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"Hey hey?" a light voice called out perplexed - a voice you recognised.

You froze, the door you had just slammed shut rushing by your face with a gust of air. Your hair drifted to the side, slightly obstructing your vision. However, you could still clearly make out a blob of green standing somewhere in front of you. Despite the storm brooding within, his presence settled the uneasy winds.

"Venti, what are you doing in my room?" you scolded, brushing the hair away from your vision. "You don't have any godly duties to attend to?"

Said figure pouted and dropped to his knees, hands in a praying position. He begged, "Please have mercy on me O' Great Queen. I simply wanted to bask in the sunlight this room receives and enjoy the apples you laid out on your table very so kindly."

A sigh was all that he received, as you walked up to him and reached out a hand. "Come on, get up."

"Plus, you gave me a key, remember?" he reasoned as you pulled him up from the red carpeted floor.

You playfully whacked the side of his arm, stating, "A key for the window. Because last time you almost broke the glass trying to break in. And, also, it's night time."

"It wasn't a break in!" he retorted, looking away with a bashfully smug expression, "You did open it for me at the end. Exactly! I've been here all day."

"I think you've been talking to pigeons too much," you muttered, turning away so he wouldn't catch a glimpse of your smile. It was too late, it seemed, for he responded with a quick wink. Recognising the motion, you quickly pressed a palm against his mouth, hissing, "No, Venti. No 'ehe' please."

He struggled with muffled words, motioning with his hands to convey something across to you. It was rather ridiculous, for he could simply step to either side or backwards to get away from your hand. His baffled look stared back at you in challenge. He crossed his arms with a huff, silent. If he could, you would think he would whimper.

"Anyways," you interjected as you dropped your hand. He reached out to catch it with his own and tilted his head in concentration. You continued, "Was there something you needed? It must be important if you've been waiting."

You watched as he pondered over various ideas, and you were beginning to believe he had no reason to be here. In fact, all you wanted to do was go under the covers and have a self pity session with yourself over your position in Mondstadt - the heir of a vast industry that covered many different aspects, unfortunately for your reckless self.

"Yes," he replied slowly, teal eyes glinting with mischief. You raised an eyebrow, as his grip around your hand tightened, and wind began rushing around you. "In fact I wanted to practice my ballroom etiquette."

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