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Before you proceed, let me warn you that there are comments which are more suited for mature audiences, so don't be surprised if you get hit by a drought of holy water

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I've noticed that people have been pointing out that I often write out of character - this is true. I'm writing fiction for fiction, to put it simply.

I'm here to deliver oneshots that give you a sort of warm ecstatic feelings, whether the plots fit the character or not. If I like a scenario, I will write it, and then decide on who I simp for. I am in no way writing oneshots as seriously as I would a normal narrative.

Not everyone will be able to enjoy my erratic choices and that's fine. If it's not your cup of tea, thank you for giving it a try ;-;

And also thank you for pointing out the flaws if you did, made me realise I need to put some sort of disclaimer.

yes I overexplain
hhkh 🍋
remember the lemon is always with you

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