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Pheww finally got some downtime to write again after a whole bunch of assignments and exams. Thank you for your patience everyone and I will not apologise for the cursed chapter >:)

But enjoy this somewhat short meal. I haven't fed you guys in a while :D

The plot is basically, you do a commission from Albedo that almost destroys a town, and almost kills you. Albedo fears harming you again and kicks u out of his life basically. It takss a toll on your mental health and boom nightmares and Insomniabsjshdsn


The singsong of fires crackled beside your ear, luring your dazed state into paranormal slumber. You hand brushed along the cold grass at your side as you stared hazily up into the night sky. The stumbling of footsteps blurred with your vision. Stars doubled and tripled into blinding light, bringing you away from the chaos and into your own world. Your cuts no longer bled and your bruises lost their sting. And there was his eyes, his clear blue eyes.

"I'm glad I found you," a warm voice whispered. "You'll be okay."

There was the singsong of fire again, but there was also the clink of glass and the rustle of a lab coat. You lazily turned your head to the side, managing to make out the shape of a lean figure. Warm light captured his silhouette, complementing his soft tan hair.

"You're awake," he spoke, still turned away from you.

Your mind instantly caught up, and you sat up in shock, bringing the blankets around you to your waist. "Albedo?"

He did not respond, nor turn around to greet you. "It's best you stay put for now, at least until this potion is done."

At his words, you shrank back down, watching his movements from the side of your eye. He moved to a different table, allowing you to glimpse his concentration, teal eyes staring intensely at the liquid he was pouring into a vial. When he finally turned to look at you, you froze, not quite sure what to do. Silence still weighed down upon you as he walked towards you, stepping over various cables running along the floor.

Albedo held out the vial, bubbling with red and blue colours. You took it, fingers brushing against his own gloved ones. Immediately, he turned away. At the realisation that he was leaving the room, you grabbed his sleeve with your free hand, pulling him back towards you. He was forced to turn to you, and the look he gave you shattered your heart.

His eyes did not flicker with warmth. No, they were cold. Distraught. It was almost as if you were a stranger.

"What happened?" you asked, clutching at the fabric of his coat. "How is Springvale?"

"Springvale made it out fine," he said as he gently pushed your hand away and gave you an apologetic smile. As he walked away once again, you heard the whisper of his voice stating, "You shouldn't associate with my commissions anymore. Goodbye, traveler."

Before you could reply, he had shut the door behind him with a bitter smile. You listened to his fading footsteps, the swish of his coat, the turning of his notebook. And then he was gone. Mind elsewhere, you glanced back to the vial in your hand. The red was long gone, leaving a vibrant blue teal, disturbingly similar to Albedo's eyes. You lifted it to your eyes, staring at it mindlessly. Goodbye, traveler, you repeated in your head.

You tipped the vial onto your lips and drank it down, with the tears that wanted to fall. Blueberry, as he always made it. It tasted sweet. The room no longer spun. Then why was there a stinging pain wrenching your soul? You stared at the empty vial, the glass barely capturing your reflection. Droplets of moisture ran down the sides, and your tears followed. Drip drop.

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