Chapter 4

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Ryan and Addy stood across from each other in Ryan's garage. Addy standing on the far left side, while Ryan was nearly up against the wall on the far right side. There was way too much distance between them for this to be a dance rehearsal.

"So.... where do we start?" Addy questioned, breaking the awkward silence.

"How am I supposed to know?" Ryan said, shrugging, his arms crossed. That came out a bit ruder than he'd meant for it to.

"Stop being so difficult." Addy said, somehow already becoming annoyed with him by just standing there.

"Ok, ok, jeez! I guess we should start by um.... picking a song?" Ryan decided. But the way he said it made it sound more like an unsure question.

That's when Addy let out a fake gasp before sarcastically saying, "Really? I wouldn't have thought of that!"

Ryan, rolling his eyes at her, chose not to reply to her comment as he scrolled through his spotify on his phone, searching for the perfect song. That task though, soon proved to be more challenging than it should've been....


"No. I don't think so." Addy shook her head some as she turned down yet another song choice that Ryan had played for her. They were now seated cross legged on the floor, facing each other as they debated over what music to use.

"That's the twenty third one that you've said no to so far." Ryan pointed out in exasperation.

"Ok, do you think we should pick this song?" Addy asked, raising an eyebrow at him.

Ryan sighed, already scrolling to the next tune. "No. No, I don't." he had to admit, he wasn't vibing with it either.

This continued for a while, them listening to random songs and not settling on anything because nothing quite clicked with them. Plus, they were arguing with each other so much that it became quite tiring for the both of them.

This process lasted longer than they expected.

"We've been here for nearly an hour, and we haven't done anything except...." Addy trailed off. She was now laying on her back on the garage floor, frustrated with the fact that they were making virtually no progress.

"Except.... you know, nothing." she finished, waving her hand in exasperation.

Ryan was laying on his back next to her, yet with a good distance between them. He now had his earbuds in his ears, his playlist on auto-play with the volume up a little too loud. They had been trying to pick out a song for forty five minutes straight with no luck. They couldn't agree on anything, even despite having a similar taste in music.

What was wrong with them?

Silence filled the air for a second, except for the faint sounds of whatever song was currently blasting in Ryans earbuds, the volume up so loud that even Addy could make out the rhythm and some of the lyrics.

Just then, a different song came on, it instantly grabbing Ryan and Addy's attention as it sounded like none of the songs they'd heard previously. It was called 'Silence', And the lyrics hit them personally.

Yeah, I'd rather be a lover than a fighter

Cuz all my life I've been fighting

Never felt a feeling of comfort

All this time I've been hiding

Ryan slowly sat up as he took in the music, glancing at Addy to see her moving her head slightly, in time with the music.

As the song came to an end, Addy sat up also, both of them looking at each other as if they'd just struck gold.

A smile appeared on Ryan's face without his permission as he yanked his earbuds out, Addy mirroring his expression.

"I think we just found our song." he stated, a pleasantly odd feeling of joy entering the room.

"Oh yeah." came Addy's quiet, grinning response.


With renewed energy, the two of them danced aimlessly around the garage for a while with their perfect song playing loudly on Ryan's bluetooth speaker as they 'got a feel for the song'.

Everything was going smoothly so far, that is, until they started to try and actually come up with some choreography. They had barely managed to come up with anything, but the few moves they did think of, (or rather, that Ryan thought of) weren't quite working out.

"No, you're supposed to move your arms up like this," Ryan said, frustrated, as he showed her the dance move again. Apparently Addy wasn't quite getting it.

"That's what I did!" Addy reacted rather loudly, becoming frustrated also.

"If that was what you did, then I wouldn't be showing you the move again, Addy." Ryan countered, irritating Addy even further.

"Maybe you should just change the move then." Addy suggested bitterly, hands on her hips.

"Nothing else fits." Ryan claimed, knowing his reason wasn't valid.

"And this does?!"

"Alright, alright! This isn't working." Ryan stated, throwing his arms up in frustration before letting out a sigh.

Addy sat back down on the floor, Ryan doing the same as they managed to calm their nerves.

"Can I make a suggestion?" Addy cautiously questioned after a moment. Ryan looked up at her, something about the way that she said that made him feel calmer for some reason....

"Yeah," he responded to her, watching as she fiddled with the hem of her crop top.

"Ok, so I think maybe the reason we can't really think of any good choreography is because we're not even sure what the piece is supposed to be about. There's no story, you know?" Addy explained, Ryan nodding as he took in her admittedly wise words.

She had a point.

"So.... what do you think it should be about?" he questioned, secretly eager to hear more of her suggestions.

For a moment, she looked surprised that he asked for her opinion, and she couldn't help but smile slightly.

"I think it should be about communication. And trust." she stated as if she'd had this idea for days already.

Ryan chuckled lightly. "So two of the things we have almost zero of." he mumbled, looking down at his hands.

Addy let out a laugh.

He was right.

"It can be about learning to trust each other then." Addy finally spoke.

Ryan smiled, a genuine smile, as he replied. "I think I like that idea."

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