐌𝐀𝐍.
𝐃𝐈𝐒𝐆𝐑𝐀𝐂𝐄. ━━━ loss of reputation or respect as the result of a dishonourable action. PLL: THE PERFECTIONIST ...
  • nolanhotchkiss
  • prettylittleliars
  • hermantommeraas
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Bully Boy by XxFluffehxX
Bully Boyby XxFluffehxX
From a young age, Elizabeth was always bullied, And It all started with a certain blonde haired boy. Little did he know, that Elizabeth would soon change and may even st...
  • meliodas
  • highschool
  • school
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My Sins (Kaisoo) by pinktendo2609
My Sins (Kaisoo)by Lily Bell
In which EXO are the Seven Deadly Sins Kyungsoo, a young school student, finds himself without a home and being hunted down by his parents' attackers. When he felt most...
  • sulay
  • chanbaek
  • sins
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Femme Fatale Alpha by TheWildKid00
Femme Fatale Alphaby Irene
Lilith Tempest. She was eighteen and it was her first Claiming. She was the only one still unclaimed- still free. Her Alpha had not been strong enough so the role of...
  • femalealpha
  • sevendeadlysins
  • luna
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BTS' Deadly Sin » 방탄소년단 by jinsinner
BTS' Deadly Sin » 방탄소년단by jess- 제시
Seven Deadly Sins- Seven Deadly People. 방탄소년단 "Curiosity killed the cat, my dear friend." - j Started : 7/01/18'
  • jungkook
  • hoseok
  • taehyung
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Remember me [Meliodas x reader fanfic] by IridescentMoonflow
Remember me [Meliodas x reader IridescentMoonflow
The curse had been broken, Meliodas had finally after so many thousands of years broken the curse forcing the ever cycle of Elizabeth being reincarnated. And they we're...
  • meliodas
  • sins
  • elizabeth
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The Seven Deadly Sins (Yandere Boys X Reader) by MaskCover
The Seven Deadly Sins (Yandere MaskCover
Pride Gluttony Wrath Lust Greed Envy Sloth When each of the Seven Deadly Sins seem to have taken human form in the personalities of seven different boys it would be an i...
  • love
  • reverseharem
  • possesive
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My Light by RoseSapphireDiamond
My Lightby RoseHimeSapphire🌸
What if Elizabeth wasn't alone when she began her journey to find the legendary, Seven Deadly Sins. What if she had another sister who was also taken in by the king?Why...
  • elizabeth
  • meliodas
  • ban
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Cursed ( Meliodas X Reader ) by jacklenas
Cursed ( Meliodas X Reader )by Katsuki’s Hoe
Y/N she's an angel who went to earth to fight the demon clan. Meliodas , prince of darkness, bumps into her and starts to feel something. Will Y/N be able to save melio...
  • deadly
  • merlin
  • nanatsunotaizai
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||Undertale/Deltarune Fluff And Sins And Many More!|| by Amyyurima
||Undertale/Deltarune Fluff And ♥° S I N N E R °♥
Edit: This book is almost on its limit so I may create a part two of this book so stay alert THE TITLE SAYS IT ALL NYEHEHEHEHE Bro: PREPARE FOR SOME GAYNESS AND SINSSSS ...
  • funny
  • lemon
  • deltarune
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The pain you cause( Neglected and Abused Male Demon/Angel hybrid x Rwby) (Redo)  by PhionexTeen83
The pain you cause( Neglected PhoenixTeen83
The heir to the demons and angles adopted by a family that abused and neglected him except for his uncle , but when he's found by his biological family what would happen...
  • sins
  • rwby
  • deadly
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Hatred Within by VraeAnne
Hatred Withinby VraeAnne
Adrianna Liones. The fourth daughter of the King of Liones. After the war with Hendrickson, the king and the others found out that she's one of the traitors that helps H...
  • betrayal
  • elizabeth
  • crossover
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Forever divided (Meliodas x reader fanfiction) by goldentigerlily
Forever divided (Meliodas x goldentigerlily
Adventure awaits you, 8th deadly sin, wolf sin of vengeance , (f/n) (l/n). You were the dear friend of Meliodas and the other sins in the kingdom of Liones, before the k...
  • meliodas
  • xreader
  • meliodasxreader
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