chapter 10

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Sunday morning, Addy was over at Natalie's house, sitting on the edge of her bed while Natalie styled her hair in front of the mirror. Ryan, Josh, Jillian and Zack were all coming over soon so they could all hang out together. It had been a while since they'd all gotten the chance to hang out as a group, so they figured today would be perfect for that.

"So, how did yesterday go? You went to the arcade with Ryan, right?" Natalie asked Addy, smirking at her through the mirror.

"It was good. We actually went to the mall after that too because we needed to get some things. But there was this guy there that was trying to flirt with me and making me super uncomfortable." Addy ranted, making Natalie's eyes widen.

"Wait, what? Oh my gosh, are you ok?" she said, a concerned expression on her face as she took a break from curling her hair, turning around to face Addy.

"Oh yeah, I'm ok, don't worry. Ryan actually stood up for me.... He basically pretended to be my boyfriend so the guy would leave me alone." Addy explained, trying and failing to hold back her small smile, a light blush appearing on her cheeks.

"Oooh, someone's blushing! I'm sure you enjoyed that, huh," Natalie teased, going over to sit next to her friend on the bed.

Addy playfully rolled her eyes. "Stop it. I just thought it was sweet. He was acting all protective, and he put his arm around me. And he might've called me 'baby' also...." her face was even redder by now as she looked down at her hands. "Ok.... I guess I did think it was kind of attractive." she quietly admitted as Natalie literally squealed in response.

"Awww! He totally likes you! You can clearly tell."

"I don't think so. He was just trying to do the right thing and help me out." Addy reasoned.

"But he didn't have to say he was your boyfriend. He did that because he has feelings for you, Addy."

"I don't know about that. I'm pretty sure he just sees me as a friend."

"Well, is that how you see him?"

"I- "

Just then, Natalie's phone made a 'ding' noise, indicating that she just received a text. She picked it up, staring at the screen for a brief moment before setting it back down beside her on the bed. "That was Jillian, she says she's outside right now with the others. You can go let them in and I'll be there in a sec, ok?" she told Addy, temporarily forgetting their previous conversation.

"Ok." Addy agreed, giving her friend a smile before heading downstairs.

When she opened the door, she was greeted by Jillian, Josh, Zack and Ryan, giving each one of them a quick hug. Her hug with Ryan lasted extra long though, her smile naturally widening as she embraced him.

Eventually they all made their way over to the couch, Natalie soon coming downstairs to join them. Ryan and Addy sat next to each other on the right side of the couch, while Natalie sat on the left side next to Josh, who had made himself comfortable sitting on the left armrest of the couch.

"So, what do you guys wanna do?" Jillian questioned. She was seated on a loveseat, while Zack sat on the floor in front of it.

"I actually have something really fun we could do. I brought this cool lie detector that I bought online, and it's supposed to be super accurate. They said it was tested by professionals or whatever." Josh announced, proudly showing off the small contraption in his hands, which he had just retrieved from his backpack. "We can all take lie detector tests and find out each other's embarrassing secrets. Who knows, we might even find out that some of us are secretly in love with someone." Josh said, his eyes landing on Addy and Ryan as he said the last part.

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