chapter 19

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When Ryan and Addy got on stage, they got into their stance, taking a deep breath as they centered themselves. This was the official qualifying round for Dance VIP, which would determine if they would move forward in the competition at all. This was their only hope of advancing to the next round, and after that would be the third and final round, which would decide the official winners of the entire competition. They had to make this count.

They took one more reassuring glance at each other before putting on the blindfolds, hearing the crowd and the judges gasp in surprise.

As soon as the music started, Ryan and Addy forgot about everything else at that moment, only focusing on each other and the story that they were conveying through their dance, their muscle memory making it easy for them to remember every single step. They were perfectly in sync just like when they practiced, nailing every trick.

Then, it was time for them to take off the blindfolds, Ryan removing his right on cue. They hadn't had much time to practice this part, so Addy was hoping desperately that she would get it right. The plan had originally been for her to take off her own blindfold, but after Ryan had helped her with it earlier in the dressing room, there seemed to be an unspoken agreement that he would be the one to untie it for her. So that's exactly what he did. At just the right moment, he and Addy faced each other, Ryan swiftly untying the blindfold for her, relief washing over both her and Ryan when he managed to do it correctly. He gave her a beautiful smile as she naturally smiled back at him, just in time for the beat drop. The two of them perfectly performed the rest of the choreography, Ryan immediately pulling Addy into a close hug once the music went off. They were so engulfed in the moment that they barely even registered the loud cheers of the audience and the judges, only pulling away from their hug when audience settled down and one of the judges started speaking.

"That was incredible! I honestly feel like the word incredible doesn't even begin to describe how amazing that was. What you two just did out there was absolutely beautiful. First, I would like to know did you two choreograph that by yourselves?" Veronica, one of the judges, said.

Ryan and Addy shyly nodded. "Yes, we did." Ryan answered.

"What? No way." Veronica dramatically reacted, her eyes wide, causing Addy and Ryan to laugh quietly at how surprised she was. "How old are you?" she asked.

"I'm 17." Ryan said.

"And I'm 17 as well." Addy stated.

"So two 17 year old teenagers.... came up with all of that? And don't even get me started on the fact that you danced most of that with your eyes closed.... like.... how?" Veronica ranted, earning more chuckles from the two teenage dancers. "I'm truly amazed, it was completely astonishing and you performed it so flawlessly. You two should be very proud of yourselves. Good job." she added with a smile.

"Thank you so much." Addy happily said.

"Yes, thank you." Ryan chimed in, grinning.

The next judge, Stella then looked at them before speaking. "I've watched a lot of dancing and choreography over the years, and I'm also a dance teacher, so I've seen a lot of students create their own pieces and I've seen a lot of talent. But you two? You have a kind of talent that I've never seen before. The piece you just performed actually made me emotional. I feel like everyone here could understand the story you were conveying very clearly, but I do wanna hear it in your words what the piece is about." Stella truthfully said.

"Well, it's about learning to trust each other. Addy's actually the one that came up with the concept. We decided to add the part where we took off the blindfolds because it's like after learning and growing together, and finally developing that trust with each other, that's when we finally really see each other for who we are. And Addy came up with that too." Ryan explained, making sure to give Addy credit for her amazing ideas, which caused Addy's cheeks to turn red from all the attention he was putting on her.

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