chapter 13

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Ryan's thoughts were racing as he combed his hair in front of the mirror in his room that Saturday. He couldn't help but obsess over his appearance a bit today, knowing that Addy was coming over soon. Yesterday night had been like a dream to him in the best way. Not only did he get to go to the movies with Addy, but he also finally admitted his feelings for her. And the fact that she felt the same way sent him over the moon with happiness.

Today Addy was just coming over for dance practice again, but Ryan was filled with nervous excitement as he waited for her. They were in this weird grey area in their relationship between being friends and being a couple, so he wasn't really sure how to act around her.

Just at that moment, the doorbell rang, Ryan scrambling around to make sure he looked ok before darting down the stairs as he rushed to get the door. "I'll get it!" he shouted so everyone in the house could hear him. He didn't want anyone else answering the door since he wanted to greet Addy first.

When he got to the door, he took a deep breath before opening it, seeing Addy standing there with the cutest shade of pink on her cheeks and a sweet smile. She was wearing a simple white hoodie and leggings, her hair down in her natural curls. It was a simple outfit, but Ryan was already in awe by how insanely beautiful she looked to him.

"Hi." she cutely said.

"Hi." he echoed back, blushing for some reason. He stepped to the side to let her in before closing the door behind her.

Addy then took a step closer to him and took him by surprise as she wrapped her arms around him in a hug. He immediately returned the gesture, it just feeling natural and comfortable as he couldn't help smiling. Once they pulled away they were giggling for no reason as they just enjoyed the way their hearts were fluttering from being close to each other. It was weird how they were so attracted to each other yet also so comfortable with each other that they felt completely free to be themselves.

"Should we go practice now?" Addy asked once they calmed down.

"Yeah, we can. Let's go." Ryan reacted with a smile, leading her to his garage.

They practiced for hours until they finally decided to take a little break, just sitting on the floor as they calmed down.

"Do you think we're doing a good job?" Addy questioned out of nowhere.

"I know we are. Don't be nervous, ok? When the day of Dance VIP comes we'll be ready." Ryan responded. He knew she was still worried about how well she would do in the competition.

"Do you think we're going to win?" she asked him, scooting a little closer to him.

"Is it bad if I say yes? I mean, I just can't help being hopeful about it, you know? And I honestly think we have a pretty good chance." he replied with a smile as he looked over at her.

"Yeah, I guess we do. Especially with the whole blindfold thing. I still can't believe I let you talk me into doing that crazy idea." she said, laughing a little at the thought of that.

"But it's going really well so far, so who's the crazy one now?" Ryan teased, smirking at her.

"Still you." she joked back, nudging him in the shoulder as they both giggled. Ryan then stood up to go over to his laptop, getting ready to turn the music back on so they could practice again. But he frowned a little when he saw the blinking, low battery icon on the screen, sighing a little before looking around for his charger which was nowhere in sight, yet again. It reminded him of when this happened earlier that week.

"What's wrong?" Addy asked, walking over to him.

"I can't find my charger." he said, still scrambling around for it.

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