chapter 5

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"Ouch," Ryan groaned, rubbing his cheek where Addy had just hit him in the face by mistake.

This was their fourth rehearsal so far, and they'd gotten pretty far with the choreography since they had been getting along a little better lately. There hadn't been too many disagreements yet, however, there had been some accidental, yet pretty much harmless slaps to the face and such.

"Oops, sorry, Ryan. My timing was a little off." Addy apologized, running her fingers through her hair as she held back a laugh.

Ryan sighed before it turned into a slight chuckle. "That's fine." he waved it off effortlessly before he was getting back into stance to start the dance again. "Let's go again. From the top." he said, shaking out his arms a little to loosen up.

Addy nearly rolled her eyes, letting out a loud sigh. "We've done it eighty one times already!" she whined.

"That's an exaggeration and you know it." Ryan stated, refusing to admit how tired he was himself.

"I know, but we've been at it for hours, let's take a break." Addy suggested, already pulling her scrunchie out of her hair and securing it around her wrist.

"We can't afford breaks, Addy. Not right now. We have to get this right."

"But I'm hungry though...." Addy trailed off.

As much as he didn't want to say it, Ryan was also extremely hungry at this point, realizing that he hadn't had anything to eat since lunch, (which he was pretty sure was just an energy bar or something like that).

"Ok, fine. We'll take a break to eat. But only because I'm starving too." he said. "Pizza?" he asked, disconnecting his phone from his bluetooth speaker.

Addy nodded enthusiastically. "Yup! Pizza sounds great."

Ryan's parents were currently out on a date night, so pizza was pretty much going to be dinner since he was sure his sister was going to snag up the leftovers in the fridge.

Their pizza arrived fairly quickly and they left the garage and went to the living room, plopping down on the couch to eat.

"So, are you nervous about Dance VIP at all?" Ryan asked after he had almost finished his first slice of pizza.

"How are you still managing to basically talk about work when we're supposed to be taking a break?" Addy laughed, earning an eye roll and an amused half smile from Ryan. "But if I'm being honest, yeah, I am a little nervous. It's just, dancing in front of all those people is gonna be.... really intimidating." she added, now looking down at her food and avoiding Ryan's line of sight. "But we can do it though." she said as she forced a smile, looking up at him.

She didn't even want to admit how scared she really was to dance on stage in front of practically millions of people, nor did she even think that she could pull it off. But she had to pull it off, she wasn't about to let anyone down.

Ryan smiled slightly at her. "Yeah." came his reply. "I think we're doing really good with the choreo so far." he commented.

"Yeah, but I mean it's not like we've done anything that complicated yet. Maybe we should add some lifts or something?" Addy suggested.

Ryan nodded in agreement. "Good idea." he said, already reaching for a second slice of pizza.

"You're really hungry, aren't you?" Addy lightly teased him. "That's what you get for eating energy bars for lunch." she joked with a laugh.

"Oh stop it, we both know you were planning to eat at least three slices." Ryan countered, smirking.

"Oh, shut up." Addy punched his shoulder lightly.

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