chapter 14

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Next week at school, Addy could barely focus on any of the schoolwork, her mind all over the place. Her feelings for Ryan had only gotten stronger and it was a little distracting. She tried to pay attention in class, but everytime she glanced over at him he would make eye contact with her and give her the cutest little smile, sometimes even a smirk, and it all made her feel crazy butterflies. It was a wonder she was even getting any work done.

After class, Addy just wandered the hallways, heading to put her books in her locker, her mind on Ryan once again. She couldn't help but wonder if he would ever ask her to officially be his girlfriend. They had both admitted their feelings to each other, and both liked each other as more than friends, so what was he waiting for?

Addy was pulled from her thoughts when she noticed Alyssa walking up to her. Alyssa was the student body president of the school and pretty popular as well.

"Hey, Addy, right?" Alyssa guessed once she had reached Addy.

"Yeah." Addy simply responded, putting her books into her locker. Alyssa had never really spoken to her before, so she wasn't really sure how to react.

"Oh my gosh, I totally saw you in that Dance VIP interview. I didn't know you were going to be on that show."

"Oh, um yeah. Ryan and I just decided to give it a try, you know?" Addy replied, awkwardly tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. She felt a little embarrassed talking about this, since she still wasn't that confident about how she did in the interview.

"The interview was so interesting to watch. Ryan's answers to all those questions were great, and you know, your answers were great too. But you didn't really give that many answers now that I think about it. Like, you were barely saying anything." Alyssa commented, looking off to the side for a moment as she thought. "Why didn't you tell Ryan to let you answer some of the questions?" she asked with a small laugh, completely oblivious to how she was pointing out Addy's insecurities.

"Ryan wasn't doing anything wrong. He was just helping me out by doing most of that talking, since I was a little nervous." she reluctantly admitted.

"Oh. Well, I guess that makes sense. So, Ryan's like the leader out of you two? This is mainly his thing?" Alyssa assumed, causing Addy frown.

"No. I mean, he's- we're both in this together. It's an equal partnership." she explained, tripping over her words as she grew nervous.

"Well, that's not what it looked like in that interview. I mean, if you want my advice, you've gotta make more of an impression when you're on a show like that, you know? Even if you are nervous. Think about when the day of the competition comes. What are you going to do then?" Alyssa rambled, thinking that she was being helpful, but Addy was just becoming even more insecure from her words.

At that moment, before Addy could reply, Ryan had walked up beside her, comfortingly wrapping his arm around her.

"She's gonna do amazing. Just like she does when we practice." he confidently responded for her. "And just like she does in dance class, and everything else that she puts her mind to." he added before looking at Addy with a sweet smile that made her blush.

Alyssa shrugged. "Ok then. If you say so." she reacted before getting distracted by her phone as Addy and Ryan walked off.

"Thanks for that, Ry." Addy thanked Ryan, his arm still around her as they walked through the halls.

"No problem. I was just telling the truth though. You really are amazing." he replied.

"Thanks...." Addy trailed off, her gaze now on the floor as she sighed. "Maybe she's right though. I mean, I didn't exactly do good in the interview. I kinda froze up and probably looked stupid." she added.

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