chapter 7

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Addy smiled in the mirror the next morning as she brushed through her messy hair, just happy that it was now the weekend which meant there was no school today. This also meant that she wouldn't bother putting any makeup on today, just using some moisturizer on her face and putting her hair into a simple ponytail. As much as she wanted to simply trudge downstairs in the pajamas that she was currently wearing, she figured she should still put at least a little effort into her appearance. So she took the time to change into her pink sweatpants and a slightly cropped, white t-shirt.

She made her way downstairs and walked into the kitchen, seeing Ryan scrambling around to quickly make himself a bowl of cereal, while simultaneously trying to tie his shoes.

Addy stared at him confusedly for a moment as he rushed around, not seeming to notice her presence yet. "Hey, what's the rush? You know there's no school today, right? It's saturday." she finally spoke, figuring maybe Ryan had forgotten that it was the weekend.

He paused what he was doing, turning his head in her direction as he jumped a little in surprise. "I know that." he replied before returning to his frantic actions, almost spilling the milk as he poured it into his bowl on the counter.

"Then why are you rushing around? And already dressed and everything? Considering you don't get ready for school until the last minute, I figured you just hibernated on weekends." Addy lightly teased him, walking further into the kitchen.

"Haha very funny." he sarcastically said. "Anyway, the reason I'm rushing is because we have an interview for Dance VIP today at 10:00."

Addy's eyes widened. "What?! But it's 9:30 now! You waited till today to tell me? Why didn't you tell me sooner?" she rambled as she began to freak out, running to the fridge to make a quick bowl of cereal.

"I just saw the email this morning!" Ryan defended.

"Ugh, they waited until today to email you?! Who does that?!" Addy sighed in exasperation, pushing past Ryan to get the cereal from the cabinet. "Yeah, I know right?" he scoffed in fake annoyance. The truth was, the email had been sent days ago but he was too lazy to check his emails so he only just saw it today. But he figured Addy didn't need to know that.

"Wait, oh my gosh, I don't have time to eat cereal! I didn't put any makeup on!" she exclaimed, regretting her decision to skip makeup today. She swiftly closed the cabinet and made her way toward the counter, just carelessly taking a bite of Ryan's cereal instead.

"Hey!" he whined as Addy took yet another bite of the cereal.

She just smirked at him, ignoring his comment before speed walking back to the guest room as Ryan trailed behind her.

"You look fine without makeup! Let's just leave now and we can get there on time." he suggested, but she just kept walking.

"I'll be really fast." she assured him as she darted up the stairs, hearing him sigh in response.

Even with Addy doing her last minute makeup routine (and deciding to change into a slightly nicer outfit) they still somehow ended up making it just in time. They literally ran inside the building, slowing down a bit as they ventured through the halls to find the room that their interview would be filmed in. Addy tried to hide how uncomfortable she was, subconsciously fiddling with her fingers and nervously playing with the ends of her hair as they walked. But Ryan seemed to notice anyway, turning his head to face her with a look of concern.

"Are you ok?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah. I'm just fine." that was a complete lie though, since in reality Addy was scared out of her mind. She'd always been nervous about being in front of cameras and things like that, so she had no idea how she was going to pull this off.

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