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I just missed writing <3

I would love to reply to all the comments I missed during my very long time away from this, but I think that would be unrealistic.

So my generalised reply is "yes I agree, very hot and I do simp. I would meow and bark and get on my knees for them"

Alas I am still a degen. 

I did see a comment about how they wished there was a Kazuha part, and they're partially responsible for this brief return.

Perhaps I will return to this for longer time, perhaps not. This writing hobby is very convienient to pick up :) 

I don't think I could have the same commitment I did last year and reply to every single comment, though I very much enjoyed it, and I really wish I could. The community is awesome. Unfortunately I have a lot of life stuff to do - started uni lol.

Also I read through some of my old one shots...and I cringed at quite a lot of it ahaha. Still gotta love how much I was simping though.

Anyways, I hope you have all been well, being fed by the amazing writers out there and still simping strong. Enjoy this short story 🧡





N I G H T   A N D   D A Y





Morning light dawned upon the depth of the waters, catching the layered edges of water colliding. The splashes soared up, gleaming in the pastel hues of the sky, before seemingly dissolving into the darker colours of the sky. You had not managed to sleep, for it was the first time you had ventured onto a boat. The nerves and the excitement had captured your exhaustion, leaving it hostage on the port you had left hours ago. Plus, those who had travelled on the seas often bragged of the sun rises they had seen. Where you were from, a trip the the ocean often led to strengthened relationships - platonically, economically, politically and most intriguingly, romantically.

Everywhere you went you heard stories of the power a sunrise had on the connections between lovers. You heard rumours of how a gentle breeze would pull two individuals together. You heard of how the migrating birds would dance across the skies in pairs as if mirroring the couples. You listened to tales of the warm light dancing across the waters, illuminating a chosen pair, and forming a string of light only visible in the early day - tied together for day and night, until the end of the universe.

Your own family believed in a certain myth: day and night, sun and moon. One person was the moon, watching the nights and waiting for the sun. The other was the sun, bringing a sense of comfort to the moon. You always thought it was the other way around. After all, the moon was surrounded by stars, and the sun had nothing. It had a glare that stung the eyes when directly looked at, and clouds which were extremely temporary, only ever staying a day to gain the benefits. You especially loved when the moon could be glimpsed in the day, almost as if it was accompanying the sun. Of course the stars were always there, but the sun had blocked them out in fear and distrust. Perhaps you had stayed up waiting for such a ridiculous theory to come true, as if you were the moon looking for the sun.

Your hazy stare at the ocean surface was interrupted as a green leaf fluttered by. You blinked in confusion. There were no trees nearby, and definitely not close enough to be as fresh. You straightened up your posture, looking over your shoulder to see where it had come from.

Your eyes widened. A flurry of white and red rushed towards where you stood. Footsteps echoed on the wooden boards, somehow in a musical manner. A hand reached past you, grabbing at the leaf - somehow elegantly. The blur of colours stilled, and you finally had a clear look at the male. He leaned forwards onto the railing, fingers grasped tightly together, holding the leaf within. A light aqua glow radiated from within, highlighting the scars on his fingers. He turned his head slowly when you shuffled backwards, and your eyes met.

He was expressionless. Despite the red gaze he had, the look he gave you was cold. It was passively cold. Like you were no one. Irrelevant. Someone he could not trust. A stranger. And you were.

"Oh," he muttered, shoving the leaf into a pocket. His voice was unexpectedly soft, and quiet.

You watched as the streak of red in his ivory hair fluttered against the winds of the ocean. The soft wisps of hair were framed by the soft light. You watched as he turned his head back to the ocean, seemingly uninterested by who you were, and the unusualness of your presence on board at such a time.

Your heart dropped, an overwhelming coldness settling in your stomach. It weaved in and out of your body, tensing your limbs and formulating goosebumps.

"Oh," he said again, looking back at you. He blinked, looked you up and down, tilted his head and then suddenly pushed himself away from the railing. "It's you."

"I'm sorry, do I know you?" you replied after a slight delay, flabbergasted by his sudden change of tone.

He frowned and took the leaf out of his pocket, before holding it in front of you. You traced the leaf with your eyes, noticing how it was preserved by elemental power, and the etching on its centre - two initials encased by a heart that seemed to be drawn on with difficulty. More specifically, one that you remembered drawing. You had drawn half, and a boy had drawn the other.

"Kazuha, it's you?" you exclaimed, meeting his eyes directly.

He nodded and his red eyes seemed to light up, shuffling through an array of emotions at an unbelievable pace. He stuffed the leaf back in his pocket, and you heard the crinkle of his clothes as he stepped towards you. Your hand instinctively reached towards his.

And just like that, your lonely thoughts and worrisome tendencies vanished like the spray of the waters. You suddenly understood everything. It was as if his emotions and experiences passed through your mind. It was as if all those years did not matter. The warmth you felt when he pulled you towards him and wrapped his arms around you overtook every doubt you had. You felt the coldness that poisoned you melt away. And you felt the weight of tears fall down your cheek.

"Y/N," was all he managed to say, and yet it ripped through your heart, hearing how his voice stuttered, the fragments of hurt he had carried, and the solitude he was surrounded by.

You weren't sure what you could do to take away the cocoon of isolation he was suffocating in. But as you heard his sudden rush of soft cries, you realised he didn't need warmth or words of comfort. He only needed your presence at that moment. He needed you for you. 



You are my fire
The one desire
Believe when I say
I want it that way

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