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This story is not related to the offical genshin plot. It's all fictional. Also Venti's personality is different ish


Enjoy ;-; my midnight brain

"For someone given the vision of anemo, you surely don't live up to the exceptations of Barbatos," a boy around your age snarled, silhouette towering over you. He smelt like rusty metal and turnips - a scent so overpowering it sneaked past the hand you held over your nose.

His friends clapped him on the back, laughing to themselves. You stood in front of them, head hung low and catalyst hanging from your fingers. You knew you weren't the strongest person around but your focus was on healing the others around you.

"I'm a healer," you whispered, voice muffled by your hand.

The boy went still because bursting out in laughter. "Oh please, have you seen Jean?"

You removed your hand from your mouth, dropping it to your side in a fist. "I said, I'm a healer. And for someone your age you sure are immature."

The boys friends whispered among themselves, causing the one in front of you to grit his teeth. A small smile formed on your face at the sight of his frustration. But it was quickly wiped off when he stepped foward and his arm lashed out. Your heart jumped out of your chest and instinctively you shut your eyes.

You waited for impact, not expecting a weight to be taken from your hand. Immediately your eyes snapped open and you saw your catalyst grippped in the boys hand.

Your mind protested, banging on the walls of your brain to retrieve it, but all you could do was watch as it was lifted high into the air and flung down, down, down - all the way to the dark cobble floor. It landed with a crack, the glowing centre dimming vigorously. Broken into pieces the catalyst was like a reflection of your current predicament. You stood, wide eyed as the boy stepped foward again, entering your personal bubble.

His smell became even more rank than before, suffocating you in his dominant arrogance. There was a lump in your throat preventing you from saying anything. You wanted to run but your legs refused to move and you could see his friends surrounding the possible escape routes. Your eyes flickered back to the figure in front.

He smiled at you, and tugged you foward by your collar. "If I were you I would-"

"Fuck off," a voice interrupted. It was calm and mellow yet held a tone of authority like no other.

The boy shuffled back, looking around till he found the source of the voice. He wore a confused look, as he was met with an unrecognisable person. He sat on a windowsill holding a lyre, dark hair highlighted green at the ends. His eyes glowed ever so slightly in the shadows, a mixture of emerald and sapphire. You couldn't see his features because of the dark night but something about him was nostalgic.

"Who are you?" the boy ordered. "You have no right to interfere."

"Oh?" the figure questioned, jumping down. He smirked, walking up to the boy, face hidden under a hood. "I think I have every right, especially considering it's associated with me."

The boy blinked, turning to face his friends who shrugged at him. He grumbled. "You didn't tell me your name, you idiot."

The hooded figure didn't reply, staring at the boy in a challenging way. The boy huffed, turning back to you.

The boy reached for your arm. "Come on weakling we don't have time to be talking to this brainless shit."

Before he could make contact, he suddenly coughed, holding a hand to his throat as he struggled to breathe. His friends began to back away, unsure what to make of the situation. You watched in uncertainty, feeling weak at the knees. The hair of the figure was glowing and the boy in front of you dropped to his knees.

"Monster," he managed to gasp out.

"The name is Venti, and I suggest you leave my friend here alone."

Venti. Venti.

Venti turned to you and gave you a reassuring smile, his hood no longer blocking his identity. He glanced back at the boy and in an instant, the boy could breathe prooerly again. The boy and his friends stumbled away, whispering in fear. You paid no attention to them. Instead you looked at the one who stood in front of you. He held out a hand and you accepted. You knew that of all people, you could trust him.

A wave of turquoise air flushed around the two of you, surrounding you in stars and light. It lasted for a few seconds before you found yourself at the top of the tree at Windrise. The leaves tussled around quietly as you looked up from the branch you stood on.

Venti stood in front of you, eyes shining from the glow of fireflies. He held out his arms, expectantly and you threw youself foward, into his arms.

The last time you had seen Barbatos was when Stormterror was at his worst, draining the power from him due to their contract. He didn't have his hair colour, or the bright eyes. His voice had always sounded dry and he had lacked colour on his cheeks.

He let out a soft laugh, rubbing your back in a comforting motion. He rested the crook on his nose into your hair, letting out a gentle sigh.

"I really missed you, you know," you mumbled into his shirt.

Venti didn't say anything but he held you tighter in an attempt of consolidation. You stepped back to meet his eyes.

"You look a lot better now," you stated, unable to remove yourself for gazing at his stunning pupils.

"Hmm," the bard hummed, bitting the inside of his cheek.

You swallowed, noticing the cold look of his eyes. He crossed his arms, breaking eye contact. You crossed your arms too, feeling deflated. Had you done something wrong? Were you somehow making all of this up?

"How long has this been going on?" he asked out of the blue.

You shook your head from any questions and frowned. His presence had almost made you forget about the harassment - or maybe you had normalised it.

"Since you left," you replied quietly, realising how long it really had been.

"Fuck," Venti mutteted under his breath.

"It's okay, the weapon can be reforged and I'm used to it-"

"You shouldn't be," Venti hissed, making you bite your tongue to silence yourself. "I just wish people would know not to touch you."

You stared at Venti. You knew that the bard wasn't perfect but you had never actually seen him completely pissed off. His fists were clenched and his mouth shut in a thin line. The wind around them seemed to be intensifying as time passed between you too. He glared into the distance at the lights of Mondstadt. The leaves shook violently and butterflies scattered from the darkness, emitting rays of fearful light.

And instead of feeling powerless like you had in other situations, you didn't feel fear. Your hand reached out to meet his cheek and you moved closer, carefully watching your step. You lifted yourself up your toes when you got to him, deadset on your actions. Only when his gaze fixed on yours, you faltered and stumbled. Venti quickly caught your hand, pulling you closer to him than before.

"Pretend that didn't happen please," you pleaded, feeling like you were about to self destruct. Had Klee made you consume an explosive somehow? Ridiculous, it was. But you felt ridiculous. How could you, attempt to kiss Barbatos of all people. If anything you would be asking to be suffocated by him.

Your train of thought was interrupted by Venti's head swooping down and his lips connecting to yours. You felt his body relax and the wind reduced to a small breeze. You eyes closed as you melted into him, holding onto his neck for support. His hand found its way into your hair, caressing you with the most fragile of touches.

The fireflies and butterflies danced around the two of you, swaying to the melody of a lyre. You broke away from the observation, to find Venti's lyre floating beside his head, strings glowing as they played a song. Venti suddenly blushed, grabbing the lyre and stuffing into a pocket of air.

"Sorry, it does that sometimes," he said, covering his mouth.

You smiled, eyes twinkling as you started to blurt out a repsonse to tease him. You weren't given a chance though, as he dragged you back to him.

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