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This one is a lil shorter but Kaeya needs were being ignored for too long

she/her pronouns used

It was a busy day for Monstadt. The grand hall upstairs of the Favonious Headquarters was filled to the brim with people of high status, ranging from government officials to highly skilled vision users to landowners and various other jobs. You couldn't name all of them and you didn't have the time to, as you were busy carrying messages from place to place in and out of the building. Your job wasn't the most spectacular of them all but you loved doing it because it gave you a sense of discovery of both land and emotions. Sometimes the messages were more romantic and beautiful. Others would carry a black dyed windwheel aster with them, the symbol of death to someone in Monstadt. The similarity to being an outrider was what made you friends with Amber. You searched for her in the room, knowing that she was scouting for new recruits. However something else caught your eye.

As you navigated through the crowded hall, you nodded to Jean who had motioned for you to approach her. You felt a bit out of place, dressed so casually among the suited figures but you pestered on forward. Your job wasn't to please the visitors today.

"Y/N," Jean said when you finally got to her. She wore a worried expression, holding a neatly rolled scroll with a red seal. "Could you deliver this to Sir. Albert at the Brightcrown Canyon? He was supposed to be here but he couldn't make it as he had to attend to something there."

"Sure!" you agreed, raising your voice above the chatter of the room. Jean sighed in relief and gave you a tight smile as she handed you the scroll. She was whisked away by a few interested people and you quickly left the room.

You briefed out in relief, the noise of the room making you exhausted even though nothing in particular had happened. The cool air outside calmed your senses down and allowed you to catch up with yourself. Taking in a deep breath, you opened up a map projection and activated one of the teleports. The amount of teleporting in one night was taking a toll on you. The nausea was slowly building up and you felt as if you could pass out anytime. It was something that you would have to get used to though. The night was barely over and your job wasn't done either.

With a huff, you trudged up to the location that was attached to the scroll, avoiding any enemies as you didn't have the energy nor time to fend them off. Crystalflies trotted along with you, guiding you up to the top of the cliff. The trail was relatively clear and you suspected that whoever Albert was had made a path from his work. You took a moment to relieve yourself, eyes glazing over slightly as the world spun briefly. Somehow, it was like your senses heightened at the same time. You could feel the tickle of grass on your ankles and the tiny warmth from the glow of the crystalflies.

A firefly gliding past your nose brought you back to your senses and you noticed that you had stopped at the top of the cliff, where Albert was supposedly. Only, you found yourself staring at a sheet of paper stuck to a tree stump.

"Sorry Jean or messenger, work calls and I'm at Liyue. Yours truly, Albert," you muttered aloud, slapping yourself on the forehead in frustration.

You grabbed the sheet of paper from the tree and trudged back down the cliff. The guy even had the courage to add a heart and smiley face at the bottom of the signature. As you walked, you stuffed both the scroll and paper into your shoulder bag. You stopped halfway, remembering that you would just teleport back. The annoyance had fogged up your ability to think.

So you opened your map and focused on the teleport above the buildings. You could glide down and it would be quicker. Only, as quickly as an azure blue light surrounded you, it every so quickly vanished. Your vision blanked and all sounds vanished. You remembered toppling over, and falling - down, down, down you went. When would you land?

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