Chapter 2

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After dance class was over, everyone headed out of the room. Since dance was their last class of the day, everyone was pretty much headed home now, and Addy couldn't wait to get home either. She just wanted to plop down on her couch, put on her fuzzy slippers and watch tv.

But just as she was walking out, she heard Miss Gonzalez calling her and Ryan.

"Ryan, Addy, I'd actually like to talk to you two for a second." Gonzalez said, gesturing for them both to come over to her.

Addy turned around, walking over to her dance teacher as Ryan followed suit.

What's this about? Addy wondered.

"What is it?" Addy asked Gonzalez when she and Ryan were standing in front of her.

"So, I just wanted to tell you two that you are really great dancers and I'm so proud of you both! You pick up the choreography so quickly!" Gonzalez happily explained.

"Um, thanks...." Addy awkwardly trailed off as she stared at the floor, blushing at the compliment. She was never really good at taking compliments.

"Thanks." Ryan simply reacted, but he wondered why Gonzalez was all of a sudden saying all of this, especially since she'd told them this before.

"Here's the thing," Miss Gonzalez started.

Oh goodness....

Both Addy and Ryan instantly tensed up, figuring that this had to be trouble.

"So, you know that dance competition that happens every year, Dance VIP?"

Addy's face lit up at the mention of that competition. She had wanted to enter it for so long, but she never quite had the guts to.

Ryan however, wasn't so excited. He had entered a different dance contest once before, and he hated the feeling of losing. Especially after all the hard work and effort that he put into it, plus, he felt that the judges were being unfair as they clearly underscored him. But that was a story for a different time....

The point was, dance competitions weren't exactly Ryan's favorite thing, and he sort of liked to stay away from them.

He had thought about entering Dance VIP though, but it required a partner and he hadn't found anyone that he trusted enough to be his dance partner for it.

"I've always wanted to enter that...." Addy commented, snapping Ryan out of his thoughts.

"I've heard you talking about wanting to enter it too, Ryan." Gonzalez said to Ryan.

"Um yeah, I kinda did...." he trailed off, shrugging "but you have to have a partner though." he added.

Gonzalez smirked "That's what I was getting to....  I was thinking, since you guys are the best dancers on our dance team, you could partner up and do the contest together!" she told them as they stood there in shock at her idea.

"What? Me and Ryan? Partners?" Addy questioned in disbelief. There was no way this was going to work.

"I don't think so...." Ryan trailed off, fully convinced that it would be impossible for them to work together.

"Look, you don't have to agree to it, but it's like you said, you really wanna enter," Gonzalez said, looking at Addy "And you wanna enter too, but you need a partner." she added, looking at Ryan, who sighed since he knew she was right.

The room was quiet for a second as Ryan and Addy thought over the decision.

"You don't have to reply right now. Go home and think about it, ok." Miss Gonzalez generously told them.

All they did was nod their heads before leaving the room, still processing everything inside of their minds.


When Ryan got home, he plopped down on his couch, letting out a huge sigh.

He could only think about one thing.

Should he join Dance VIP?

Deep down he really wanted to. But how could he do that if it meant having to work with Addy?

It wasn't like he hated her, but.... he just didn't get along with her that good.

Ever since they were little, Ryan and Addy had sort of bad impressions of each other. He thought she was a stuck-up goody-two shoes who always got her way without putting in any effort, and Addy thought he was an annoying jerk who just so happened to be good at everything.

Those opinions of each other sort of wore off as they grew up.... sort of, but not really. Not enough to make them friends.

Still, he really wanted to enter the competition. That way, he could prove to his parents that dance wasn't just a 'hobby' for him, it actually meant something. was worth something.

He decided to call Kevin to get his opinion on the situation.


At Addy's house, she was sitting on the floor in front of her couch, talking to Jillian on the phone.

"Miss Gonzalez wants Ryan and I to partner up for Dance VIP." she told Jillian.

"That's amazing Addy! I think you guys should go for it!" Jillian reacted excitedly.

"But how am I supposed to work with Ryan though? He's so annoying." Addy said with a frustrated sigh.

"You'll figure it out. But time's running out to enter though. I hear that tomorrow is the last chance for anyone to enter this year." Jillian informed her friend.

Addy sighed "I know."

Just then, Addy received another call on her phone.

It was Ryan.

"Um I'll call you back, Jill." Addy told her friend, getting 'Ok' as her response, before replying to Ryan's call.

"Hello?" she said into the phone.

Addy heard a long sigh from Ryan before he finally spoke.

"I think we should do Dance VIP."

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