chapter 16

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Ryan, Addy, Josh, and Natalie all decided on having a snack while just chilling in the living room, even though it was close to midnight already. They were all just eating their preferred choice of junk food, Ryan snacking on a bag of popcorn, while Addy sat next to him on the couch. She was eating from a small bag of potato chips, occasionally reaching over and helping herself to some of Ryan's popcorn.

"These bags of chips are so small." Natalie commented with a chuckle since she had just finished hers. She had been eating the same snack that Addy was. "I'm gonna go get another one." she spoke before standing up from her spot on the loveseat near the couch. Josh was sitting on the armrest of said loveseat as he ate his french fries.

"I'm gonna get another one too, and something else to drink. You boys want anything?" Addy spoke, standing up as well.

"Just whatever you get to drink, I'll have that too. Thanks." Ryan reacted.

"And I'll just take another water." Josh requested, since he had almost finished the water bottle he already had.

Addy nodded in response before she and Natalie went into the kitchen.

"So Natalie's staying over tonight too?" Ryan quietly asked Josh with a hint of teasing in his voice once the girls were out of sight.

"Yeah, I kinda asked her to earlier...." Josh reluctantly admitted.

"Oh. So you asked her?" Ryan teased, a smirk now on his face as he took another bite of popcorn.

"I- well, yeah but I mean, not in a weird way. I just wanted to keep spending time with her." Josh defended, his face turning a little red. "Just like how you wanted to keep spending time with Addy. That's why you asked if you two could sleep over right?" Josh guessed, expertly flipping the embarrassment over to Ryan. Josh was now the one smirking as Ryan blushed.

"Whatever." Ryan mumbled, earning a laugh from Josh. They instantly shut up though when the girls walked back into the room and sat back down.

"What's up with you guys?" Addy questioned, almost laughing when she noticed how weird they were acting.

"Yeah, what were you talking about in here? Your faces look red as tomatoes." Natalie pointed out, only making the guys blush even more.

"Nothing, we weren't talking about anything." Ryan quickly claimed, not taking his eyes off of his food. "Anyway, um, thanks for the juice." he hurriedly changed the subject as Addy handed him a bottle of juice, Natalie giving Josh his water bottle as he thanked her as well.

Once they all decided to go to bed, Natalie stood up and looked at Josh. "I'm gonna head to bed now. The guest room, right?" she checked.

"Yeah. I'll walk with you there. I'm about to head to my room anyway." Josh said, standing up and following Natalie as they left the room.

"Have fun!" Ryan loudly said to them from his spot on the couch, winking at Josh.

"Shut up." Josh said, glaring at Ryan as Natalie gave them both a weird look.

"I just realized that I didn't bring anything to wear to sleep." Natalie thought out loud with a little chuckle as she walked through the hall with Josh.

"You could just wear one of my shirts if you want." Josh offered, causing Natalie's cheeks to turn a little pink.

"Ok, thanks." she shyly reacted.

"No problem. You and Addy can both sleep in here. There's enough room for you both." Josh said once they finally reached the guest room.

"I wouldn't be surprised if Addy just stays on the couch with Ryan all night. They'll probably fall asleep talking with each other." Natalie figured.

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