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She's My Happily Ever After (a leafpin story because yes) warning: cringe by istealrandompeople
She's My Happily Ever After (a Goofy Marker Lover
COVER MADE BY @Celeroom aka COOL PERSON Leafy and pin have been friends for a long time, and love watching movies with happy endings. Pin didn't tell leafy about her fee...
Blood Stained Crown || BFB/TPOT au by leafymybeloved
Blood Stained Crown || BFB/TPOT auby suitcase!!
⚠️ WARNING! this story will contain gore, blood, and death! Read at your own risk! ⚠️ The Power of Two. A show made by Two themself, meant to strip Four's precious cont...
Firey's Reign by bemorediya
Firey's Reignby bemorediya
When Four and X mysteriously disappear, it is up to Firey to lead his fellow contestants to find Dream Island. When finally finding Dream Island, Firey becomes the king...
OBJECT ART!!! :•) by ClownTownUSA
OBJECT ART!!! :•)by Clown Icon 😻
This is an art book!!!! I draw a lot of objects!!! (Mostly BFB 😻) but also other shows ❤️ And lots of rare pairs ❤️ :•)
Really Hecking Terrible BFDI Stories by MeeyersPrezz
Really Hecking Terrible BFDI Coochie?
This book was a mistake. Really Hecking Terrible BFDI Stories is just your average "crackbook" filled with poorly made Microsoft Paint comics and chapters that...
The Perfect Subjects | A BfB/BfDI fanfic by ClownTownUSA
The Perfect Subjects | A BfB/ Clown Icon 😻
A doctor makes living objects. Raised in small, isolated environments. Heavily monitored and kept perfect. But some of them, don't come out the way they were supposed to...
Supernova (A BFB FANFIC) by IceMintFreeze
Supernova (A BFB FANFIC)by IceMintFreeze
(TW ⚠️: Gore. And death. Y'all know the deal but this story will involve death and bloody scenes, so do read at your own risk.) A celebration in dedication for the Battl...
Bfb/ Inanimate Insanity oneshots by siamranav
Bfb/ Inanimate Insanity oneshotsby 🐝vee the bee🐝
hello stranger! (or not a stranger, you never know!) if you were unable to interpret the title, this is a oneshot book revolving around inanimate insanity and bfb/tpot! ...
Brought together by Music : Fireafy (REWRITTEN) by EpicBigmeemer
Brought together by Music : Cinny
"Ah! Fire Boy!" Firey is a Senior in Object High. All his life he's been the semi popular kid. This changed once he started dating Puffball, as his popularity...
What would it come to when the hunger kicks in? How long is it until someone goes insane? Four has always loved the idea of revival but never got the hang of it. Despite...
Another BFB Chat Fic. What a shame. by Object_Paradise
Another BFB Chat Fic. What a Luna
Yeet. Inspired by @smollerJeweled 's BFB Chat au Friends. Theirs is much more superior to the trash I made. Praise the BFB Crack God.
Disaster of canonical and non-canonical proportions - BFDI by Raubkatze_Acerola
Disaster of canonical and Raubkatze
All the BFDI characters have appeared on an island that seems to be set up for them, and the strangest thing is that they are all from different timelines. Will the char...
IDFB: Continued - an IDFB fanfic [COMPLETED] by Jabewostar
IDFB: Continued - an IDFB fanfic [ Jabe :)
IDFB... one of BFDI's greatest mysteries. Have you ever noticed how in BFB, it's barely ever mentioned? The only reference to it is one mention of the wall teleporter, a...
Tethered Souls by LeafCake
Tethered Soulsby Beetroot Roll
Firey Moyasu is stuck in a rut in life. However, on one Friday night after being given a spirit summoning book as a joke his life changes forever... BFB FIREAFY AU
B.F.D. High by Silverlyte
B.F.D. Highby Silverlyte
A oneshot collection of BFDI(A)/BFB/TPOT fanfics with a timeline, where the characters are reimagined as human high school students. (Mostly Humor/Romance) What do you g...
✨My Art ✨ by IceMintFreeze
✨My Art ✨by IceMintFreeze
HI I DRAW yeah........i draw...and it's fun... Sometimes it's all good, sometimes its just. Doodles But I made this cause I wanted to show you guys some. Art. I draw obj...
pranking time! // woodblock focused oneshots by aeliustar
pranking time! // woodblock aeliustar
can't find enough woodblock content? same. congratulations! you found a woody and blocky book. if anything is ooc, tell me and i can fix it! maybe. can't promise ☆ [ i l...
The 0% and the 100% [FIREAFY BOOK] by Marcelony8
The 0% and the 100% [FIREAFY BOOK]by Marcelony8
The cover was made by s4ddb0ii on Instagram, but they have moved away from Instagram I believe, so you may not find them anymore. this story is about Firey, who has psy...
[REQUESTS CLOSED!] Object Show one-shots by LeSmolBeanie
[REQUESTS CLOSED!] Object Show im hilarius
Yay. Coz everyones doing it so why not? book cover made by me!! I think I'm done with this book, I think it's completed. Thank you for 5 years! Sadly, I won't be very ac...
PLEASE DONT READ💔💔 by vexillumistired
Read the title dumb dumb(jk jk)