Chapter 3

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"I think we should do Dance VIP."

The words floated through the phone quickly, momentarily rendering Addy speechless.

Did she hear him right?

Ryan wanted to do Dance VIP? With her? How would that even work? They barely got along now, how were they supposed to handle working together?

"Addy?" Ryan asked after Addy hadn't replied for a while.

Addy blinked a couple times, snapping out of her thoughts.

"You think we should do Dance VIP?" she questioned in disbelief, still not quite convinced that she heard him right.

"Yeah. I mean, I thought about it and I don't think we should pass up this opportunity...." Ryan explained. "I mean, only if you want to though, I'm not forcing you." he quickly added, suddenly a bit nervous, second guessing himself for suggesting that they even do this. If Addy didn't agree to it, then yet again, he wouldn't have a partner for the competition, not to mention the humiliation of basically being rejected.

Addy was silent once again. She didn't know how to reply to this. She really wanted to enter the contest, but.... working with Ryan? That seemed impossible.

And not only that, but she was also scared to join such a big competition, to dance in front of thousands of people. But somehow she knew that if she skipped out on this chance, she'd regret it in the future, plus she didn't want to let Miss Gonzalez down.

"How are we supposed to work together though?" Addy couldn't help but ask.

She heard a small sigh of frustration on Ryan's end of the phone before he replied, "I don't know? All I know is, we're each other's only choice right now. This is literally the last day to enter. And besides, Miss Gonzalez seems to think we can do it." he said.

He had a point there....

With one last ten-second debate in her own mind, Addy finally decided that she would agree.

"Ok. Let's do this." she told Ryan. What was she getting herself into?

"Ok. Ok, great! Um so I guess we can meet at my house after school so we can figure everything out?" Ryan suggested.

"Let's do my house. It's closer to school." Addy countered.

"But mine has a bigger garage for rehearsing," Ryan clapped back.

"Big just like your ego?"

How were they already arguing?

"Look who's talking, Miss 'I'm perfect without-effort-and-everyone-has-to- like-me'." Ryan muttered.

"Excuse me?! Never once did I say that everyone has to-" Addy sighed, deciding to end the argument there. It didn't matter anyway, and if they ever wanted to get anything done, they'd have to limit the bickering. "Fine. Let's just meet at your house." she finally caved.

"Alright. Thanks." Ryan mumbled through the phone.

"So after school?" Addy double checked.

"After school." Ryan agreed before finally hanging up the phone.

What am I getting myself into? He thought.

He then texted Addy that he would call Miss Gonzalez to let her know that they agreed.

Ryan dialed the dance teacher's number, pressing the phone against his ear yet again, Gonzalez picking up on the third ring.

"Hello?" She kindly asked.

"Hey, this is Ryan."

"Oh, hi, Ryan! Good to hear from you. What are you calling about?" The teacher questioned.

Why did it seem like she already knew the answer to that question though?

"Um, so me and Addy thought about it and talked it over.... And we're gonna join Dance VIP." Ryan explained, still not quite registering the fact that he actually agreed to this.

"That's great! I'm glad you two decided to go for it. Especially because I already signed you two up." Gonzalez reacted, saying the last part a bit quieter.

"Wait you wha-" Ryan couldn't even finish his question because Gonzalez spoke again.

"Alright, it was great talking to you, Ryan. I'll be rooting for you and Addy all the way! I know you'll come up with something great! Byeeee!" And with that, she ended the call.

And that's when it really hit Ryan that he and Addy would actually have to work together to not only perform a dance together in front of thousands of people, but they'd also have to choreograph it themselves.

He sighed to himself. Thinking about all of that, plus the long day he had at school was actually pretty tiring, and so he passed out on the couch in minutes, sound asleep.


The next day, after school, Addy came over to Ryan's house just like they discussed. Ryan would've drove her to his house straight from school, but he had let his older sister borrow his car, yet again today. And Addy had went to her own house first in order to change into a more comfortable outfit than what she came to school in.

Ryan still couldn't quite understand that logic, but he let it slide.

Addy's stomach was a mess of nerves as she lifted her hand to knock on Ryan's front door, and she'd be lying if she said she didn't pause for a second and consider running off and not even going through with this. But she decided against that and knocked on his door anyway.

It took only a couple seconds before the door opened to reveal Ryan, wearing a white t-shirt and black jeans. The same thing he'd gone to school in.

"Uh hi." Addy awkwardly greeted him.

"Hey...." Ryan trailed off, looking at Addy's outfit, which was a white crop top with blue letters on it that read Love, along with some black leggings.

"That's not what you wore to school...." he pointed out, stating the obvious, hating how he sort of thought she looked attractive in that outfit.

"Uh I know. I said I was going home to change." Addy reminded him.

"You purposely match your outfit with mine?" Ryan questioned, a slightly teasing tone in his voice.

Addy glanced down at her outfit as if she'd forgotten what it looked like, noticing that their clothes were in fact, matching in color.

Dang it! I did not mean to do that. Addy thought to herself, regretting her outfit choice almost instantly.

"What? No I- ugh let's just get started." Addy said, annoyed as she pushed past Ryan, walking into his house as if she owned it.

Ryan started after her for a few seconds before closing the front door as he led her to his garage.

This was going to be interesting.

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